DK – Ch 62

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The Dark King – Chapter 62

hunt in the high-rise


Brian had distanced himself with the gap. At the same time as he fell backwards, he saw the monster’s claws had touch his former position. The walls were already corroded so after the attack few bricks fall down. The monster growled a few times, turned its head and disappeared from the gap. Most probably it was going to search for a place from where it could come over to get Brian.

Brian was relieved. With a fast move his hand reached the quiver and he took out another arrow. This one was twice as thick as the other arrows. There was a rope knotted on its back. He wiggled his head and aimed at the side of the another four-story building. He pulled the bow string and released it.
Arrow shot down from the top of the building and pierced the solar water heater which was on top of the four-story building. Brian tied the rope over a concrete and went downwards. As his body was falling, the rope immediately tightened.

The concrete was already corroded. Moreover Brian’s body weight was pulling it as he swayed down the rope. When Brian was almost reaching the top of the four-story building the concrete broke up. The feeling of free fall came up the next moment but Brian didn’t lose himself and grabbed onto the rope. He swing and hit the second floor windows. Glass instantly broke and he smashed into the building. He grabbed his dagger and head back to the front side of the floor.

It didn’t take long for the monster to reach the top of the building. But Brian had already run out of its sight. It lifted its nose, sniffed, looked around for a moment and finally locked on a direction.

About four or five minutes after the monster left, four figures quietly walked out from under a pillar. Their bodies were dirty and covered in blood.

“It should have gone,” Sham muttered.

Dudian looked at the direction the where beast went. His eyes flashed as he whispered: “We have to catch up. We must find that hunter!

“Are you crazy? You want us to catch up with it? It can find the bastard on the roof. It is extremely sensitive to the smell. If we are not careful…”. Mason who was close to him said in a low tone.

“There is this layer of blood cover. Temporarily it won’t be able to smell us.” Dudian glanced at his body which exuded stench of blood.


As they were walking up the stairs he happened to see bodies of undeads in the corridor. It took a whim for him to come up with this idea. That is, they smeared the blood of undeads all over their bodies to cover up their smells and pretend to be dead.

They pulled out the deeb blue balls from the undeads heads and their body temperature returned to normal and began to rot. The taste and smell of the blood mixed with the rotten flesh was very strong.

Dudian noted that the monster had ignored the corpse of undead which was on the roadside. So he bet on it and took the risk.

In order to disguise completely he made all of them to smudge the rotten blood all over their bodies. Including their faces which was not an exception. However, taking into account the toxicity of the blood, Dudian didn’t directly applied it to his face but used a fabric. The blood was spilled onto fabric which covered their faces. Although the blood would penetrate through the fabric but their life was on stake and there was no better option.

Moreover, in order to attract attention of the monster and reduce the weight, they had put all the four backpacks in the first floor. The backpack was stained with their sweat which was way too dangerous to be carried.

Originally, it was a desperate last attempt but they didn’t expect it to succeed.

They were not in mood to celebrate their escape from the clutches of certain death because of the bold words that Dudian said. Because of sudden shock they shook their heads.

“We were lucky this time. If we go after it a small accident will lead to our death.” Sham also tried to persuade.

Dudian looked at them and said: “If you don’t want to then just stay here and wait for me. You may go and find Scott and others. The hunter must be killed or else there won’t be peace for us!”

This monster had confirmed his speculation, but also to more profound understanding of the hunter’s cruelty. He did not think that such a cold-blooded and cruel person will easily let them disrupt his plan. The next time when they fall into his hands, a simple death would be what they would wish for. Most probably he would torture them to death alive!

Instead of pinning their hopes on each others compassion, it was better for them to cut off the hidden danger!

Mason and the other two were stunned. They saw Dudian who was leaving to catch up to monster. Mason even said: “I have told you before. We four are together in life and death!”

Dudian looked at him deeply, nodded slightly.

At this time, as Zach and Sham heard Macon’s words also stood out and followed after Dudian.
They had got along and helped each other in the last three years. However, as he witnessed them ready to follow him in such a critical moment, Dudian’s heart was filled with warmth. He nodded and said: “Let’s go!”

“You little animals are still alive? ” A cold and chilling voice echoed out in their ears.

Dudian’s pupil shrank as he looked up and saw the hunter who appeared in the shadow on the second floor near the broken window. He … … did not even leave? .

Brian was more surprised than Dudian. He didn’t expect them to be able to escape from the monster. But when he saw the blood covering their bodies, he suddenly realized that he had underestimated them: “Small little bastards! I will kill you today even if the Father himself came up to beg for your lives,!”

He lifted the bow and instantly pulled the bow.

Dudian’s face changed, quickly ran into the building.

‘Whoosh’, two arrows stabbed onto Dudian’s previous position.

“Run, run separately!” Dudian got into the building and shouted.

Mason and the other two were ignorant. They didn’t want to kill the other but the hunter had appeared in front of them. As they heard Dudian’s words they went towards the second floor.

Dudian saw them running in the same direction and quickly shouted: “Run separately or he will catch up with you guys! He is only chasing after me!” From the previous two arrows shot by the hunter he knew that the hunter’s hatred was most concentrated on him.

Macon and the other two discolored: “There is hope if we fight against him together!”

“Listen to me!” shouted Dudian.

All of them were confused. But they had to bite the bullet. So they separated and ran in three different directions.

Dudian looked back at the hunter who had jumped from the second floor. He quickly turned and ran. He knew that if the other side caught up to him, he will die a miserable death. That side parried the horror of the undead, not to mention a mere scavenger!
“The cunning little bastard! You have been undermining my plan!” Brian has long seen through that the other three were listening to the arrangements of Dudian. Even an adult scavenger would stand wherever he would order. They would stand without tampering! The thought of Dudian destructing his plan of hunting the monster made him subconsciously clench his fists.

“Run, Run! I will peel off your skin !” Brian’s inner devil was reflected on his face. He quickly caught up to the stairs. Taking into the account the undeads blood’s smell coming from Dudian and the other three’s bodies, Brian knew that the monster won’t come back for a while. A strong desire to slaughter had ignited in his heart.

He wanted the other side to feel the pain!


Soon, he came up to second floor. He heard footsteps coming from not far ahead. Should be on fourth floor. He sneered and went up the stairs.

Soon he came to the fourth floor. The previous rapid footsteps had disappeared. He smiled coldly and said: “Hide and seek! I haven’t played this game in a long time. Hide! I will let you taste the despair! You will know what it looks like when footsteps of death are coming towards you step by step… … ” He pulled out his bow and raised it. He put the arrow and shot it. The arrow passed through windows that were covered in glasses which crashed in that instant. Then a muffled sound echoed.

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  1. Alright the hunt is on, but what about the beast? I doubt it would just remain to the side forever. Even if Dudian kills the hunter, which he could, the beast will just swoop right in and try to kill everyone.

    Thanks for all the chapters.

  2. my only question is … when the fuck he’s doing to lit his dynamite!?

    killing mass of zombies should be easy even more to kill a single person, srsly dudian, the unnecessary tension is a bit boring

    1. Dudian has to wait for an opportunity, if he random throw it and wont kill or injury the hunter then his others bomb wont work on the hunter because the guy will know than it’s dangerous.

  3. First – He cant let his friends see what he dows and how he uses the explosives, it would expose him as an alchemist and would could bring their hatred or greed, worst they would betray him and in the best option he would need to leave they to not endanger his friends because of the church.
    Second – He need to be decisive on the time he uses it or the hunter will learn it and it probally will not work a second time it is kill or be killed, one chance nothing more.
    Third – The moment he uses it he will alert every fucking thing in km’s from where he is and they will all swarm there.
    Fourth – He does not have too many explosives so he still needs to kill the hunter and the beast before turning tail and run

    1. I agree though I am not too sure of the amount or how explosive it is. I think of it like about 12 tubes on his belt, with 0.5-1.5m destruction radius. So he would need a direct hit, either as a trap or frontal arrack. 12 tubes is a small amount compared to the large sacks of ingredients, though I do not know how the amount changes during the production process.

  4. Man… you are a speed demon like CKtalon, my pace really cannot be compared to you…

    amazing work and speed my friend, hopefully I’ll be able to collaborate w/ u in the near future…

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