DK – Ch 57

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The Dark King – Chapter 57



Did you know that Julius Caesar suffered from epilepsy and had lots of epileptic seizures during his lifetime but very few people know about it. Do you know why? Because during those times, people who suffered an epileptic seizure were branded as being possessed by the devil.

Do you know how many bright and enlightened scientists have been burned, crucified and hanged because the church has said that they are wrong because they are denying the dogma.

Now if for centuries you are told that black is white and white is black. You will perceive so. You will actually deny the people who argue otherwise. The society where Dudian lives right now is like that. It is ruled by dogmas. Even the aristocrats who have lots of information in their hands are controlled by these dogmas.

Why do you think alchemists are banned and hunted?

Anyway, I don’t want to ruin your mood by my blabberings. But if you want to enjoy this novel then forget everything you know. If you read Mason’s dialogue, imagine that you are Mason and see through his eyes and talk through his mouth. Same applies to all the characters. That way it will be a pleasurable read! Without further ado, enjoy!

“This thing has ‘heat-absorbing’ characteristics! It proves that my previous speculation was correct. These corpses are driven and controlled by it. They are induced to our body temperature. That’s why they gradually gather here. They don’t trace their prey by the smell of blood but they track the heat!” Dudian was reviewing the information that he had gathered: “Scott and the rest should attract more undeads as their group would produce more heat in comparison to ours. Moreover there are very large number of undeads and it is by no means were leftovers ignored by hunters. Most probably they had moved over from other regions!”

At the thought of this Dudian frowned. He closed his eyes to picture the map that Scott had. There was a gray area near the are no 8. It had not been cleaned. There were other colored areas which the hunting ground for other consortiums.

Concluding his thoughts, Dudian said to Mason and Zach : “It will help us to lower our body temperature. Soon we will be able to get rid of these undeads. As they won’t track us anymore. Because we have only three of them which means Sham won’t get any for now. We gotta hunt another one and dig the dark blue ball out of its head. That way we will have enough dark blue balls for four of us to use.”

Mason was alarmed: “We will avoid to be traced by them if we this??

“How can we hunt them? They are way too strong. We are not their opponents. ” Zach asked.

Dudian smiled and said: “Humans are the strongest because we are good at fighting but because of the wisdom that we have. We can’t fight hand to hand with undeads but we can use our minds to easily kill them”

“Easy?” Zach and Macon said in a daze.

In three years of harsh training they were taught how to search for prey in the wilderness as well as in a variety of environments. It was all bout how to look for food. But they were not taught how to hunt, because that was the work of the hunters. So although they were trained but in front of problems such as facing undeads they were at a loss. But compared with the other children, their lack of panic was already very rare.

“The easiest way is to use fire.” Dudian smiled and said: “You first find some fabric. As long as the fabric can be lit. The more the better. I will go to replace Sham. I will give you ten minutes to find and gather fabric downstairs in front of the building.”

Macon and Zach’s eyes lit up as they guessed what Dudian wanted to do. They quickly left the room in separate way to search the various floors for combustible materials.

Dudian went upstairs to see Sham still tirelessly throwing stones: “You should rest for a while, I’ll keep throwing the stones.”

Sham replied: “No. Jobs like this, where no brainpower is needed, should be done by us. You are the only one we can rely on to leave this place.”

Dudian laughed: “Macon and Zach are doing everything. After everything is ready we will be able to leave. We only need the east wind.”

“What do you mean?” Sham was confused.

Dudian shook his head and said: “Nothing. I’m free till they find everything that I asked for. You should go upstairs and bring some stones over. Do not empty this floor.” The he grabbed a stone from the ground. He looked at wandering undeads and found that the number of these undeads had increased by a few. There was a single undead which was wobbling over.

Dudian throw the stone to another place. The undeads were lead to other side of building because of the sound emitted.

Ten minutes later, Macon and Zach had already gathered flammable materials in a circle into an open space in front of the building. Dudian began to throw stones and glass close to the circle where clothing and wood was gathered. The sound echoed out and grabbed undead group’s attention. They staggered towards the circle.

Because of Dudian’s previous instructions Mason began to act as he saw undeads coming over. He was on the second floor. He ignited the torch and threw it onto the circle. He lighted five torches. Four of them fall onto the circle because of close distance. The flame soon spread to all over the circle. Clothes and rotting wood furniture was burning together and soon turned into a raging fire.

The undeads came close to fire but avoided it instinctively. However they began to walk around outside the fire circle.

Dudian was slightly dispirited as he saw the scene. He threw few more stones to attract the undeads into the fire. However the sound was not able to attract them.

Dudian ran downstairs in hurry and yelled: “Burn them!”

Mason, Zach and Sham immediately set to implement the spare plan prepared by Dudian in a case such as this. It was simple, burn the undead! The plan was made so that if the undeads didn’t go inside the fire pit. Now, the plan would just be handy.

The three quickly picked up sheets, quilts and blankets that were prepared in advance. They began to throw them at undeads. Although they were not affected by the but were cover in sheets, quilts or blanket. They were walking around the fire pit so the fabrics were ignited by the fire. Soon their bodies began to burn up.

Dudian was relieved as he quietly watched. After some time the flame was extinguished. There were close to a dozen undeads lying by the fire pit. Few who had avoided the flame had fled to few hundred meters away and continued to move on.

Dudian threw rocks at once, led them to a far away distance. He then let the Sham to replace him in continuing to throw the rock. Mason, Zach and Dudian came downstairs. They were ready to get close to undeads when they saw one of them lift it hand a little. They were surprised, didn’t the flame burn them up?

“The body is charred, but the dark blue ball can still continue to control them… ” Dudian face changed. He asked Mason and Zach to throw more combustible fabrics and wood so that they burn them for more.

Seven or eight minutes later, after a careful observation of the undeads, Dudian threw stones onto their bodies. He was relieved as he saw them no responding to the stones. He took Mason and Zach with him and went down towards the corpses of undeads.

Sham was leading the undeads away by throwing rocks so they came out easily. Their gloves were wrapped in fabric to prevent skin burns. Afterwards, they cut off their heads.

There were total of eight heads which were brought back into the building. Dudian pierced the head and saw that its intracranial tissues had softened and were almost in liquid state. The dark blue ball in its skull was melting. It had shrank from the size of a thumb to a soybean’s. After the melt out the liquid was the same as the translucent color of water.
“It can’t handle high temperatures? ” Dudian frowned.

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  2. Thia is gross but will they level up by eating the cores o.0 Maybe the Church’s “God’s Blessing” is manufactured from cores!
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