DK- Ch 64

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The Dark King – Chapter 64


Dudian was horrified. He was struggling to stand still as his hands and feet were feeling very week. Even though he wasn’t at point blank when the explosion occurred but he had been affected by the massive shock-wave that came up aftermath it.


“Small…Small bastard!”, Brian ferociously stared at Dudian. He was bloodstained and he was dragging his right leg while he slowly walked towards Dudian. He raised his left hand and threw the dagger at Dudian’s chest.
Dudian had expected the shot so made his best to avoid it by a sideways roll.

Brian’s right arm was blown away plus his right leg was seriously injured. As he throw the dagger his body lost the balance and he felt down the place where Dudian previously stood. Brian struggled to get up again but his body had taken its toll so it was very hard for him to move. However, he was able to grab the dagger.

Dudian saw that the hunter was not able to stand up again so his heart was relieved. It seems that although he couldn’t kill the hunter but at least disabled him for good. He began to grab anything that was in his periphery and throw it at hunter.

There was no protective gear at Brian’s head. If it was normally, he wouldn’t feel any pain because of the things that hit him. But now, as right side of his face had been injured, these pots and leftover’s of chairs were inflicting great deal of pain. His body muscles were twitching and more blood was bursting out of his shoulder.

He roared and waved the dagger. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t even reach Dudian’s feet.

Dudian was worried that the hunter would suddenly rush at him so he didn’t dare to get too close to him. He thought of his own dagger which he had thrown earlier. Although its blade was not usable, but its tip was sharp. He ran back to the get the dagger. As he looked back he Brian had already climb over.

The hunter’s ferocious eyes were full of compelling chill. As if he would counter-attack at anytime but was hesitating about the timing. Bang! The floor began to tremble and collapse under Brian’s foot.

Brian fell to the third floor. Several desks were crushed by the collapse of the fall and Brian had fallen onto one of them.

Brian’s body shook from the pain as he he was lying on the broken pieces of the desk over the floor. The ground under him collapsed and he fell into the second floor.

As Brian’s body hit the ground on the second floor it ceased any kind of movement.

Dudian with light footsteps came over the edge of the gap created by the collapse. He looked down to see that the hunter was not moving. Blood was slowly flowing out from his shoulder and staining the ground.

Dudian was relieved. He slowly retreated away from the gap. He sat down on his butt and leaned against the wall to rest. This building had become useless after three hundred years of corrosion. An explosion such as that had collapsed two floors. If there was a bigger explosion then the whole building would be blown to dust.

Resting for some time, Dudian felt that his physical strength was restored. He gently went to the other side of the office and grabbed the fabric with the dark blue balls.

As he went to the second floor he thought that this explosion may attract undeads, the beast and most importantly other hunters from the consortium, So he had to be quick in his dealings. As he reached the office on the second floor he saw the hunter was still lying on top of the ground. The blood that had oozed out of his body was almost dry and hard.

He walked around the office and grabbed all the scatter white paper he could. He threw them onto hunter and look for more. At the end, when he felt there were enough he went close to the hunter and squat down to use fire sickle to burn hunter’s body. Suddenly the hunter, who was supposedly dead, made his last move as he jumped and stabbed the dagger that he held onto Dudian’s chest.

Dudian couldn’t help but be shocked as all of this was completely contrary to his expectation. He felt the dagger easily pierce through his soft armor and stab into his chest. The first feeling that he got was extreme cold and then he felt severe pain coming off from his chest.

His eyes opened wide in shock as he looked at the hunter. “Did he played dead? Was he waiting for him?”, many thoughts passed by in his mind.

He had rested for a while and it took him some time to get to second floor from fourth floor. The hunter was able to hold back and play dead for sometime. He was expecting Dudian to get close to him. What kind of faith and endurance does he have?

“Bastard … …” Brian slowly raised his head. His face was extremely pale due to excessive blood loss. But there was crazy hatred reflected in his eyes. He had a self-depreciating, self-mocking smile on his head. His hand left the dagger’s hilt and his face fall down.

“He is really dead.” Dudian saw the expressionless look in hunter’s eyes.

But … … the dagger was stabbed into his Chest.

Dudian grabbed onto the dagger. His whole body shivered. He stood up unsteadily but fell onto his knees. Every move that he wanted to make would affect his chest muscles. Every second was filled with dramatic pain.

“I can not die. Can not die … …” Dudian constantly repeated the idea in his mind. His consciousness gradually blurred, as if he was going to sleep for an eternity. But the voice and facial expressions of his sister and parents emerged in his mind. He remember the last words told to him by his mother and sister as the cold storage closed.

Live well … …

Live well … …


He bit his tongue and previously dazed consciousness suddenly restored a bit. He looked down and found that the dagger hadn’t thorn his heart. If it had pierced the heart, he should have died on spot. Perhaps if he could stop the blood outflow, he could survive.

Suddenly strong feeling that urged him to survive poured into Dudian’s heart. He clenched his teeth and got up. He took out the dark blue ball from the fabric. It absorbs heat but also could be used to analgesic and homeostasis the wound.

He went to the back of the hunter and got the first aid kit from his backpack. There was unused gauze, some bottles and jars, some pills and powder inside the first aid kid.

Dudian found the alcohol. While his hand trembled his ignited the fire by using the previously prepared paper heap. Although the radiation was high but he could manage.

He drank alcohol, bowed his head and blew onto the dagger. Little by little he pulled out the dagger. The pain he felt was so hard that he felt his scalp burst and soul shake. There was an urge to stop but he fought back the pain and slowly took out the dagger. The blood suddenly poured out. It was as if strength was leaving his body.

He began to wrap the gauze around his chest and tightly restrained it. At the moment he couldn’t find needle and thread so it was impossible for him to suture the wound. For the time being his wanted to stop the bleeding.

Soon the top of the gauze was colored red. He rolled few more times and put the dark blue ball on the chest to continue to roll the gauze. He hoped that because of homeostasic nature of the dark blue ball the blood flow would stop.

Dudian looked at the hunter’s body burning in the flame. There was a chill in his heart as he thought that hunters were not small timers who he could mess around with.

He leaned against the wall to rest, while studying the bottles and jars in the first aid kit. None of the drugs were labelled so he didn’t dare to use any of them. Because they were made according to hunter’s physique. The effects would be strong. If used wrong it will bring more harm than benefits.

Time went by slowly. Dudian was relieved that the blood outflow had been restrained by the dark blue ball. However he couldn’t move around or the wound would immediately split again.

God didn’t favor him once again. Dudian was quietly watching out from the vegetation covered windows. The windows gently trembled as a growl which he was familiar with echoed out. It was the beast that he had seen before.
Dudian’s face became pale as he was sitting on the ground trying to recuperate.

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  1. That was a newbie’s mistake, not to mention quite anticlimactic. Now if only the beast wasn’t around, especially since it could smell his blood.

      1. In the earlier chapters it said he was 12 years old when he was adopted. If he spent 3 years training then that means he should be a little over 15. In the earlier chapters it said that he only looked to be 9 years old because of the cold storage.

        1. The author posted a statement rectifying his mistake. MC was 9 when adopted. He looked 11 but too thin at the time.

          1. But he was supposedly admitted in Harvard, wasn’t he? At 9? Even with an IQ of 168 that doesn’t make sense. Plus, it’s not like an IQ of 168 is that uncommon amongst Harvard students anyhow.

            1. Have u not read previous notices??? Along with correction with MC age when adopted, he also clarified that it was the elded sister that was 12 and not him.

      1. Yes, a naive kid who got accepted in Harvard when he was 9 years old, just a newbie with 168 IQ.
        Even a genius would fall for such elaborate trap like playing dead. Well atleast now our unexperienced but smart mc, knows that “hunters were not small timers who he could mess around with”.

        Thanks for the chapter.

      2. yup, a 12 yo child with 168 IQ still needs experiences to become expert. nothing strange with his mistake.

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