DK – Ch 58

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The Dark King – Chapter 58

Injured hunter

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Dudian quickly cut open the other head. He saw that the same thing had happened to the dark blue ball. It was melting down. It confused him. Aren’t these things absorbing the heat? How come they will melt at high temperatures?

Was it not it’s purpose to begin with?

He was puzzled with lots of doubts in his mind. Dudian used the dagger to pick them out from inside the skull. After leaving the intracranial tissue dark blue ball stopped melting.

Dudian’s eyes fell on bluish liquid which was melted inside. With the passage of time, intracranial tissue’s temperature gradually reduced. Color of these bluish liquid thickened. The next moment, Dudian, Mason and Zach witnessed the horrific scene. These bluish liquid as if having their own minds began to twist and retract to a ball. Slowly they condensed into a dark blue ball!

Dudian was completely shocked.

This scene gave him a sense of de-ja-vu, like … … water was frozen into ice!

This dark blue ball seems to have similar structure. But it does not need to wait to freeze until reaching zero degree. It is equipped with high efficient ‘endothermic’ characteristic.

Dudian looked at the dark blue ball. He felt as if there was an eye inside the dark blue ball staring back at him. It have him a creepy feeling. Although he didn’t know what kind of a material the dark blue ball was and why would it appear in undead’s brain but it gave him the feeling of an extremely dangerous object. Of course it was an instinct. It may also been the impact of the scene that had occurred in front of his eyes and resulted in wrong intuition.

In any case, Dudian was reluctant to be incontact with this thing too much. He thought to himself that if he had his own alchemy laboratory he would have to study this thing.

This terrible virus let him feel that three hundred years ago when he entered the cold storage he had missed something. Only after a thorough study of the virus, he may get to know a thing or two about it.

Mason looked at Dudian and whispered: “Dean, can we use this thing?

Dudian looked at him and replied: “You can use it but be careful. Isolate it well.”

Mason nodded delightedly. He used the cloth to wrap up the dark blue ball.

Dudian also picked up one and the cold feeling came again. There was not difference with the previous experience. He was assured that with the help of this thing they can escape the body sensors of the other undeads.

“Continue to arrange the combustion circle.” Dudian took away all the balls and said to Mason and Zach.

They were surprised: “We have killed enough undeads. We can go around them now. ”

Dudian shook his head slightly and said: “Hunters don’t pick up gold but dig this indicating that the value of this material is higher than jewelry. The more we can hunt better for us. It is a large fortune!”

Both of them reacted to Dudian’s words. They were ecstatic. Zach patted his thigh: “Yes, ah, so to say…we are doing the work of the hunter…ha ha ha…”

Mason laughed: “Fortunately, Dean is smart. We are going to be rich! Although the undeads are horrible but they are dumb. It is easily to kill. After we finish we this batch we should go and find other undeads to hunt! We should not pick anything else. Those tattered metal were not much of a value either!”

Dudian looked at these two who previously were scared the hell out when the word undead was mentioned. After he used wealth to problem them they agreed without thinking about it… These two were blinded by financial gains!
Half an hour later, all the wandering undeads in the area were killed by Dudian and the others by using the fire circle. Including the previous three undeads, their total harvest amounted to 21 dark blue balls.

“Where do we go next?” Mason said excitedly as he was carrying a bag of dark blue balls: “To the gray area mentioned by Scott? That place has not been swept off. There must be a lot of undeads… ”

Dudian silently said: “You’re crazy. Haven’t you seen the streets where hunters had killed so many undeads? Going to the gray are won’t be like here where you can layout the trap and wait for the undead. We will be in siege by the sea of undeads. Do not be blinded by the money!”

Macon recalled the number of corpses he had seen along the way and shivered in fear.

“Dean said that the gray are is too risky. There definitely will be more rats than here. This animal is not the same as the undead.”

Sham whispered: “We should find Scott and rest. They have a map and know the way back. There would be some undeads after them. We have to help them. By the way we can kill those undeads too! ”

Dudian nodded: “Let’s eat something first to add strength.”

Because of the previous ‘hunting’ they hadn’t rested at all. They were tired and hungry. They pulled out the dry food and water from their backpacks and began to eat. After three years of training they knew how to control their hunger and thirst. Everyone ate a few mouthfuls and drank a little water. They stopped because if they didn’t find new food source the stuff in the backpack may not last for ten days!

As they were ready to re-start a figure came running at high speed from the area through the other street.

The figure was extremely fast. As it reached the junction it immediately jumped up and landed on top of the security boot and later to the ground. As soon as it reached the area where Dudian and the rest were, it began to run close to the wall.

And this scene was caught in Zach’s eyes.

“Dean, come and see.” Zach quickly called Dudian.

Dudian quickly walked past and saw Zach point to the location. There was a youth on the ground near the adjacent building. There was a crossbow on his back and arrows. He was clutching his right arms. It seems he was injured at the moment.

“Hunter?” Dudian stared.

Zach, Macon and Sham froze up for a moment when they heard his words. They were scavengers and the best thing that they were provided with were dagger. This dagger was not meant to be used to fight but to cut the bark or used by scavengers when the need to cut things arise. According to consortium’s definition scavengers do not need to fight. If they met up with monsters the only option is to run. If they can run away it’s their own fortune, if not they were just unlucky.

Like cannon fodder on the battlefield. They were not meant to take away the enemy’s head and bring victory. Each position was given value according to its functions.

“Hunter?” Mason, Sham and Zach were excited. For scavengers the hunter is an unattainable presence. They were able to compete with the presence of the nobles and qualified to talk with the aristocracy on the same level!

And them, at the end of their lives they will be only scavengers! Good and bad, high and low! It didn’t matter how much wealth was created by the materials that they will bring in. They will only be a scavenger. Because they don’t have a ‘light physique’.

The consortium let Dudian to be a seed scavenger because his radiation value was close to ‘light physique’ and his special training results were above the top. The consortia was willing to give him the opportunity to become a hunter.

Otherwise, no matter how high the wealth Dudian would create for the consortium, he was destined to die as a scavenger.

Dudian was not happy. Because he had seen the hunters, came outside the giant wall and witnessed the ruins of everything. He had seen the bloody bodies everywhere and he understood the perennial fighting of hunters. He understood why Fernando had looked at him with eyes so cold. Because in their eyes the life of others is meaningless… They are used to kill. They are nurtured to kill…

“He is our consortium’s hunter.” Dudian noted the medal on youth’s chest and relieved a bit. If it was other consortium’s hunter, then they would be ‘silenced’ if they were exposed.

Dudian and the other were observing the hunter. He had noticed the burning marks on ground not far from the building. There was a trace of joy in his eyes. He went close to the circle and felt the bursts of warmness coming out of ashes. It seems the fire was extinguished not very long time ago.

He glanced at the bodies of the undead on the ground. His eyes were puzzled a bit with disappointment. But he suddenly thought of something and his eyes lit again. He looked around and soon focused on a nearby building. He quickly rushed in.

“He’s aware,” Mason said.

Zach looked at Dudian, and said, “Dean, he knows that we can do it. It’s okay. Will he rob us?”

Dudian mind amazed by the keen observation of the hunter, but also feel the gap between themselves and hunters. With a single glance he instantly had determined their whereabouts which meant that he was a seasoned veteran. He glanced at Zach and shook his head: “He should not. After all they hunt after tens of thousands of undeads. He would disdain the amount we have.”

Heard this, Zach three relieved.

At this time, the door was opened and the hunter appeared inside. There was a trace of surprise on his face. It seems he didn’t expect that the people who use the flame to kill the undead were actually children.

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  1. I really hope, but doubt, that they won’t get in trouble in the future for any of this. With the whole “Scavangers are Expendable” and with them stealing a “Hunters” job.

    I’m really thankful for you giving away your time, and labor, to translate this novel. As always thanks for the chapters.

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