DK – Ch 66

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The Dark King – Chapter 66

Trapped in the shaft

A huge roar resounded close by.

Numerous dust clouds rolled up. Dudian’s sight was covered as he jumped up following his gut feeling. He heavily fall down and rolled quite a few times as the floor collapsed. Along the way he violently collided with large number of hard stones. He felt as if his body was going to break at any given minute. Suddenly his head knocked onto a heavy object and he lost consciousness.

He didn’t know how long time has past away as he began to wake up. He felt difficult in breathing.

He opened his eyes but everything was plunged into darkness.

He was startled.

“I have not died?”, he whispered.

The next moment, the pain that came from his body made to completely awaken from the absent-mindedness. His back was touching something hard. By pushing on his hands he wanted to move his body but an enermous pain hit him.
He didn’t dare to move his body. Instead he looked around. There was a weak and faint light coming from the top of his head. He looked up and vaguely saw the place where light was penetrating.

He sighed in relief. After he recovers he could climb out.

He felt a burst of burning in his stomach because of hunger. He though of his backpack which he lost in the previous chase. However, now the priority was to eat something up. As he had eaten once after he had left the giant wall. Yesterday he was escaping from hunter and the beast. It was almost nighttime (dusk) when he lost his consciousness. He didn’t know how long he has been in coma. At the best case he had been in come only for a night.

Dudian’s palms groped around. He was trying feel the nature of things by touching. Even if he could find weeds he was ready to swallow them.

He smiled wryly in hope that the previous collapse will lead Mason or others to him. “However, wouldn’t such a violent sound lead the undeads to him? What would he do then?”, he thought to himself.

He suddenly dispelled the idea of ​​calling for help. Instead of rescue he would attract group of undeads. He would be completely finished.

While he was thinking he felt touching some sticky liquid that flowed by him. The building’s water should have dried up. Is it the rain water that have penetrated inside the building?

He was very thirsty. Even if radiated, he would want to drink the water at the moment. As long as to relieve the feeling of hunger and thirst he was even willing to bite the corpse.

He slightly began to move his arm. He didn’t want to force it so that not to affect the wounds on his chest. Slowly, little by little he picked up his hand and took it close to his mouth. He was about to lick it when the strong bloody smell penetrated his nostrils.

“is it blood?”, Dudian was startled.

At this time, slight movement echoed from the darkness.

Dudian’s pupils shrank. For God’s sake, do not be… …


As if confirming his guess a roar echoed from the darkness. Few stones were smashed and fly over. The grim sounds came about four or five meters away.

The beast!

Dudian’s mind almost stopped functioning. “It’s still alive!”, passed by his mind.

He clenched his teeth. He pushed his palms onto the ground and moved his body bit by bit. There was a pain as if his body was torn. His forehead was full of cold sweat.

He continued for seven or eight times, as a result he moved for two or three meters away. He was tired and was about to collapse.

However, he found out that the roar, although it was non-stop growling but was not approaching him. It seems that… … it was stuck in the same position.

Dudian had some doubts. Was it really stuck somewhere?

At this thought, he immediately touched his own pocket that carried the fire sickle. It was not lost. His palm was weak but still while trembling he hit the fire sickle. Out of friction the fire burned and lit the darkness.

Small fire began to disperse the darkness near him.

Dudian raised the fire light. The black beast was lying in front of him in a narrow channel. Its neck seemed to be broken and there were large stone scattered all around it. It wanted to crawl out but its body was stuck under the accumulation of stones.

He was relieved. Fortunately it was stuck or he would be eaten up while he was in coma.

At this time, the light burned out and darkness was restored.

But Dudian’s mind was relaxed. He had seen the surrounding environment. The beast body was stuck in a steel box similar to a container. The only place in the building where such a container existed was the elevator shaft!

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    1. Well it’s pretty connected. Just use imagination and fill in how he got stuck lol. It even says it got stuck due to the elevator. Prob due to the fact that the building already falling apart.

  1. I went to look at the raws and these are incomplete chapters, they’re not even 1/3 of the full chapter for some of the chapters. Probably went to a site that didn’t have the full chapter on it. I usually pull up two sites at the same time when looking at raws because there are a large number of sites with incomplete chapters on them.

  2. I really can’t with these people. Should be grateful with translator not snidely correct them. MadSnail-nim thanks very much for the hard work

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