DK – Ch 63

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The Dark King – Chapter 63

immortal hunter?

I would love to hear out your speculations!

Brian’s brows wrinkled. Quietly he went over to the office’s door. He slowly pushed open the vegetation covered door. It was not locked but it issued a slight squeaky sound as it moved. Brian entered the following office and looked sideways. He saw that the arrows he previously shot were nailed on top of the wooden table in the room.

He frowned slightly. At this time, he heard subtle sounds of a movement from the opposite office.

His eyes flashed. Suddenly he took out another arrow from the quiver and it instantly shot past the slim wall. It took less than a breath of time between him reaching the arrow and shooting it. Suddenly a suppressed whisper of pain came from the other side.

“Little bastard!” Brian slightly sneered as he said. He put away the bow and pulled out the dagger. Step by step he walked towards the next office. He kicked open the door. It couldn’t withstand the force so it fell the next moment. The dimly lighted room with everything inside was present in his sight. His vision concentrated on the desk that was on the other side of the office. The arrow had penetrated Dudian’s ribs and nailed him onto the table. Dudian seemed like a little rabbit which had been caught and struggling to escape.

Brian’s eyes were colored red. There was a bloodthirsty feeling reflected in them. He was very confident of his archery skills. The arrow shot by him could penetrate the stone, not to mention soft armor of the scavengers.

“Little bastard! Struggle! Struggle more! Are you feeling desperate now?” Bricked licked his lips as he slowly, step by step went towards Dudian. He wasn’t in hurry and was enjoying the moment.

Dudian was sweating and looked at him in horrified manner: “Do not! Do not! Don’t come over!”

“Scream! Continue to scream!” A chill flashed by Brian’s eyes, “I will destroy you! I will peel you alive! I will eviscerate you!”

As he approached Dudian face’s showed more and more horror. However, when Brian was about 5 meters away from him the panic on Dudian’s face disappeared. Instead a determination was reflected on them. A strong determination to kill the Brian was revealed as he suddenly stood up and throw the dagger which was hidden near his chest under his arm.

Brian was stunned for a moment at sudden attack. But he was, after all, an experienced hunter who has survived through many life and death battles. Instinctively he raised his dagger to block the on-coming dagger.

Brian saw that the arrow which he had shot previously haven’t Dudian at all. Instead Dudian had deliberately caught the arrow with his armpit, resulting in dislocation effect that made Brian think that he was successful.

“Little bastard!” Brian was angry. He was angered by Dudian’s attack but also for his stupidity as he fell into a mere scavenger’s trap. However, he was confident that there was no way for Dudian to get out of his hands so he still kept he cool. “I will unscrew your head! Squeeze out your eyes! You little bastard!”, he roared.

However, Dudian didn’t panic as he saw that dagger had failed. He began to lift the keyboard, LCD screen, cup, picture frames, flower pot and any other object that was on the table to throw at Brian.

Although these things will not cause any harm but at least could block Brian.

Brian was aware of Dudian’s intentions. However he took Dudian’s actions as the last stand by his prey because of despair. He enjoyed the scene. He didn’t even raise his hand to block the on-coming object. Even those cups or pots wouldn’t have any effect because of the hunter’s specialized armor that he wore.

At this moment, Dudian vainly threw mass of fabric at Brian.

This cloth was on the table, along with the other things. It seemed that Dudian was just grabbing anything that he could and throwing them at Brian.

Bang! Brian kicked the hard object that was covered with the fabric: “Little bastard! I’ll the way you think of these little cunning plans. But do you think that I would fall for the same trap twice? All the other things were covered in dust and moss but this fabric was clearly flipped over. What had you hidden inside?”

Dudian’s pupils shrank. He had underestimated the observation skills of the hunter. Powerful physique played only small part in their overall qualifications. The real problem was in their culminated real-life combat experience. Perhaps while hunting the monsters, they have been accustomed to tactics of making traps. Most probably they have long used every possible trap that could be thought of.

“I had underestimated you,” Dudian gasped, staring at him coldly.

Brian sneered, “Do you any random person can kill a hunter? Since the other three little animals have escaped, you will bear all of my anger now!”

Dudian sneered and said: “I had underestimated your foolishness, idiot!” Then he instantly jumped to the back of the desk.

Brian was confused because of his action. However he smelled a burning paper. In his peripheral vision under a table there was a tube. There was a faint flame that reached it. The next moment.
A massive explosion happened which swallowed him.

A loud noise echoed out and the whole room shook. The lights on the ceiling had shattered and fall off.

Although Dudian hid in time, but he still felt the shock-wave even behind the desk. He felt his body thrown out by the shock-wave. He hit a hard object and fall on to ground. Pain spread throughout his body, while there was a buzzing sound echoed in his ears. In a moment, unimaginable amount of pain burst into his mind.

He struggled to open his eyes. His line of sight was dizzy and constantly shaking. He clenched his teeth, raised his hand and slapped his face.

After two or three continuous slaps, gradually his sight was restored. He struggled to stand up and looked up at the location of the previous explosion.

He had incited the hunter’s concentration on himself so that he wouldn’t detect the gunpowder filled tube. He had used the fabric that he found in the office to ignite the gunpowder. But the problem was that both paper and fabric were covered in thick dust. That’s why they burned very slowly even though he had used the dagger to divide the fabric into strips. Because of slow burning he had covered the fabric with the paper from the side. From the beginning his aim was to camouflage the gunpowder tube.

Moreover he had to take risks. Even though the destructiveness of the tube bomb was high, but if the hunter was away from it then it would not have much of an effect. So he took a gamble.

If the fabric burned faster than he expected, he would be the first to be killed by the blast.

If it burned out when both of them were close to it, both of them would die.

It was a big gamble where his life was used a bet. There was no option but to make it.

Dudian felt tired. He leaned against the wall and took big breathes. He grabbed the fabric which was near the wall. He untied it and saw more than a dozen dark blue balls in it. There was a trace of happiness in his eyes as he smiled, but the next moment his body suddenly froze.

Hunter struggled a lot but at the end slowly stood up. His right arm which had faced the explosion had been blown off. The blood was oozing out. He clutched the dagger with his right hand while the hunter looked at Dudian ferociously.

Didn’t he … … die?

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  1. Wow hunters are surprisingly tough. I believe Dudian has two choices to kill him, either lead him to monster to finish him off or make some trap to catch him off gaurd and than bomb him to hell.

  2. thanks for the chapter

    Also yeah it was obvious the huunter wouldn’t die, hunter need a strong body to fight against those monster, especially now we know there is level 9 and maybe stronger monster

  3. I noticed a bit more errors than normal. Was this chapter a bit more rushed, or maybe I’m getting better at detecting error.

    “Brian enter the” – “Brian entered the”

    “He wasn’t not in hurry” – “He wasn’t in a hurry” or “He was not in a hurry”

    “stupidity as he fall” – “stupidity as he fell”

    “ceiling had shattered and fall off.” – “ceiling had shattered and felled off.”

    “Although Dudian hide” – “Although Dudian hid”

    “, but he felt the shock-wave” – “, he still felt the shock-wave”

    “After continuous two or three slaps gradually his sight was restored.” – “After two or three continuous slaps, his sight was gradually restored. ”

    “next moment he body” – ” next moment his body”

    “die? .” – “die?”

    This isn’t a grammatical error, on your part, just wanted to point it out.
    “He bit his teeth”
    HOW? How would you even bite your own teeth? I think the author was going for
    “He ground his teeth”
    That would sound better.

    Lastly thanks for the chapter.

  4. Yeah kinda dumb expecting a black powder bomb to kill him when you already know that there are pretty much magical enhancement potions which you call gene treatments because you don’t believe in magic. Black powder bombs aren’t very powerful, and without any shrapnel (why in the world didn’t he add stuff to act as shrapnel lol) aren’t going to outright kill even a normal human from more than a few feet away at the size of a grenade.

    Also, why the hell didn’t he already have a fuse? I just assumed he would have a friction fuse (the kind used in first gen grenades, also the kind used in the cannons you see in movies where they pull a string and the cannon fires a second later; friction is used to ignite a highly volatile compound which in turn ignites the gunpowder after it has burnt up the length of the fuse chamber) as they’re stupidly easy to make even with low tech, but he didn’t even have a traditional match fuse? What exactly was he planning to do with his last resort weapon, just depend on any life and death situation giving him enough time to build a fuse on the spot? I mean, seriously, if you’re going to call your protagonist a genius don’t make him act like a retard authors of the world.

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