DK – Ch 530

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Furious Eugene
Chapter 530

“Check the place?”

“Who will go to check? Who would be willing to go up?”

Ian, Martin and others frowned.

Eugene felt that Dean was looking at him. His face changed as he spoke in a cold tone: “Why are you looking at me after the making the talk?”

“I propose you to go up and check the situation.” Dean said in a straightforward manner.

Eugene almost chocked: “You came up with the idea so why don’t you volunteer? Why do you propose my name?”

Dean replied in a calm manner: “Previous time you backed off from the battle. It is your chance to make up for it and get back your status in the team. You are good at combat. Moreover, you are skillful and flexible. Why do you think I would propose your name? It is all about the current situation! Everyone within the team has to contribute to the overall good of the team, isn’t it?”

Eugene’s face turned red in fury but his eyes were cold. He glanced at Ian, Martin and others. He saw that no one was planning to speak out so they were waiting for the outcome of the conversation.

“If you want to propose my name because of my skills then I’m proposing you because of the same qualities. Your perception is good. You can see that the monster has left or sleeping without getting close to it.” Eugene clenched his fists and said in a cold tone. He didn’t want to talk about flexibility or agility as Martin and Ian were the strongest in the team. If he wanted to sway the decision of the team he had to base in argument on perception.

As a result, he couldn’t go against the strongest in the team or else he was going to lose their support.

Dean calmly replied: “My perception is limited to detection of the heat source of the body. That monster can quietly get close to silencer and kill it. It means that it is a cold blooded monster and my skills are useless against it.”

“You!” Eugene looked at him and spoke in an angry voice: “Are you still keeping a grudge against me because I intervened when you tried to play with the little girl from the last time?”

Dean was startled.

Ian, Martin and others reacted to his sentence.

Dean reacted without losing a moment. He knew that Eugene was trying to hit under the belt.

“Do you remember the face of that little girl?” Dean got up and stared at Eugene in anger. Eugene and others were shocked. They thought Dean was going to attack him. Dean continued: “Are you even human?! The girl was half of your height. At best she was seven or eight years old! You make me puke! I admit that looking at you doesn’t please my eyes. However, right now I’m considering the options according to the situation we are in.”

Eugene was stunned as he looked at Dean who was making a role like a professional artist. He casually made up a thing and tried to attack Dean. If he didn’t know that he was lying then he would even believe in Dean’s performance.

He was surprised. Moreover, Eugene noticed the disgust in eyes of Ian, Rosemary and others.

Eugene thought that Dean will try to deny the statement and they will go on to argue. In such a condition, defense would always lose as there was no condition to prove himself. However, Dean outplayed him.


Eugene clenched his fists as he stared at Dean.

Dean also looked at him in angry manner. His chest was violently going up and down as if he was pressing down his anger.

“I agree.” Rosemary said: “Eugene didn’t participate in the last battle. The monster hasn’t moved for so long so I think it is asleep and there is no danger.”

Eugene almost vomited blood when he heard Rosemary’s words. No danger? Why don’t you go then?

Martin deeply looked at Dean then turned towards Eugene: “I also agree that waiting is not an option. Since we have to send a person up then the most suitable one is Eugene.”

Eugene almost choked to death. What the hell? Sutiable?

Ian looked at Eugene: “You will have to go up as it is a unilateral decision. We will support you in time if there is a danger.”

“Yes” Ruby intervened:” There is nothing to fear. As Little Dean said most probably that monster is asleep. You will check it from a distance. So what are you afraid of?”

Eugene clenched his teeth: “Afraid of? Then why don’t you go?”

Ruby rolled his eyes: “Do I look like someone who can run fast?”

Eugene almost fainted on spot. He looked at the team and knew that he was going to be the lamb sent to be slaughtered. These people would never send Dean or Ruby to check out the situation. Ruby was an old member and they had feelings towards him. Dean was indispensable to the team because of his perceptive abilities. However, he was a fighter, a combatant. Martin and Ian were also fighters and they were more important than him.

His face turned normal as Eugene stared at Dean: “The observation time is finished. Since you want to die then I will fulfill your wish!”

Dean’s eyes lit up when he heard Eugene talk.

Ian immediate said when he heard Eugene: “Eugene, don’t act on impulse!”

“What do you mean he wants to die?” Martin narrowed his eyes as he looked at Eugene.

Ruby and Rosemary also looked at Eugene. They were not trying to help Dean but they hated Eugene.

“Oh …” Eugene’s mouth twitched when he saw the team’s reaction. He put a wry smile on his face and said in a soft manner: “Ian, Martin and others… It’s best for you guys not to intervene as this problem is between me and him!”

Ian frowned: “I don’t care about the personal issue but infighting isn’t allowed during the implementation of the task!”

Eugene laughed: “You are right! I have to carry out my mission!”

“Your mission?”

Eugene slowly pulled out his sword: “You better don’t meddle in this. Otherwise, you won’t survive even if you go back! This kid has provoked Her Royal Highness Hailey. I was sent to observe and see if he has changed. But if he wants to die then I will fulfill his wish!”

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