DK – Ch 532

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Unidentified eggs
Chapter 532

Eugene’s eyes narrowed as his face turned ugly. He tried to use his left hand to grab his right wrist to stop the overflow of blood.

Dean grabbed onto broken wrist of Eugene as if it was the hilt of the sword and took the opportunity to retreat and increase the distance with Eugene.

He wanted to get free breath from the intense battle.

He coldly stared at Eugene as he held onto the sword’s hand and pulled off Eugene’s broken hand. He threw the hand onto the ground which was full of mucus. He didn’t previously attack Eugene because it was Eugene’s broken hand which was holding the handle of the sword.

Ian and others had cold sweat drip down their bodies as they watched the life and death battle. They knew that they would have lost or even killed if any of them fought against Eugene or Dean.

Eugene’s face turned ugly as he tightly held his right wrist with his left hand to stop the bleeding. He clenched his teeth to bear the violent pain that surged because of losing his right hand. However, the fear in his heart made him forget about the torn hand. An icy feeling burst out in his heart. He saw Dean break through his expectations again and again during this battle. Eugene was best at using his sword with his right hand. Right now, he didn’t have neither the right hand nor the sword. He had no chance to win against Dean with the set of basic standard armor that he was wearing at the moment.

Failure meant death! He would lose everything including family, and loves ones!

Dean coldly looked at Eugene. He swiftly rushed forward as he stabbed out the sword.

Eugene was focused on Dean’s body. He loosened his right hand the moment Dean moved. He had no palm on his right arm but both his arms were up in a defensive posture.


The distance of ten meters were overcome in milliseconds. Dean’s sword pierced Eugene’s chest. Eugene capture Dean’s wrist that was holding onto the sword. He saw that Dean didn’t use any skills during the stab. However, he had learned about 8 skills that were meant to grab or seize the opponent with empty-hands. Eugene knew that he had chance to reverse the situation as long as he got back his weapon. Although his left hand wasn’t as flexible as his right hand but it was still good because of long-term training.

Eugene was planning to invite Ian and others into the battle if Dean gave him a chance to breath. Unfortunately, Dean’s attack came fast. As a result, he couldn’t turn towards the others as he would be distracted.


There was joy in Eugene’s eyes when he grabbed Dean’s wrist.

“It’s over.” Dean whispered.

Eugene was about to press onto Dean’s wrist to break it apart.

However, Dean raised his other hand. He had a dagger in it.


Dagger flashed past and blood sprayed out!

Eugene felt an electric shock pass by his body. He was horrified as he let go of Dean’s wrist to touch back his neck. The hot liquid began to flow down his fingers.

His heart turned bitter as boundless fear emerged out.

Eugene tried to open his mouth. He was ready to let go off his dignity to beg Dean to let him live. He wanted to live! But he saw Dean take back the sword and look at him without any emotion in his eyes. It was as if Dean was watching an ant!

Bang~ Eugene’s body fell down.

Dean watched Eugene for a moment and confirmed that he was dead. Then he turned slowly and looked at the crowd. His vision could cover 270 degrees so he was able to see Ian, Martin and others wink at each other without turning around. Nevertheless, he turned and spoke: “We can’t stay here for long! We must leave as soon as possible. I hope you guys will tell that we encountered a monster attack and Eugene was killed during the battle.”

Ian and others exchanged glances. Ian deeply looked at Dean and nodded: “We will.”

The battle didn’t take too long and Dean wasn’t injured. Ian thought that Dean hadn’t consumed too much stamina. Eugene was dead and was working for Her Highness Hailey. They thought that Dean would kill them to hide the matter. But now, Dean’s words indicated that he wasn’t planning to act so. Neither Ian nor other didn’t dare to attack Dean. After all, they saw that Dean was too strong. They would kill Dean if five of them attacked together. But there would be casualties and the price would be to heavy! In short, it wasn’t worth it.

“When are you going to leave?” Martin asked.

Dean calmly replied: “I will take a small break to recover my strength. By the way, if our battle was caught by the monster then we will be dead.”

Ian and Martin’s eyebrows wrinkled up. They hesitated for a moment but then gave up on their intention to attack Dean. They didn’t know if Dean was just giving an excuse to them to restore his stamina but he had acted way too generous. They couldn’t find a reason to oppose him so they were tangled.

Dean pierced the sword onto ground and removed his backpack to take food and water. He ate and drank while thinking about the previous battle. He remembered the excitement that he felt. His intuition and instincts told him that pioneers were dangerous but he could go to war with Eugene.

He felt as if he was some kind of a predator from the jungle going after his meal.

“There was something that I felt missing during the battle…” Dean whispered to himself. Although he felt fun during the battle but he always felt as if his body was lacking something. He felt awkward as if his body wasn’t flexible enough. Perhaps, he would have felt more natural if he had few more hands and feet.

The image of splitter emerged in his mind as he pondered about the issue. The long limbs that looked like razors and blades. The body which twisted and swayed like a seagrass. His eyes lit up as he understood that the magic marks were integrating the abilities of the splitter into his body. It was genetics at work! Activation of magic marks didn’t just bring strength but evolved the body. They changed the body.

It meant that the abilities of the monsters could be inherited. So, the battle styles of the monsters could be passed through genes too!

More Dean through about the battle more he decided that it would be much more fun if he more hands and feet to take the same posture as splitter.

The idea of ‘fun’ was about being happy but it was kind of a feeling that was delivered to his heart from his brain. For example, when his brain reacted that he was hungry then he ate. In other words, his body had demand for more limbs!

“The parasitic soul worms lived in the body of the splitter since birth. They had completely integrated with the fighting style of the splitter…and they had passed this to me…” Dean raised his eyebrows. He can’t have so many extra limbs like a splitter. It would just make him look abnormal in human circle. Even well-known heroes of the inner wall like Aisha couldn’t have such inhuman body.

He checked his hand and gently twisted it. His wrist was twisted within a strange angle. He was slightly startled. In the past, Dean didn’t know that he could use his hands this way to move his body. But his body reacted on instinct when he faced crisis.

“My body can’t turn to look like a splitter but it moved with similar posture like splitter. My body is changing… The thing is I’m not just transforming because of the magic marks but magic marks are gradually transforming to integrate properties of splitter to my body…” Dean pondered.

Ian and others saw Dean twist his wrist and arm. They had seen his arm twist into a position that normally would end up being broken.

“Hey!” A voice broke their thoughts.

All of them looked towards Rosemary who was standing in front of broken egg and pointing inside it: “What is this? It’s not…”

Ian was doubtful as he stepped forward. He secretly was on guard against Dean. However, he was surprised when he looked at the insides of the egg. His eyes narrowed as he sucked in cold breath: “Are they the eggs of the silencer?”

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  1. Wow! Last 3 chapters were awesome! Thanks much much!

    I had long thought that the deification of the splitter’s parasitic worms do not seem to result in a major upgrade of Dean’s abilities from his previous juranzi’s magical mark. Looks like his newly-discovered evolvement makes him a stripped-down version of Splitty and better reflects the superiority of the splitter mark.

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