DK – Ch 65

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The Dark King – Chapter 65

hunting the prey

So today I was checking out the NU page of TDK. I was impressed with the stats so I’m on roll today..

The floors have been corroded and rot after the test of time.

At this time, the waves of sounds echoed out as stairs had demolished. Dudian looked ugly. He knew that the monster had come after him but it seemed to stay on the second floor for some time. Most probably hunter’s corpse had caught its attention.

Bang! Bang! Dudian felt the slight tremors coming of the floor. Seems the sixth floor was broken too. Obviously, five-meter long monster has an enormous weight and it is a big toll on the floor’s ground.

Dudian felt the ceiling almost fall off. The tremors caused by the monster was fatal for the long ramshackled building. He clenched the rope and stared to the front.
Bang! He saw the giant black claws breaking the ground. The claw tips waved almost stabbing Dudian.

Dudian was scared. Around five meters away from him the floor crashed and huge grim head stretched out. Big black eyes were staring at him. There was saliva flowing down its fangs.

Dudian jumped out of the window in hurry.

His body was rapidly falling.

Dudian clutched the rope tightly and stopped the movement.

He looked up and saw the beast has climbed out from the seventh flood. It’s body squeezed from the narrow space on the seventh floor, looked down at him and was about to jumped out.

At the moment, Dudian was hanging out near the third floor. There was four-story of height in between him and the beast. His hand was about to catch the glass that was in front of him. Suddenly, he felt as if his body and arm were torn open at the same time. He had been stabbed by the hunter which needed a lot of time for its effects to disappear. His finger slipped and he couldn’t grasp.

Tears almost flowed out because of the pain. He tired once more to grab. He lost control and fall of. There was a buffer on the second floor. He hit the windowsill and stabilized his body. He didn’t dare to life his head, instead he punched the glass and crawled inside.

The moment he crawled in a strong wind blew past. “Whoosh”. At the same time cracked growling voice echoed. Dudian quickly looked back. He was horrified at the sight. The windowsill which he was on moments ago had been torn by the beast while falling down. It had hit the ground floor. There were broken glass and meter long stones that were pressing onto its body.

Dudian relieved. Fortunately this windowsill was not strong enough to withstand the beast’s weight.

Grim roar’s echoed once again. Dudian was surprised and saw the beast going into the building again. Falling down from the seventh floor was not enough to kill it!

Dudian’s face was pale. Half of it was because of the fear, the other half because of the excessive blood loss. He was about turn around and run when he felt the tremors coming from the stairs. The monster had climbed up and was about to charge over. He abruptly grabbed the rope that was outside and kept climbing up the rope.

While he was climbing the monster had leaped up and its claws were carving the outer wall of the building. They were directed at Dudian. It was roaring in anger.

Dudian looked down and saw the body of the beast. Because of the fear he began to climb faster and faster while the chest pain was getting more severe. His chest was already covered in red.

Soon, Doudian climbed to the fourth floor while the monster was leveraging by coming after him.

Dudian was scared as he got into windows of the fourth floor in hurry. He rolled inside and didn’t care much about the body pain that he felt. He clutched his chest as he quickly ran to the other side of the fourth floor.

The monster jump into the fourth floor. It’s claws were deeply engraved into the wall so it didn’t fall down. The rope that Dudian had used to climb was swept away by its giant claws.

Looking at the direction Dudian ran it growled and went inside.

However the was a 6-7 meters wide holy in the room. Only the edges of the room were barely enough for a human to walk around. It could only crawl slowly, that’s why it couldn’t catch up with Dudian.

However, because of the strong blood-thirst it didn’t gave up on its prey. It growled and used its claws to grab on to walls. It made few steps before the corridor’s wall couldn’t bear its weight and collapsed down. Its body fall down with the collapsing wall.

Dudian didn’t dare to stay and went towards the stairs to climb up.

The only hope he had now was the cover of the building. The beasts size was enormous. So it would be extremely difficult for it to catch up with Dudian. Especially in such a building where everything was almost rotten to the bone.

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