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Gloomy nest

Chapter 527

Dean remembered the pecker which acted as guarding to silencer. He whispered: “Be careful as there may be a creature with intelligence hidden in the cave.”

Ian and others were frightened because of Dean’s words. Ian turned towards Dean: “Do you see anything?”

Dean shook his head but pointed towards the scales: “These scales don’t belong to silencer. It indicated that there may be another monster in here which has tempted us to enter. I speculate that it has some level of intelligence.”

Ian walked to the location Dean’s fingers were directed at. He saw the scales and frowned. Ian whispered: “Be careful!”

Eugene laughed: “Come on! It’s just a piece of scales. It may belong to the monster dragged back by the silencer. Monsters with intelligence? Trying to tempt us? Oh!”

Martin didn’t care much about Eugene. He turned towards Ian: “Dean’s words make sense, let’s be careful!”

Ian nodded. He was holding to his sword then in addition he took out a dagger. Ian was walking slowly in front.

Eugene raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw no one take his words into account. He chuckled as he knew that he had lost the trust of team in the last battle. However, he didn’t care as he leisurely walked behind the team.

A faint breeze came from the depth of the cave. It brought along strong pungent smell with it. Dean and others frowned because they were also stimulated by the smell. Luna had long blocked her nose. She was trying to breath as less as possible because her superior sense of smell had become her Achilles’ heel at this moment.

The walls of the cave were full of viscous liquid, wet feces and other things. The place was extremely filthy. After walking for another 100 meters they saw scattered bones of monsters, fur, flesh and blood. Ian squatted down and checked the bite marks: “It’s the lair of the silencer!”

Everyone nodded as their hearts had become cold.

Ian continued to lead the way.

The cave was curvy and bent downwards.

All the team members were nervous and breathed slowly as they were aware that silencer may attack at any moment. Moreover, they weren’t clear if there is another monster existed in the cave beside silencer.

Dean wanted to ignite torches and full the cave with the smoke to force out the monster. However, he took Eugene and other factors into account so he held back the proposal.

In the blink of an eye the team had walked another four or five hundred meters deep into the cave. The walls of the cave had become unusually smooth.

They saw bitten bodies of few undeads when they were more than four hundred meters in depth. Some of the undeads had their heads left the others some of their upper bodies. They were trying to crawl and issued low voices like insects. It was a terrifying sight.

Ian killed all those undeads in anger.

“Hey!” Ian’s eyes narrowed as he raised his hand and gestured the team to stop. Luna, Dean and others quickly stopped. Their palms flowed with cold sweat.

Ian took few steps and checked the scene. His face was pale in horror and he almost screamed out: “It’s a bloodgiver!”

Martin’s face turned ugly and his heart shrank in fear. Bloodgiver was a rare monster on the same level was silencer and pecker. They would be facing an unpredictable and bitter battle if they face silencer and bloodgiver at the same time!

Ian added: “and it’s dead!”

“Dead? Martin was shocked.

Luna and Ruby were perplexed.

Dean’s dark vision was more sensitive in comparison to others. He had long seen that there was huge wound on the chest of the bloodgiver. It’s blood had been drying by the wound to cure it.

Ian swallowed his saliva and got closer to the bloodgiver. He pierced its body with his sword. The monster’s body slightly trembled.

Ian pierced bloodgiver which was lying down.

He looked pale as he gasped. It seems the corpse of the bloodgiver was rigid but it had died long time ago.

Ian face turned ugly. Was there an in-fight between monsters?

He hesitated for a moment: “Ruby, check out if its parasitic soul worm still there.”

Ian was looking around as he didn’t want to be caught by a hidden danger. Ruby exclaimed after few moments: “The parasitic soul worm is still in its body.” He raised the small glass tube and imprisoned centipede like soul worm. The worm was struggling inside the tube. It wanted to crush the transparent glass wall that it was imprisoned in.

The parasitic soul worms of monsters generally will die in between half an hour to three hours if they couldn’t find a new host. Apparently, bloodgiver was killed more than three hours ago. However, its body structure was special and different. It was the main reason why the parasitic soul worm was able to survive.

Ian whispered: “Be careful! It’s way too unusual in here!”

Ruby put away the parasitic soul worm in excitement. He held his axe and followed after Ian.

The team faced a corner after hundred meters or so. A slight voice was echoing from the other side of the corner. It seemed as if the sound of a friction.

Ian’s eyes narrowed as he gestured a warning signal with his hand. He held his sword and sneak past the corner.


He rushed out as soon as he reached corner. He would be able to raid and fight any moment that way.

However, Ian was frozen on spot as soon as he jumped out of the corner.

A monster was lying on the ground. It’s lower body was similar to a spider’s body. The monster’s upper body reminded him of a hound. It had hideous fangs and a head of a dog. It’s ears were odd. They weren’t drooping on both sides of the head but were fan-shaped and unfolded. They were more like a helmet that protected the head.

“Si … Silencer?” Ian was stunned.

Martin and Ruby who kept up with Ian were also stunned when they saw the scene.

Silencer was weakly lying on the ground. It’s spider like lower body had a big hole. It’s intestines and other inner organs were on the ground. Several of its legs and feet were broken from the joints. The most terrifying thing was that its chin was gone. Only a row of teeth on its upper jaw were there. IT couldn’t bow its neck.

Dean was startled when he saw many fatal injuries on the monster’s body. He felt a chilly sensation from the cave. He couldn’t help but turn to look back at the exit of the cave.

Ian recovered his sense and rushed up. He waved his sword and cut off the monster’s head.

He stepped back as he saw the blood spray around. He was relieved as he turned back to Ruby: “Collect the parasitic soul worm!”

“Ah.” Ruby’s eyes lit up as he ran towards the monster.

Ian cleaned the blood off his sword.

Luna smiled as she walked past: “It seems it’s our lucky day! We didn’t fight any monster but were able to get parasitic soul worms of bloodgiver and the silencer! It is a bargain!”


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  1. It’s a bargain? A bargain to your death, right? How do you expect two level 50+ monster to just die like that. There is one possibility that they fought, one died and the other was heavily injured, but there is also the possibility that the new monster they were tasked to identify is a high level monster with some intelligence and it somehow knows that humans are either a danger to it, or can lead it to a lot of food… Heck, it could all be a trap to kill Dean or it could just be another random beast.

    1. Well with Dean luck is a demon god class monster who will wipe hes party so he can use all the itens to power himself up and have time to finish hes new toy(with i bet is a modern gun or something alike), or they would garther more itens and fall or leave him to the assassin, i do think that Eugene has alread exposed that hes not a friendy, but still, until now hes not looking like a proper enemy too.

    1. little green? you mean Splitty? hes alive but hes very hostile towards dudian now though, he also evolved weirdly apparently but yeah he found fed him killed some knights then tricked him and locked him in a a really big cage with the last of splitter offspring who had their limbs cut off and shoud be at the base outside where sergei is

  2. Dean get ur self strong haist I hope u can overcone the calamity brought by dragon clan ms.Hailey wew grir tsk wew wew I’m so excited for the next chap tho.. Tnx madsnail and tnx for the don knee tours… Also pls join my newly establish sect in fb realms
    Wuxia Readers Sect …. Just search it tnx

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