DK – Ch 61

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The Dark King – Chapter 61

Level 9 monster

The top of the tall building was dilapidated as it was baptized by radiation and rains for the last the hundred years. Top two or three layers had collapsed and were in ruins. Brian leaped up through the gap of the wreckage of the broken wall instead of walking around to get to stairs. It was the highest ground of the building. He was extremely satisfied with the broken wall cover which was very suitable for ambushes. He felt the hunt will be very smooth.

Roars echoed out which surprised Brian. “Did it came over so quick?”, Brian thought. He quickly adjusted the bow in his left hand with a firm grip. Two arrows were taken out by his right hand with a smooth backhand motion. Arrows were silver in color and reflect his cold eyes. He looked down through the crevice of the cracker wall and saw his prey.

The buildings that Brian saw were half-broken and covered with vegetation. From the corner a behemoth sized black monster came over. Its body length was about five meters. There were black loose hairs stuck to its body. Its head was similar to wolf’s, mouth protruding outwards with two large sharp fangs. Saliva was flowing down through its fangs dipping the hair on its chin.

“Finally! It came out!” Brian’s eyes narrowed as bloodthirsty excitement flashed past, “A rare level 9 monster. After I kill you my magic marks will be able to evolve again. Finally I will master a new ability!”

He put the arrow onto the bow and his eyes glanced away. He looked at the previous open space where he had left Dudian and the rest. But no one was there. His face changed and eyes become chilly, “Bastards! Damn little bastards! If you had struggled a little in front of it you would have created more output. Even if you would be killed on spot!”

He shook his head as he looked at the street. It seems the monster was smelling to trace the location of preys. Brian’s face was livid, “This thing is not a mindless low-level undead. If I shot at it because of temerity, it will certainly be aware of my location. Moreover, it will also arouse its suspicions.”

He clenched his teeth in vain as he thought of the matter in hand, “These little bastards said that they were separated from other scavengers. If they lead it to that large force there should be a chance to kill it!” As he thought more his eyes brightened with hop. He quickly opened his backpack and pulled out a bottle of yellow vial. He opened the cap and sprinkled a bit of it on himself.

“This amount of vial should be enough to cover up my smell. As long as we are not too close, it is temporarily unable to find me. It should go after those little animals. ” Brian secretly thought out.

Dudian and the rest were frightened when they saw the monster jump out of the corner of the building. They had heard stories about such terrifying monsters. They would have never expected them to actually exist!

Dudian said in hurry: “Run! Go up the stairs!”

Mason, Sham and Zach reacted and quickly followed Dudian and walked up the stairs.

“Quick! Hide! Hide!” Sham stammered as he was anxious and almost cried out. Previous undeads in comparison to this black behemoth were like cute little kittens.

Dudian’s face was pale too. As he heard Sham’s words he hurriedly said: “We can not hide! We have to go to the roof to find him!”

Mason whispered: “He, he will not save us! We violated his words … …”

“It is not for help, we are going to kill him! Or we will lead that thing to him. Even if we die we will pull the hunter with us!” Dudian clenched his fists. His heart was filled with fear and a very strong anger. His speculation was right on spot, that bastard really wanted to use them as a bait. They had helped him with the bandage and wound. They even gave him their food and water. Instead of thanking them he acted ungrateful!

Moreover it was not about being ungrateful, but sending them to their death!


Dudian had never been so angry.

On the top of the building, Brian watched through the broken wall. He the monster suddenly looked at the direction of the high-rise. It was clear that it had found the smell of those little bastards!

Brian’s eyes flashed with a hint of the coldness. He secretly thought: “Damned, little bastards. Instead of obedient death you have chosen to run. Do you think that you will be able to save yourself if you fled in to the building? Small pieces of garbage! Dog bastards! ”

He knew that Dudian and the rest would die. There was not vials on them to cover their smell. They will be found by the monster. But he was not happy but angry. They would be of little value to him if they died in the building. In the building he could not find the angle to attack. The former open street was perfect as a hunting ground for him. Cramped places such as the building was the worst terrain for a hunter who specializes in the long-range attacks such as himself.

He could imagine the fear of those kids who had went into the building. He began to calculate few odds about them. If it is from the moment that they entered the building when he left the street then they should be located somewhere around 4th to 6th floor. The monster shall catch up to them maximum by the tenth floor.

And he was on the 23rd floor.

He has long noted down the layers of the building as he climb to the top of the high-rise. As an experience hunter, his observation and coping abilities were out of ordinary.

“If the battle happens on the 10th floor…hmm… The distance between this floor and 10th is very far. But I don’t know if it will be able to locate me.” Brian frowned. He was little uneasy in his heart. After all, he only saw a simple message in the hunting manual describing the monster as ‘extremely sensitive to the smell’. But there were no specific details about the range.

Because of this he took out the yellow bottle, poured the vial over his body and evenly applied to all parts of his body. He was thinking and calculating at the same time: “Now, they should be on the eighth floor while the monster should be on sixth floor. I estimate that it won’t take long until they will be eaten by the monster. In case the monster can feel my presence then the only option for me is to jump from here!”

He began to think about the retreat plan. After all he can not pin all his hopes on some monster and four bastards!

Time went by. Brian’s muscles had tightened up. He was simulating the process while calculating the time: “Those little bastards should be dead by now. I have to wait to see the monster leave the building. I can catch up to it!”

He took breath and waited. He heard a sudden roar coming from below and a giant shadow jumped out towards him.

Brian’s pupils shrank as he jumped back in hurry. The claws of the monster hadn’t reached him.


He saw the fragments of the backpacks hangings on its fangs.

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  1. Whom ever the Author may be, he or she is some sadistic bastard. These cliffhangers are ferocious and merciless towards it readers.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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