DK – Ch 535

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Chapter 535

Dean continued: “Previously, Luna was about 10 meters away from you all while I was about 15 meters away from you. So why didn’t it attack me? It has observed the fight between me and Eugene so it has decided the risk of attacking Luna who was closer to you to be much lower than me. It had picked Luna which means that it’s not an ordinary monster. I has wisdom!”

    “The only way to get revenge for Luna is to burn this den and force the monster out. However, we will lose all the eggs and the flame will disturb the monster above us. In this case, none of us will leave in one piece!”

    Ian and others were startled by Dean’s argument. They couldn’t argue back or retort his statement as it clearly described the situation.

    Rosemary and Ian were concerned about this problem but Dean’s statement ringed the bells of alarm. They understood the seriousness of the situation.

    Martin stood in silence as he looked at Ian. He knew that Dean’s speech had changed everything. He whispered: “We will leave but we shall take Luna’s body with us so that it doesn’t become food for this beast!”

    Ian and Rosemary were relieved when they saw Martin had changed his mind. Ian nodded: “Ruby, get a storage bag from the backpack and put Luna’s body in it.. We will leave afterwards.”

    Ruby nodded as he took out a storage bag from the backpack and moved towards the previous hatched egg that was ten meters away. He seemed nervous as he felt as if the monster will attack from the darkness any moment.

    Hah~ Ruby was shocked to the core when he felt something grab from his shoulder.

    He turned to see Martin who spoke in an indifferent manner: “I’ll accompany you.”

    Ruby reluctantly smiled but in his heart cussed: “You freaking bastard! Do you want to scare me to death?”

    Soon, both of them reached the location of the broken egg. Ruby handed the torch to Martin and removed the gloves from inside. He wore them and was ready to get the small monster inside.

    Martin spoke to urge him: “Hurry up!”

    Ruby swallowed his saliva and bent a bit lower towards the crack. He looked around but was surprised to see that there was nothing inside but the liquid. The sleeping small monster had disappeared!

    How could it be?

    Ruby was horrified as he said to Martin: “Bring torch down.”

    Martin was startled the moment he saw the strange expression on Ruby’s face. He immediately moved the torch towards the cracked egg: “IT’s not here! How?”

    Dean, Ian and Rosemary’s hearts jumped up in nervousness when they heard Martin’s words. They rushed out without hesitation.

    Dean looked inside the egg to see that the previous little monster that they saw within the cracker egg was gone. He felt a very bad feeling burst out in his heart.

    Rosemary whispered as she blankly looked at the cracked egg: “Is it possible that the monster could act dead even just after birth?”

    Ian was startled as his face turned pale: “I’m afraid its sibling had taken the opportunity to take it out when we were… Does it mean that it deliberately had attacked Luna to attract our attention away from the cracked egg?”

    Ruby was shocked: “But how could a premature monster could learn to play dead….”

    Dean checked the ground near the cracked egg. He saw the vague traces which showed something was slipped over the ground to the rocky wall. His face changed slightly as he looked at the wall of the cave.

    Rosemary quickly said: “If all of the eggs hatch then I’m afraid…”

    Ian understood what she meant: “Let’s go, we will leave right now!”

    Martin glanced at the eggs in the den: “Are we going to scourge them or destroy them before we leave?”

    Ian replied: “We won’t get anything even if we report to the family..”

    Martin added: “Family will send a pioneer to solve out the matter if we report to them… But the problem is that the monsters hatch out before the arrival of the pioneers will be a big problem to the teams that would perform tasks in the future. The possibility of encountering them will be great and more dangerous…”

    Dean looked at him and didn’t expect the Martin to put away his greed and think so far ahead.
The thing was that the dragon clan would get the whiff of these monsters once they began to cause destruction after growth. So they would send pioneers to clean them up whether they inform them now or not. But the biggest lost would be to the teams that come out to perform tasks.

    “I do agree with MArtin” Ian patted on Martin’s shoulder: “The potential of these monsters is limitless. Most probably it is a new kind of monster. I think clan would give us great rewards if we inform them. It would be the reward equal to tens of tasks… We can take this opportunity to get rid of unending tasks…”

    Martin nodded as he stood in silence: “I know.”

    Ian no longer delayed: “Let’s depart.”

    Dean looked up the hole that was at least 20 meters high: “Who can up that high?”

    It was a height which was more than the jumping limit of an ordinary limitless.

    Rosemary said: “I will.” Her body slightly shake as the sounds of bones echoed out. She took a mantis like position and made a jump. She was able to directly reach out and pass the hole.

    She quickly tossed down rope after she climbed up.

    Dean acted fast as he jumped and grabbed the rope to climb up.

    Ian and Martin were startled but understood why Dean acted so. Their faces changed but they couldn’t stop Dean from climbing up.

    Ian and Martin were silent as they moved up the rope.

    Ruby was the last as he swallowed his saliva and grabbed from the rope to climb up.
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  1. What is going on with these translations?

    Legit nothing for weeks on end. No notice. You don’t even say what’s been going on when you uploaded these chapters.

    Warlord doesn’t appear to be translated anymore, either.

  2. I might have to drop this and Warlord. Since there isn’t anything updating. I can’t donate because I have no money and Qidian confuses the heck out of me. I can’t figure out how to navigate their site. Sigh… Oh well…

    1. on qidian right side of the screen when reading for table of content.. scrolling to move to next chapter..
      qi icon upper left part of the screen to come back to homepage or to go on browsing..

  3. I have been waiting for a while to find out what happened to TDK and was kind of hoping it would get moved to qidian because it used to get translated pretty fast but then you know it just stopped. SO, I hope it picks up soon at qidian and it is once again translated at a pretty fast speed.

  4. Hi there,

    I know you’ve dropped this novel for quite a while, I’ve been reading all of this and have got mighty invested into it.
    I’ve seen the talk about “Qidian”, not exactly sure what that is and googling seems to just take me to a Chinese website…

    I was able to find chapters up to 594 or 495 which I have already read, but as you can imagine I still want more. Would it be possible for anyone reading this comment to let me know how to find the other chapters? If anymore have even been translated that is…

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