DK – Ch 53

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The Dark King – Chapter 53

Climbing the wall

Few years ago I had gone to India for a vacation. My mate meet me on my first day over there. He said that the foreigner who come to India either Love it or Hate it. There is no middle position. It either one of these… I loved the country. I spent an awesome month over there visiting many great sights and places. I recommend all of you to visit India!

Now its not a proper comparison but The Dark King is like India… You either Love it or Hate it. I have seen both types of people!

“No consciousness!” Dudian’s heart throbbed, “These undeads are not same as ‘bone rats’. Although ‘bone rats’ are bloodthirsty but they still keep their beastly senses. They know when to hide, attack or escape. Undeads are different. They only instinctively go after the prey. They don’t think about tactics or anything alike… … they are like dedicated machines used to murder!”
“And the machine is incomplete. In addition to attack instructions there are no other skills when they lock onto their preys!”

Dudian’s blood was boiling. He felt that he seized a crucial information that would able him to keep him alive “Only straight attacks. This is the most dangerous thing about them but it is also their Achilles’ heel!”

Mason, Sham and Zach heard the sound of broken glasses and hurriedly came to the toilet and saw the Dudian: “You! How did you come over here?”

Argh, argh!

A husky scream echoed from the window. They heard the roars too.

Mason and the other were frightened. They realized that undeads were above their heads in the toilet. Dudian must have deliberately attracted them over there so that three of them could easily jump from the balcony.

Their eyes were reddened as these thoughts passed through their minds.

What is friendship?

Still to think about how to save you even in the most critical moment!

Forgoing their own survival!

Although in the previous three years of training Dudian had helped them many times, but they also occasionally helped Dudian too. Four of them always supported each other but… those were assessments. In case of failure, you just left back to your house. In here though, it is a real life and death situation! However to give up his own life to save theirs… They felt their souls shake! They were grateful and moved but also hated their own weak states!

Dudian did not notice the emotional changes of the three. He said that he was safe. They looked back from the windows and saw last undead crawling out of the window from the upper floor.

Dudian was worried that it would retreat back and turn around towards the stairs. So he stretched his arm out and began to gently shake it out of the windows as if to call it out…

The undead saw Dudian shake his arm and began to roar and struggle crazily. Bang! A large piece of mud-like concrete broke out and fall down.

Dudian brought his arm back in fear of being hit by the concrete.
Undead easily struggled out of the window and following the previous two fall down. It hit the walls quite a few times as it fall down. Bang! A sound echoed in this quiet district exceptionally clear as it hit the ground.

Dudian was relieved. He peeked out of the window and saw the three corpses that were on the ground. They were stacked together. However the one on top slightly moved and staggered. It once again stood up.

Dudian face changed. He did not expect that after such a fall it wouldn’t die. After he racked his brain out, he remembered that this undead could be destroyed only by the strike to it head. Even if it fell of from 12th floor, it would only be left with broken bones but wouldn’t die.

It shook its dead body and look up at Dudian. Strange screams came out of its mouth and it began to climb up the wall. By using its sharp claws it began to climb the wall as if it was a professional alpinist.

“I am … … When did he become a Spiderman ah! ” Dudian almost vomited blood. Fortunately he didn’t go down or he wouldn’t be able to stop them.

They looked from the windows towards the fast climbing undead as their faces became pale because of fear.

Dudian did not panic. After his previous jump from 12th floor to 11th floor he had already felt like he had died and reborn. Moreover he was aware of the weakness of the undeads. He had made his mind not to fear them anymore.

“Give me the dagger” said Dudian coldly.

Mason suddenly understood why he wants to the dagger so he quickly handed it to him.

Dudian was holding the dagger. He was looking at the undead who was climbing upwards. It had the face of grim faced middle-aged man. Dudian’s heart was no longer trembling but calmer than previous times when he had faced undeads. As he saw the undead coming closer his arm stretched out of the window and he suddenly stabbed out the dagger. Puff. The dagger precisely hit and pierced the soft brain of the undead.

The undead lost all of its power in a matter of seconds and fall down.

Bang! It hit the two dead bodies that were already lying on the ground.

The other two undeads were not moving as they had fallen head on to the ground. It had resulted in their skulls to be cracked and they died on spot. This third one fall on top of them so it didn’t die momentarily but was having its last moments in this world.

Dudian’s mind was relieved. There was a sudden burst of soreness from his body. From combat with rats to the present, it was a continuous and vigorous exercise. His physical strength was completely overdrawn. He saw on the toilet and watch the Mason and the other two. He gasped with a laugh: “No injuries right?”

Mason shook his head and sighed: “You just saved our lives man!”

“Do not curse me,” Dudian laughed.

Their tightened nerves relaxed. One by one they sat on the dirty ground to rest.

“About Scott. Are they going to be alright? ” Zach asked.

Dudian thought of the consortium scavengers who used them as bait while trying to save their skins. When the situation was critical he had no time to think. But at the moment he clearly knew that consortium scavengers pushed off Sham on purpose. There was a deep anger rising in his heart and he would love to avenge the previous situation.

Perhaps, his heart is the deepest … … evil.

Dudian shook his head slightly, no longer thought about this and said: “Take a break! We will find them later on”

Sham asked: “How come there are so many undeads around? Wasn’t this area was swept by the hunters? Are they call this so-called cleaning?”

Dudian slight frowned. He also felt puzzled. If only rats were left, he could understand. After all, in a fight they are not that much of a danger to scavengers. However these undeads were different. Their strength was overwhelming. Also degree of difference with them was so big that they couldn’t be covered with numbers. Even if 10 people siege one, there would suffer heavy losses.

“They could have been ignored by the hunters or… … they came from other districts” answered Dudian.

Macon and the other two were startled but did not say anything.

After a short while, Dudian stood up as his body was feeling better. He looked out of the window toward the dagger which he had stabbed onto the wall. He would need it as encountering the undeads without a weapon was extremely dangerous.

He thought for a while and decided to search the house which they were in. The results were not good as most of the goods in here were pieces of torn or broken paper on the ground. He took out a rope and climbed out from the window. He used the robe to grab the dagger after several consecutive attempts and pull it out by struggling a bit as it was pierced onto wall with a large force.

Dudian was relieved to take the dagger. At the same moment he heard Sham ‘s panicky voice: “Dean, come over.”

Dudian hurried to rush out as he heard Sham’s voice. Sham was by the windowsill that was before the street. A dozen of so undeads were staggering and wandering over. They didn’t walk down the street but turned into the district where the they were staying at.

Dudian’s face became pale. Although these undeads were slow in the sloshing but apparently they were after a target. Dudian’s group was looking at them from high altitude so they could see the line that they were walking in on. Undeads were clearly walking towards them.

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  1. ‘Dudian felt that he seized a crucial information that would able him to keep himself alive’
    Oh come the fk on! Why was all the crucial info never taught to rookies in their 3 years of training? It’s like the training wasn’t for this job ffs… Their purpose is to teach rookies how to survive in the job, but they won’t teach the most crucial information for rookies survival? WTF kind of logic is this?!

    1. To keep them from running away probably and to separate the weak and the strong. Too much greed. They want to keep the status quo and keep hunter/scavengers under control. They have limited resources and do not want to give potential rivals information. Perhaps other conglomerate s have better training methods and better info. Perhaps the military gives all the info but then treats soilders/scavengers like cannon fodder.

  2. I want to read this so bad, but I just, ugh, I can’t. The author is just an idiot. Yes, let’s spend 3 damn years and countless resources on so many students to “train.”. Let’s not tell them ANYTHING about the monsters, let’s not give them proper weapons to defend themselves, let’s just send them to their deaths.

    Does the author think we are stupid? Such a foolish mistake is not so easily accepted by everyone.

    And this piss-poor translation is killing me. 53 damn chapters and we still don’t have a proper editor who can do their damn job correctly. This is such a joke man.

    1. Maybe the author is indeed an idiot but what if he left it like that for a reason. I have questions too like that but that is one of the reasons why I keep on reading this. I hope they get answered later on though. 😀

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    ..ミ、|ミ //彡 Thanks!!
    ミ.|.ミ/ ./.|  Nepu!!
    .|//|.  []. ∧_∧
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