DK – Ch 60

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The Dark King – Chapter 60


Dudian and the other three followed behind the hunter and left the residential building. It didn’t take long before they came outside the distract where they departed Scott and his group.

Two undeads staggered out from the junction that they were facing. They seemed to feel the body heat from Dudian and rest. They immediately turn around and run towards them in a pace which was accelerating as they moved.

Dudian took out his dagger and stared at hunter’s back. If he gave up on them to escape, he would urge Mason, Sham and Zach to run as fast as possible. Because they didn’t have enough strength to face them on their own.

However, the youth frowned as he saw two undeads. The next moment he took out a dagger which was placed at the edge of his pant’s strap. He ran towards the undeads and was in front of them in matter of a few breathes. His body staggered and twisted as if he was a whirlwind. Puff! Puff! Two sounds echoed out as the heads of undeads were cut off from their bodies and fall to the ground.

Dudian’s pupils contracted at the sight.

He knew that hunter’s job was to exterminate the monster but he didn’t expect that they had such a strength. It was a one-sided slaughter!

The youth dumped the blood off the dagger and inserted back onto its place. He looked back at Dudian and the other three. There was a faint smile on his face as he waved them to keep up.

Dudian and the other three quickly caught up with him.

Dudian noticed the dagger on hunter’s belt was so sharp that their dagger should have to be called a butter knife in comparison to it. He estimated that hunter’s blade was made from a better steel. On the other hand his dagger was almost useless after cutting up few dozen undead necks. Most of the blade was just a bare metal now. Only the place close to the dagger’s hilt was sharp enough to cut something.

“The thing in their heads …” Dudian just wanted to bend over to collect the crystals when youth noticed him and lightly shouted: “Do not delay time. Hurry up.”

Dudian frowned slightly but still gave up on gathering the dark blue balls. However he fixed the location of the heads in his mind so that if he has the opportunity he would come back to collect them. After all, this thing was not much in hunter’s eyes but for them it was a great fortune.

As they continued they met more and more scattered undeads. But the hunter didn’t let Dudian and the other three to take an action. On each encounter he took the initiative to behead the undeads. He as much faster than undeads and apparently his close combats skills were over the top. His skills were so good that the undeads didn’t have a chance to touch his body lest injure him.

Dudian followed in silence watching and studying hunter’s action. In this era where cold weapons were used, the techniques and traditions of combat practices have been perfected. The martial arts shown by the hunter had mesmerized Dudian. He used the knife so perfectly as if he was mowing a grass field with scythe. His actions were neat and perfect. He wasn’t affected at all even though he had an arm injury.

Is this the result of life and death situations that he has gone through?

“Mr Hunter. Will you save Scott and rest? They should not be far away from here… …” Mason bravely asked. Along the way the youth had sheltered them from undeads. So they had come to feel that the hunter’s nature was not bad. A good impression of him had gradually birthed out in their hearts. His previous actions has long been automatically ignored.

The hunter replied: “Who do you think I am? Do you thing I work for health care organization?”

Mason was stunned. At this point, the youth’s face changed as he looked towards a street. Dudian noted that hunter was looking at the place where they had flew away. Also it was the first place where they had met undeads!

Dudian seemed to fell the ground under his foot faintly tremble. As if a tall building in the distance had collapsed. Afterwards he heard a soft roar.

The youth’s eyes narrowed and a trace of blood-thirst flashed past. He glanced at the buildings around them and soon his eyes locked onto the top of the office building in the vicinity. This building has long been covered with moss and vegetation, the windows had dilapidated. There was a little smile on his face as he said to Dudian and the rest: “You wait here. You must not leave without my orders!”

Dudian face changed as he said: “What about you?

“I have something to do. I’ll come back immediately.” The hunter said in a serious and cold tone: “Do not forget, without my order you are not allowed to leave. I will be ruthless towards anyone who leaves without permission!” His eyes swept over the four: “Don’t forget my words. Even if you go back to the consortium, I’ll find you and I’ll skin you alive!”

Finished, he looked back at the previous location, sneered, turned and left quickly. He was like a dexterous black cat. The first moment he was in front of them and the next he went into office building and disappeared from the four’s eyesight.

“This, this … …” Mason was frozen, “he just went away?”

Dudian looked at the back of his disappearance. There was an emission of unknown feeling in his heart. He suddenly thought of the bow and arrows on the youth’s back.

Tall building, bow and arrows ……

His pupil suddenly shrank. Archers use ambushes. Are they being used as bait by the hunter? What he wants to lure?

“Run!” As he thought of the possibility, Dudian suddenly roared. He quickly ran towards another office building, taking advantage of the time while it would take the hunter to reach the top of the building. They must escape from this place as soon as possible or else will be shot by the hunter on the spot!

He was not confident enough that hunter wouldn’t shot them in case of an undead attack.

Mason, Sham and Zach were stunned and puzzled. They had trusted him for long time so their bodies had subconsciously follow behind Dudian. As he caught up, Mason asked in hurry: “Dean what happened? Why are we running? If he knows… If he knows we… …”

Dudian had a bit of favor in his heart as he previously saw the hunter kill the undeads to protect them. But that good impression had gone away as of now. He replied in cold tone: “We are likely being used by him as a bait. He is trying to lure out his prey!”

“What bait?” Mason, Sham and Zach were shocked. Soon they thought of the possibility and shuddered.

Dudian went into the building. He breathed gently and looked back at Mason and the rest : “We gotta get to the other side. We must not let him find us!”

Zach’s face was ugly as he said: “Even if we escaped him now after we get to the giant wall he won’t let us live in peace!”

Dudian answered in cold tone: “Then we will kill him!”

Mason, Sham and Zach hesitated as they heard Dudian. He stared at him in stunned looks.

Mason could not help but said: “Kill him? My God, do you know what you are talking about? He is a hunter! We can’t kill him… …Even if we somehow kill him, then this is a big crime! ”

“Dean, are you sure?” Sham turned pale and said: “If you guessed wrong. If he just let us stand there so get a bit private time… Then we …”

Dudian was a bit startled. He didn’t think about the possibility of the hunter to take leak or shit. But… how can he bet on that?

There is only one chance to live. If his speculation was right, continuing to stay there was the same as waiting for their death! The hunter killed the undeads very easily. Obviously if he was using them to lure out something then it has to be some kind of monster which was extremely terrorizing. Basically they would be doomed and would not be able to escape!

Although there are many other possibilities, but this is the best he could think of at the moment… in case he was wrong… then he was wrong!

Dudian thought of the desert assessment three years ago. He had killed the alchemist, Rosyard. He had a bit of hesitation in his heart but settled up in a moment. They had to leave the area. Even if his thinking was wrong, then he will still have a choice. That is, to kill the hunter!

“We have already left that place! Whether my speculation was right or wrong, it doesn’t matter now! We have to kill him anyway! Otherwise we will be suppressed by him or even die in his hands!” Dudian eyes were cold as he resolutely said.

Mason looked at his eyes with some hesitation. After all, anyone who is involved in the action to kill the hunter is a murderer. ‘Murderer’ is a heavy word for people such as them.

Dudian also looked at them waiting for their choice. There was fear in his heart. If they do not choose to participate with him, what he should to?

He did not dare to go on thinking about what he would do in a case such as that. A door in his heart has been opened and a devil has inserted itself. It was whispering evil thoughts.

There were few things that Dudian took as a bottom line. He didn’t want to cross them now.

Roar! .

At this moment, a low roar echoed from the previous location where they were.

Dudian and others took a peek. They were horrified as the blood was drained from their faces.

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  1. Good job Dudian better safe than sorry. The hunter is indeed very strong, the other 3 should really be more cautious they hesitate and trust others too much.

  2. Yeah of course Dudian would see through that. However, he will hopefully have to only deal with hunter and not the beast too.

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