DK – Ch 59

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The Dark King – Chapter 59

‘undead’ level hunting

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“You are the new graduates from the scavenger training camp.” Black uniformed youth glanced at the room and saw the charred skulls on the ground. When he saw the appearance of the cracked skulls he began to check out Dudian and the other three with great interest: “Is it your first time? Or have you been scavenging for sometime? You can kill these level ‘4’ undeads. Moreover you know to collect ‘cold crystals’ from their skulls. A little mean it is.”

Dudian was staring at him. He felt his scalp tingling as if a predator was looking at a prey. His heart darkned as he whispered to explain: “We are from the newest batch of scavengers that joined the consortium. Mr Hunter is happened so that we were force to separate from our main force by the undeads. Inadvertently we thought of this approach and were successful at killing these monsters.”

The youth focused on Dudian. He was easily able to see that the boy was the core of this four man group. He smiled and said: “Don’t worry. I’m happy that consortium was able to recruit smart fellows such as you guys. I was hurt and need to bandage my wound. Make a spot and get me some fire.”

Dudian glanced at his right arm, nodded and said to Zach, “You get the fire while I find clean cloth for Mr Hunter.”

Mason, Sham and Zach were excited as it was the first time they were so close to a hunter. They immediately busied up as they heard Dudian’s words. It was as if helping the hunter would be the same as achieving a glory in war.

Hunter was going to the enter the next room when he said: “No! Those things are infected with radiation and germs. How can I use them for bandage? I have a first aid kit in my backpack. You seem like a smart kid, get me the kit”. The hunter went into the living room and sat down. He didn’t care about skulls on the ground. Instead he used he feet to swept the skulls to vacate a place. He put down the backpack and said to Mason: “Open the backpack and find the gauze that’s inside”.

Macon nodded and was about open the backpack when hunter saw that his gloves were stained. He frowned: “Bastard take of your gloves! Do you want to dirty my backpack?”

Mason scared and his face turned red. He quickly took off his gloves, opened the backpack and pulled out the gauze: “Mr Hunter you have disinfectant in here. You should first use it to disinfect the injury.”

“Are you going to teach me?” The hunter sneered and said: ” There is knife and bottle there. Do you see them? The bottle is alcohol. You have been taught about first aid knowledge, right?”

Mason quickly nodded and immediately poured the bottle of alcohol on the knife while Zach lit the torch and burned it. Mason said: “Mr. Hunter you should release the wound so that I can use the alcohol to disinfect it and then remove it.”

“I will do it myself.” The youth grabbed the second bottle. He use his thumb and flicked the cap as it flew out. He loosened his arm and spilled the alcohol on top. There were bursts of convulsions on his face because of the sudden pain but he still tightly hold back.

Dudian and the other saw his wound. It was made by sharp claw marks and were deep enough to see the bone. His skin had been festering but because of youth’s firm grip it hadn’t joined the blood flow yet.

The youth caught the red-hot knife and cut off the festering flesh from the wound. Blood flew out as if rain was showering. He bite his teeth and kept silent the whole process.

This made Dudian extremely shocked: “Is this the quality of hunters? Even the soldiers who were baptized in many battlefields won’t have such a strong willpower, right?”

As he removed the festered flesh hunter let Mason to help him bandage his arm. In short time, his right arm was wrapped in layers of gauze. The youth wiped the sweat from his forehead. He spat and leaned against the wall while he was slowly breathing.

Dudian looked at him and asked quietly: “Mr Hunter, isn’t 8th area has been swept clean? How can there be so many undeads? Did they migrate from the other nearby area?”
“Do not question me!” The youth spoke in an unhappy tone as he gently closed his eyes.

Dudian was startled, immediately shut up his mouth.

A few minutes later, the youth opened his eyes: “I’m hungry. Give me food and water.”

Mason was standing next to him hesitated as he said: “Mr Hunter it is our food. If you eat it, we…”

The youth looked at Mason with cold eyes as he said: “Don’t you want to give me?”

Mason was scared: “I don’t mean we won’t. But, just… ”

“Here is my food Mr hunter. Mason is a bit not sensible. Please don’t mind him.” Sham quickly said and handed out his backpack. He took out all the dry food and water then presented to the youth.

Mason and Zach’s faces slightly changed. Although they admired hunters but it was different went it came to their own interests. They looked at Dudian who nodded back to them meaning that they should go with the acquiesce.
Their mood was slumped but they didn’t dare to show the pain.

The youth looked at Sham: “little guy, you are sensible.” Then, grabbed his delivery of the dry food to eat. He stuttered up as he stretched his other hand: “water.”

Sham quickly handed him.

He drank the water and throw aside the empty bag. He continued to sit and rest for a while. Later on he slowly got up and did few gentle activities with his right arm. He revealed a pleased smile as it seemed that the injury was stabilized. He looked at four of them. His eyes narrowed and pointed to Mason: “Little guy, follow me.”

Mason surprised a moment, “go to where?”

“You will get to know.” the youth laughed.

Mason hesitated and said: “Sir but I have the task … …”

“If I said follow me then follow me. Why so much nonsense?” hunter frowned as he spoke impatiently.

Mason was frightened as he aware that there was something bad coming up. He looked at Dudian.

Dudian also felt a trace of unusual acting by the youth and said: “Mr Hunter, we have great respect towards you. But we have our own tasks and if its not completed we will be expelled by the consortium, I hope you can understand the situation which we are in. However, we are willing to assist and serve you as long as we can be of any service to you.”

“Well, the little guy is able to speak. I now need your help! As I see your feelings are so good then all of you should come with. It will be better with you all.” The youth impatiently waved his hand.

Dudian’s face changed slightly, said: “What can you tell us?” He had said kind words because he thought hunter would deny their help because of pity. After all how can scavenger help a hunter. And if a hunter need their help it won’t be an ordinary problem. The hunter’s task was nothing but hunter monsters!

The youth eyes narrowed and a trace of hostility flashed past. He though of something and the hostility in his eyes quickly dissipated. He had a smile on his face as he said: “Nothing important. I have found precious materials. I alone won’t carry enough so I want four of you to help me out with taking it back to the giant wall. Rest assured, I will inform the leaders of consortium about your help and half of the goods will be yours!”

Hearing this, Mason, Zach and Sham were surprised. Mason asked: “Mr Hunter is this really all?”

“You will not lie to us, right?” Zach was excited.

Only Sham was puzzled as it seemed that there was something wrong. But he couldn’t think of any reason, he could only look back to the Dudian.
Dudian knew that hunter was lying as he heard his words. The hunters don’t care about gold and what is more precious that gold? However, although the belonged to the same consortium, but he felt that messing with the youth won’t result in anything good. Most likely they will be the ones to suffer. The only thing that they could do right now was to see how everything will turn out!

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    1. He is not. He didn’t let the virus to his blood flow and cut of his infested flesh in this chapter. You should read carefully.

  1. Honestly, he should’ve just bomb him right there. But since the MC is still a kid and not experienced, it is understandable.
    Tho, i think he will still have to use his bombs on this hunter guy in near future..

  2. The hunter doesn’t see them as a major treath look at how he is acting around them but who can blame him they are newbies. Unlucky for him that dudian is amongs them hope dudian wil lit him up.

    Thanks for the chapter

  3. I suspect it has to do with either the ones they already took from the undead, or he wants to use them as bait.

  4. It seems like hunters have a way to stop blood flow making it easier to deal with infections, though this guy seems evil, it sounds like he needs bait.

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