DK – Ch 529

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Chapter 529

“There is another nest in here.” Ian looked around at the white oval eggs.

Ruby swallowed his saliva: “It should be the eggs of the silencer, isn’t it? So it means… silencer cubs will hatch out…”

The eyes of Luna, Rosemary and others lit up with greed. If these were the eggs of the silencer then it meant that there would be lots of rare level monster cubs. They could kill them easily at the growth period and get their parasitic soul worms. Moreover, there seemed to be dozens of eggs.


The ground trembled and a violent roar echoed from the cave. Their thoughts were brought back to reality from the fantasies that they were indulged in. They had to react to the situation when they heard another angry roar. The last one was extremely loud.

The nest slightly trembled while the last roar echoed. Rocks began to fall from the walls of the cave.

Ian and others looked up to see that dust was falling down from the hole that they have dug. It seemed as if the place was going to collapse at any moment.

“Rapidly search for an exit.” Ian rushed away.

Dean slightly shook his head: “It’s of no use. There is no way out. It is an enclosed place.”

Ruby and Luna who were about to act look at Dean in fear.

Dean wryly smiled: “There is no wind or breeze passing in this nest. Captain, haven’t you felt it yet? The temperature is very high in this place. Its much higher than the surface. If my guess is right then the environment in this nest is made so that the eggs could hatch. I think the silencer have completely closed this nest. We will have to dig out even if we find a passage to go out. Moreover, that passage will connect back the cave above.”

Everyone began to feel the abnormal temperature within the nest after they listened to Dean’s words.

Luna couldn’t help but ask: “So what are we going to do? Are we going to die in here? Are we going to wait until that thing gets into this nest and finds us in here?”

Ian clenched his teeth: “As of now, the best option is to set up a trap and wait for the battle. Afterwards, we will rush out as we get an opportunity. Ruby and Eugene, both of you look for an exit.”

Ruby and Eugene nodded. They walked around the white eggs holding torches. However, both of them returned soon. Ruby reported: “There is no way out. The place is covered in rock wall.”

The last trace of hope which team had was lost. But they were prepared for such a situation.

Ian and Martin continued to make the trap. They have brought special materials which had toxins and poison mixed into them. There were black colored arrows and others small materials that were used to make traps. The trap was made under the hole.

It didn’t take long for them to finish the trap.

Ian took a deep breath and retreat to hide near a white egg: “Get ready for an ambush.”

Everyone silently moved to different locations

Martin whispered after some time: “There is no trace of movement from above.”

Ian was startled. He remembered that the movement from the cave had stopped after the last roar. Did that thing gave up on killing them?

Luna whispered: “Maybe its body is stuck in the cave and it can’t move.”

“It ‘s possible.” Ian recalled the previous roar and then shook his head: “It’s still in the cave. It hasn’t left.”

Everyone was aware that if the monster had left then the footsteps had to echo from away. However, the monster seemed to have stopped in place. It was obvious that it was sitting back and waiting.

Eugene was squatting down in a place: “The place is too hot! If it can’t come in then maybe we should go up?”

Ian frowned: “Whisper! Try not to attract that monster’s attention. If it is hungry then the monster will lose patience. As a result it will leave. No need for rash actions.”

Eugene shrugged his shoulders.

Everyone came out from their hideouts after a while as the movement sounds hasn’t echoed for a while. They took out water from their backpacks and took sips.

“Are we going to wait?” Ruby asked.

Ian nodded: “We will wait until it leaves.”

No one said or proposed anything when they saw there was no other reasonable way out. They found a clean place to sit and rest. The nest was very dirty. The ground was covered with sticky things. It looked like the mucus secreted from monster’s body and mixed with some kind of excrement. The place was muddy and have a pungent smell.

Moreover, the smell was intensified by the hot air.

Luna was tightly covering her nose. Her face was pale and it seemed as if she was going to lose consciousness at any moment.

Ian, Martin and others were worried as they saw that her situation wasn’t good. Ian gave fan to Luna: “Drink some water.”

Luna weakly nodded and took water from her backpack. However, her body began to sweat after a while.

Martin frowned: “We can’t go on like this. The smell is very strong. At least, we should let Luna to get close to the hole.”

Ian looked at Luna who seemed to faint at any moment now. He hesitated for a moment then nodded his head.

They helped Luna to get out of the hole.

Luna’s head was outside the hole as she took big breathes of ‘fresh’ air.

Dean was glad that he had replaced the magic marks of the juranzhi at the right time. Sensitivity to smell was a very good ability but its weaknesses were obvious too. Luna wasn’t a lady from noble family so she wasn’t hypocritical about the situation. However, the smell was unpleasant. It wasn’t matter of tolerance but the way her body reacted to the smell.

For example, some people would vomit when smelling such taste.

The smell was the most intensive sensory stimulant. It was normal for person to faint if an their nerves got stimulated excessively.

“Scatter around.” Ian whispered.

They went away to quietly wait.

The place was silent. There where white eggs only.

An hour, two hours…. In the blind of an eye 10 hours passed but there was still no sounds of movement from above.

However, they still couldn’t act rashly. It was possible that the monster had falled asleep.

In the blink of an eye 5 days passed.

Their faces were bad as they sat in the nest. Although everyone was accustomed and adapted to the hot and smell environment in the cave after 5 days but they didn’t think that they had to wait for so long!

According to the initial proposition, the monster had to leave in less that a day.

However, they had to yet hear sounds of movement in the last 5 days.

“Temperature is way too high and our food is almost gone bad.” Rosemary sipped a bit water and looked at Ian: “We will starve to death if we continue to stay in here.”

They were waiting so they didn’t consume stamina. However, they basic daily needs were high. Their food was sealed in waterproof packages but it couldn’t withstand high temperatures.

Ian didn’t reply back.

Rosemary understood that Ian didn’t have a plan. She sighed and turned to look at Ruby. Ruby had hidden the large luggage full with water and food before they entered the cave. The food and water they had on their backpacks was just enough for half a month. They wouldn’t starve to death after half a month but they reactions would slow down a lot.

“It can’t go on like this.” Dean looked at the crowd sitting around the cave. He whispered: “IF that monster felt asleep and goes on to sleep for another half a month…We just can’t hold on for so long.”

“What do you suggest?” Martin narrowed his eyes. He appreciate Dean because of his good performance. However, he was feeling irritated after being in this nest for the last five days.

Dean turned to look at Eugene who was sitting by the white egg: “I think we need to send someone to check the cave to see if the monster is asleep or left. Maybe, we can quietly leave if that thing is asleep.”


Alright to all the TDK fans out there. This is a note that you all must read.

First of all, this chapter was published in webnovel(dot)com 24+ hours ago. However, Qidian’s numbering system and Gu Xi’s numbering are slightly different. For example, if I’m not mistaken it was either chapter 219 or 319 that wasn’t published by Gu Xi. As a result, back then we divided one chapter into two parts and published them as consecutive chapters. What I meant is that Gu Xi had jumped from chapter 318 to 320 directly. Instead of publishing, 318, 319, 320 and so on. As a result, we have 2 chapter difference between webnovel and our website. However, both of them are right and both of them have the same content (the ones in the webnovel are edited version 😐 ).

The second and the most important news is that we will be back to hardcore translations as the contract is set and we are good to go. However, instead of publishing 2-3 chapters a day we will have mass release once or twice a week (depending on my mood).

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