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Chapter 531

“Her Royal Highness Hailey?” Ian and others were stunned. They were surprised to find out that Eugene was working for a big patron, the sister of the Saint!

Ian quickly reacted but was startled the next moment. He looked at Dean and pondered for a moment. Anyone who can provoke Her Royal Highness Hailey and stay alive is not a simple person…

Dean’s eyes lit up as he heard Eugene’s words. He thought that someone from Aisha’s faction had sent an assassin to kill him. But the situation was otherwise. After all, there were many opportunities to kill him. Especially before the battle with the pecker. But Eugene didn’t act during that time. It seems Hailey had sent him to observe Dean and get more information. She still wanted to use Dean as a pawn in the game.

“She is still playing those games even though she got the identity of the Saint …” Dean’s eyes narrowed as killing intent burst out from his heart. He looked at Ian and others because he understood what passed in their minds: “Captain, this is a personal issue. I hope you guys won’t get involved. If he dies we can say that he was killed by a monster when we go back.”

Ian, Martin and others were perplexed when they saw the murderous look on Dean’s face. They knew that they won’t be able to stop the battle. Ian was aware that Dean was afraid that they would act because Eugene made it known that Her Royal Highness Hailey was his backer. But, why would they do such a stupid move?

They could speculate that the power backing Dean wasn’t trivial either if he was able to offend Hailey and stay alive. They didn’t want to provoke neither of these two big mountains. Their personal choice would be for both Dean and Eugene to die in here.

However, they were worried that the fight between Dean and Eugene may alert the monster which could be in a sleep.

Ian whispered: “Why don’t you guys wait for that thing to leave? We will all be dead if you disturb it.”

Eugene snorted: “No need. I don’t need to go through extravagant moves to deal with him.” His body began to bulge up as soon as he finished talking. Faint golden scales began to appear on lowers sides of his cheeks. He was using full power of his magic marks.

Ian’s face changed when he saw Eugene’s transformation. He didn’t have thermal vision but he was sensitive to heat. He felt that the heat exuded from Eugene’s body change significantly. In a sudden, it appeared that Eugene had powered up. A normal person would have been dead long ago if they had the same temperature as Eugene at the moment.

Dean was much clear about the situation than others. He could see that Eugene’s body was rapidly exuding large amounts of heat. In an instant, the heat exuded from Eugene’s body had increased several times. Eugene had reached a level where even Martin wasn’t on his level. It seemed that Eugene had almost reached the level of pioneers.

Dean wasn’t surprised but he was relieved. At least, Hailey wasn’t as frantic as to send a pioneer to observe him. If he faced a pioneer then he didn’t have much of a chance in the battle.

But as he thought about it even the Dragon Clan had rare number of pioneers. Moreover, most of those pioneers worked in high-level positions. They would never agree to observe a pawn.

Martin saw the change on Ian’s face and turned to look at him.

Ian winked back at him. Martin was startled as fear was expressed in his eyes. He began to look at Eugene as he quietly clenched his sword. He knew that if Eugene killed Dean then he won’t let others get out from this place alive. Luna and others saw the non-verbal communication between Ian and Martin. They were on alert too.

The atmosphere become intense and murderous in a moment.

White eggs gently beated up. They were like eyes that quietly watched the insider battle between the newcomers.

Eugene smiled: “You have thermal vision and you are aware of the situation! Your tone was way too overpowering moments ago. I assume you were saying that they should inform that i was killed by a monster… I will give you one more chance. Pledge your allegiance to Her Royal Highness Hailey and go back with me to see her.”

Dean’s face slowly turned to an ugly shape. A little beat of cold sweat flowed down his face. He looked at Eugene: “I have pledged my allegiance to Saint! She won’t let go of you if you hurt me!”

Eugene laughed: “I thought you vowed to kill me! Why did you change your mind so fast?” He slowly began to walk towards Dean.

Dean slowly took few steps back as he pulled his bow and an arrow. He aimed and made the first shot while retreating back to create distance.

Eugene snorted as his footsteps turned quick. He was like a shadow as he avoided the arrow. There were white eggs all around the place. The nest was crowded and wasn’t a good place for an archer to show his abilities. It was one of the reasons why Eugene looked at disdain towards his enemy.

“Kiddo, its your end!” Eugene raised his dagger and rushed towards Dean.

The ugly contour on Dean’s face disappeared. His face turned calm and a trace of faint smile was visible. Eugene’s heart jumped up as the feeling of danger emerged in his heart.


Dean punched out.

His fist hit Eugene’s chest. Eugene’s armor couldn’t withstand the shock. Faint sounds of bones cracking echoed out. Eugene’s body lost balance because of the impact so he stepped backwards. The sword attack lost its strength but Eugene’s posture didn’t change a bit. Dean swayed towards the side to escape the sword attack.

Eugene took three steps backwards and jumped away. He opened the distance between him and Dean for more than ten meters.

Eugene’s face had turned ugly as he felt furious. It was simply a shame for a swordsman to take the initiative and run away from a direct battle with an archer!

But he wasn’t pondering about this at all. He was angry because he was fooled by Dean once again!

Dean recovered his attack posture. He was standing tall as he held to his bow and arrow and aimed at Eugene.

Eugene didn’t dare to act rashly when he saw the arrow pointed at him. He could deal with the arrow and then close the gap. He knew that it was the best choice at the moment. Eugene had seen Dean’s performance while fighting the pecker. Dean was good at tricks which meant that Dean had used a lot of time to work on archery. It was a proof for Eugene that Dean’s close-combat ability would be weak.

Both of them were confronting each other. Time seemed to stop as they looked at each other in silence. The situation was in stalemate and both of them were unaware of anything as they focused on each other. In the blink of an eye two or three minutes passed without neither side taking an action.

Eugene lightly breathed to calm down. There was slight pain from his chest once in a while but his used his magic marks to muster the strength towards the chest. Otherwise the wound would get worse.

Being punched by Dean wasn’t not all about wound. Eugene was able to determine Dean’s strength. There was a gap in strength in between them but that gap wasn’t big!

Moreover, Eugene was aware that this gap could be made for by using martial arts and tactics.

Fortunately, the environment was to his advantage. The small space would force Dean to face Eugene in a direct combat.

Eugene turned angry once more as he pondered about everything! He was cheated once more!

Dean wasn’t planning to shoot an arrow! He was just wearing off Eugene’s stamina by having this stalemate. Eugene had to keep his body state at best condition because of the confrontation.

“Damn it!” Eugene cursed in his heart. He dashed forward to break the stalemate. The more time passed the more he was suffering because of his injury!

Dean’s released the string of bow the moment he saw Eugene move.


Eugene raised his sword and block the arrow.

Dean was tightly staring at Eugene’s reaction. He pulled the string and released the second arrow.


The moment Eugene’s sword swung and blocked the first arrow, second was shot.

Eugene was like a fish in the water. He escaped from Dean’s second arrow and slashed at Dean.

Dean saw Eugene’s sword move. He though of Secret Combat arts of the Dragon clan!

Dean’s body bent over to avoid the sword attack while he kicked towards Eugene’s crotch.

Eugene’s face changed as he hurried back once more. He jumped back for few steps and looked at Dean in anger: “Despicable! Do you only know those fishy moves?”

“Does the job.” Dean indifferently replied.

Eugene’s face was full of anger but his heart was calm. He was trying to make Dean think that he was angry: “Too bad kiddo! I have seen through your strength! I have to admit that you are strong and almost on part with me. But you are a dead man! Your bow and arrows are meant for primary limitless! You can’t release them at full strength but I have my sword!”

Dean narrowed his eyes: “I have sword too.”


“Your hands.”

Eugene smiled in fury: “I will give it to you then!” He growled and rushed out. He sprinted in a straight line and stabbed forward.

The sword began to slightly jitter as Eugene stabbed forward. It was a skill used to confuse the opponent’s vision and judgement.

Dean’s eyes narrows to the extreme as his eyes concentrated on the attack. He was still at a senior hunter level and his knew that he could fight against monsters on level 40 to 45. It meant that he had the strength of a veteran primary limitless. He was lacking a lot in strength in comparison to Eugene because of the disparity in their levels of strength. However, he felt like his blood was boiling and his heart desired this battle!


The moment the sword reached him, Dean took few steps back and avoided the attack.

“Don’t escape!” Eugene grinned as he caught up: “Don’t you want the sword? I’m going to give it to you!”

Dean body jumped for seven or eight meters as he twisted on air. He fell down on Eugene’s previous position.

Ian, Martin and others who saw this were shocked. They didn’t knew that two ‘rookie’ were hidden dragons. Eugene had already surprised them. But Dean’s reaction and speed seemed more rapid and sensitive!


Eugene’s sword was again aimed at Dean.

Dean’s body crawled down. His posture was extremely strange and unlike something that human would do.
However, Dean was acting on instincts. His body refused to move otherwise. There was only battle in his mind and two words that went back and forth. Avoid and Attack!

He was looking for flaws in Eugene’s attacks!

His body avoided the attack once again. Eugene’s movements and the swords trajectory were analyzed in his brain. He didn’t think about anything but acted on instincts. There was a wonderful feeling in his heart. There was excitement and bloodthirstiness! He felt like he was a hunter looking at his prey.


Dean’s body moved and escaped Eugene’s attack by a breath.

Rapid~ His body moved as the scene in front of him rapidly changed. The magic marks in his chest began to gently twist and pass a wonderful feeling.

“Are you going to avoid my attacks?!” Eugene was scared in his heart. Firstly, he felt that as if his speed had slowed down. Later on he saw that it was Dean’s speed that got faster. Was Dean going through a growth during a battle? It was impossible!An idea emerged in his heart which resulted in fear! Eugene growled to pretend that he was angry.

Dean jumped out the moment Eugene roared. Dean didn’t think that his body would rushed out.

Eugene was excited in joy when he saw Dean rush at himself. He slashed his sword using the most destructive style of the dragon clan – ‘Dragon Blade’.

This style would make the sword to bring out 200% of the power but the disadvantage of the move was that it didn’t have many curves or techniques to it.

Dean’s eyes narrowed as his body twisted in a weird manner. It seemed as if he had additional invisible hands and feet that helped him move that way. The moment sword passed by him Dean’s palm reached out!

His nails stretched out as he grabbed Eugene’s wrist. The nails penetrated through the flesh and blood began to ooze out.

“Off!” Dean roared.


Eugene’s palm was torn out from his wrist!

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