DK – Ch 528

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Den within a den
Chapter 528

“We have been through so many tasks but its the first time that we have gone through so smoothly.” Ruby laughed.

“It ain’t that simple.” Martin squatted down and carefully looked at the corpse of the silencer. He frowned and whispered: “All of them are the fatal blows to the weakest points of the silencer. I can guarantee that it wasn’t caused by the bloodgiver.”

Ian looked at Martin: “What you mean?”

Martin used his dagger to check the jaw wound of the silencer: “These two main wounds… The tentacles of the bloodgiver can’t cause them. Moreover, in addition to the two main wounds the rest of the body is intact.”

Ian’s eyes narrowed: “Do you mean …”

“Yes.” Martin slowly got up. His eyes were gloomy as he looked at the crowd: “If my guess is right then these two monsters were killed by another creature. It was a battle where one side overwhelmed the other two in strength. It means that silencer didn’t even have the chance to fight back.”

Luna, Ruby and others were stunned.

Rosemary’s eyes opened wide: “Do you mean that there are other monsters in this nest?”

Martin shook his head as he looked back at her: “I’m not sure if that monster is still in here. But I’m sure that it was a much more higher level monster!”

Luna whispered in shock: “Higher level? To kill the silencer with an overwhelming force and not to be detected by the silencer… Is it… a high level monster from the red wasteland?”

Martin didn’t reply back to her but looked at Ian in gloomy manner.

Ian acted without hesitation: “Get the parasitic soul worm. We are leaving this place!”

Ruby didn’t dare to delay for a moment. He quickly took out the parasitic soul worm of the silencer. The soul worm looked similar to a small spider. Ruby put it inside the small tube but the soul worm was still struggling inside it.

He tightened the cap of the tube.


A loud noise echoed from outside the cave. At the same time the ground slightly trembled.

Everyone’s face turned pale.

Ian looked at the exit of the cave. His face was pale and ugly.

Another loud sound echoed out. It seemed as if a giant was walking and approaching its nest.

Dean’s face was gloomy as he felt the ground under his feet tremble. He could imagine how big the monster was to have such an impact. Although the size of the monster didn’t determine its strength but most of the time it would be a high level monster.

“Is that thing is back?” Ruby’s black face was almost white. A terrifying profile of the monster had emerged in his mind when he felt the tremble of the ground.

Ian hesitated for a moment but then ordered: “We will run into the den! We will hide in the inner most place!”

There was no doubt that their team didn’t have even the slightest chance to survive if that new monster was able to kill the silencer. They would go through some bitter struggle if they face silencer face to face let alone a monster that could kill the silencer in two moves. Their team couldn’t face such a monster but only hide!

In addition, their task was complete and they had collected the parasitic soul worm of the silencer. Right now their main issue was to survive and get back to the giant wall well and alive!

The team followed after Ian’s order without a doubt or rejection. They rushed to the deeper parts of the cave.

Eugene took a glance at Dean then followed after the team so that he didn’t fall out.

Dean looked back at the direction of the cave’s exit. The walls were too thick so his thermal vision couldn’t penetrate through and see the heat emitted by the monster.

He was feeling depressed as he didn’t expect to encounter such a situation in his first mission in the wasteland.

Dean followed after them too. However, his instincts told him that it was not a good idea to get into deeper parts. But sometimes listening to ideas of the others was a better solution.

As they moved into the depth of the cave they saw corpses, bones, feces and blood of many monsters. It seemed that the monster wasn’t worried about hygiene at all.

Boom~~ Boom~

The sound of the footsteps and roars gradually seemed distant but they still could clearly feel and hear them.

Ian suddenly stopped after they ran for few hundred meters.

The team looked up and saw that there was no way out. It was a dead end. They had reached the deepest part of the silencer’s den.

“Damn it!” Ian was angry as he punched the rock wall.

Boom~ The trembling of the ground meant that the monster was slowly approaching them. A rock on the ground slightly trembled and fell into the sand. It was as if it was squeezed into the cave.

“Is it aware of our existence?” Ruby said in a trembling tone.

They had reached to the deepest part of the cave. It seemed as if the monster was aware of their existence or there wouldn’t be a reason for it to come to the deepest part of the cave.

Ian and the rest were worried. It would be very difficult to escape if that thing came up to their location. At least they would have to pay a very high price!

Their mood was so heavy that they couldn’t even breathe.

Dean also understood that they were facing a crisis. His heartbeat was rapid because of the agitation. He suppressed the anxious feeling and calmed down. His eyes scanned around.

“Ah?” Dean suddenly detected a weak source of heat from the ground.

He thought of a possibility: “There is another den! There is another nest under our feet. Dig down!”


Ian and others were confused.

“Dig down if you don’t want to die! There is second nest under our feet!”

Ian recovered when he saw the urgent look expressed on Dean’s face. Although it was too late to think about the reason why Dean said so but he couldn’t find an alternative solution: “Listen to Little Dean! Act quickly!”

They removed the small pickaxes from their backpacks. They were made out of special alloys so their handle weren’t wooden. It was easy for them to use their force to dig the soil as fast as they could.

Dean explained as the team dig out the soil: “It’s deep so I don’t think its the nest of the silencer. My thermal vision detected a weak heat source so if I’m not wrong it has to be heat emitted from the eggs!”

“There is a head source?” Ian and others’ eyes lit up when they heard Dean’s words.

In less than half a minute they dug out a giant pit. The soil under Ruby’s feet trembled and the place collapsed down. The members of the team fell down too.

They touched ground after seven or eight meters of free fall. No one of them were worried about the pain so they quickly stood up and looked around in vigilance.

Their hands had touched mucus like things on the ground. It felt more like glue like substance.

Dean looked up and saw countless white eggs in the dark nest. Most of them were covered and wrapped in sticky filament. All of those eggs had a heat source which seemed as if a heart was beating inside them.

Dean was relieved. It seems his guess was right and it was the true nest of the silencer or some other monster.

Ian also reacted quickly. Ruby re-ignited two torches and lift them high up. The light of the torches shined down the place and the others were able to the white eggs.


Alright, as I have told you guys before the Dark King will be moving to (qidian international). The date is set now. It will be either 15th or 16th of July. They will implement a system where translators and editors can publish themselves so we are waiting for that system to be up and working. In addition to that we will have chapters of TDK published in wuxianation 1 day after they are released on Qidian Int.

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  1. When you move to Qidian will there be a change in translation speed? I miss when we got like 3-5 chapter a day lol

      1. Dear QidianSellout, editors, and translators have to eat too, they have a life! Instead be thankful that they even dared translate this glorious novel at a loss!!!!!! Madsnail, I sincerely thank you for your work on this site and will still be a loyal reader wherever you go. So be it Qidian okay or elsewhere. But really, thank you so much for everything that you guys have done!

        1. the thing is when GSD signed the contract with qidian, we didn’t wanted to get money from them. Neither fixed payment for chapters nor share of advertisement revenue. They insisted on money and we signed a contract with only 1$ as a payment for the translation. Wuxianation is still a grassroot level fan translation community and will stay so as long as I have word in it. Thanks for the support!

  2. it sounds like we have to pay for the chapters on qidain or wait a day for the free chapters on wuxia?

    1. I have done my best to make sure that TDK translation doesn’t put any financial burden to Qidian. This way they won’t paywall (i don’t even think they are planning to paywall anything… it was ren’s post at NUF which brought up this issue) TDK.

  3. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARDWORK I love tdk 😁 to bad qidian mess up… Tsk anyway join my newly establish sect in fb realms
    Just search Wuxia Readers Sect

  4. You move or not make faster releases of the chapters ill already forgot this novel coz of slow update

  5. Thank you, MadSnail!
    Please ignore the haters, spreaders of bad-karma and bearers of boundless negativism. For every single of these readers, there’s probably another 99 others who are grateful for your blessings (translation) and who look forward to your every translated chapter (with impatience).

    I for one, will continue to follow this very interesting (but with somewhat twisted/cluttered plot) novel on this web-site….And… please keep us updated on your cows’ well-being. Have you named them?? 🙂

  6. ;-; i like this novel but that thing with quidian seems like no more no novel for me ;-; I apologize if you can understand what i write i speak Spanish ;-;

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  8. Hey Madsnail, I love this book and I can’t wait to see how it keeps progressing. Thanks for translating this. Haven’t been this interested in a book in a long time.

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