DK – Ch 54

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The Dark King – Chapter 54


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“They are looking for us!” Sham looked at the creepy figures: “Is it our smell? Impossible, we are so far away … …”

Dudian was gloomily staring at the wandering undeads, thinking: “They should not be aware of our presence. If they were then they won’t act so slowly. If it was about the smell then Scott’s group had so many people. They should have left much thicker scent than us. It seem there will be more than a dozen undeads…”

Macon hurriedly looked at him and said, “Dean, what should we do now? If they close down on this place they will notice our presence.”

“Do not panic.” Dudian frowned. Recalling all the previous event he suddenly thought of a neglected issue. “They don’t have consciousness as a result they can’t make rational choices. They would even jump down from a high rise. They don’t have the concept of death and aren’t aware what is dangerous for them. So how do they identify their preys?”

Previously, Scott had said that undead’s are attracted by the smell of blood and would trace accordingly. But if it so, then the bloody smell of the bodies bitten by the woman undead would be enough to attract all of them to that location. Moreover if they were so bloodthirsty and mad for blood then they should attack and bite the hands of other undeads as their claws would have traces of blood on them.

“But, in reality the moment undeads saw us they chased after us completely ignoring the undeads on the ground. ”

“This proves that although blood is a factor in their attraction towards us but there is more to it than blood!”

Dudian’s eyes shone as if he knew everything “Last time the undead woman heard Aaron’s footsteps, gave up eating the scavengers and ran over to kill Aaron. Probably sound is another factor that attracts them!?”

Dudian was not pleased with the conclusion. He slightly frowned, as he felt he was ignoring a very important element that decided decision making of undeads. Scene after scene came in front of his eyes as he analyzed the actions of undeads from previous encounters … He came to understand that it was not sound.

Rather, sound and blood can attract their attention, but… those are not the most important aspects they take into account when they track preys!

The real reason according to Dudian analysis was heat!
According to Dudian’s reasoning that was the main way how the undead’s went after their preys. They somehow could perceive the prey’s body heat. In short, they must have thermal vision! However, some of the undead’s had their eyes pierced so Dudian guessed that there must be some kind of mutated organ within their heads which could automatically perceive the surrounding heat.

Any warm-blooded animal will appear in their perception network.

Although Dudian can not be 100% assure of this speculation. But the information at his hands was limited. He walked towards the window and looked down at the undead corpses. An idea popped up in his mind: “Mason find something hard and throw it somewhere else to see if you sound can distract those undeads. Zach light a torch!”

All three of them were surprised. Although they didn’t know why they needed a torch but distracting the undeads with the sound was a good idea.

Mason went to the room to search up for materials. He from few pieces of mud-like bricks from the bedroom’s wall. He came back to the kitchen and threw the bricks towards the nearby building.

Pop! Bricks fell to the ground and turned into powder.

Sound was spead in the quiet district. The undeads were attracted by the sound. Mason was excited to the effects so he kept throwing farther and farther to lead the undead away.

Dudian’s heart was relieved as he saw the sound was effective to lure the undead. Zach had covered clothing over a stick and had ignited the torch. Dudia immediately said: “Throw the torch out”

Zach was stunned as he couldn’t figure out what Dudian was thinking. But he listened to him and threw the torch out. It rolled in the air and fall to the ground. The fire was almost extinguished.

Dudian saw that undeads turned back to look at the torch which had fallen to the ground. Mason happened to throw another brick resulting in huge noise so they turned back and went after the source of the sound. Soon they left the area to the street where the brick landed.

Dudian felt strange, was his guess wrong? On second thought, at least they were able to lure them away for now.

Mason was at his limits because of constantly throwing stones. The undeads wandered for a while where the stones had fallen and suddenly turned to walk towards the street Dudan and the other three were located.

Dudian and the rest were just feeling relieved when they saw the undeads. They almost shouted out curses.

What’s hell was going on with them?

Dudian was stunned. Why are they so perservering into walking to this area? He looked around but the only thing that came to his mind was that they were the only people present in the area.

“How would … …” Sham stared undeads.

Sham quickly said: “Quickly, continue to throw stones.”

Macon reacted instantly. He rushed inside to buckle bricks from the wall and came back to throw them. Soon the undead who wandered into the area were lured out. Dudian was not happy as the method they used to lure the undeads was not a permanent solution. Maybe over the time they will attract undeads from other areas which would be to their disadvantage.

Dudian wrinkled his brows. How human body attracted these corpses?

“If its heat, then … … Can they distinguish the difference between a flame and the body heat? “, Dudian thought of this point. His face slightly changed. Because in addition to lowering their body heat there does not seem to be another feasible way to avoid undead’s detection.

To lower the body’s heat they had to undress.

However, the intensity of the nuclear radiation in the air was too high. If they took of their clothes the radiation value of their bodies would increase rapidly.

Dudian bowed his to contemplate over the issue. While Mason would throw few bricks when the undead’s would return to the district. He controlled the rhythm of throws so to be more effective.

After a long while, Dudian made a decision and said to Mason and the others: “One of you who is willing should go down with me to carry the undead’s body. ”

Hearing this all three of them were stunned: “Lift them up? What are you going to do with them?”

“The three dead bodies,” Dudian seriously said, “I want to dissect them.”

The quickest way to understand the undeads was to see thoroughly from inside out. Although Dudian had no medical experience and his knowledge of the human body was limited but in such a harsh environment there were limited methods to try. The only approach to understand the undead was to check out their bodies as soon as possible.

“You want to know about their anatomy ?!” Mason and the other two looked at him as if he was a freak.

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  1. It’s not a bad idea, but it begs the question: Why has no one else either done this or released the results of their dissection? Is someone hiding something?

    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. Well, no one but the nobles/military/church knows anything about the outside at all. Of those, the Holy Church is probably the only organization besides the Church of Darkness, which is illegal or whatever. Seeing as all the scavengers and hunters get the Blessing I imagine the Holy Church is the real power here and they’re quite obviously hiding plenty.

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