DK – Ch 526

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Chapter 526

“Martin, are you alright?” Luna walked close to Martin and looked at his wound.

Martin shook his head: “Don’t worry. The wound has been treated and there is no infection.”

“Good..Very good.” Luna was relieved as she looked at his wound.

Ian and others adjusted their positions: “Let’s go.” Ian took the lead.

Martin, Rosemary and others followed.

Dean looked at Eugene. There was a trace of coldness in Dean’s eyes. He was ready to kill and get rid of Eugene in the next possible opportunity that would arise. Dean was planning to torture Eugene and get information about the people that had sent Eugene after him.

The mist was covering the mountain and the air was humid. There was a touch of rotten smell floating in the air.

Ian was the first to enter the deep mist. His magic marks were able to control the temperature. He was like a precise human thermometer. Of course, it was one of his abilities.

“Strange.” Martin said after they climbed for two hundred meters or so.

Ian turned to look at him: “What’s wrong?”

Martin whispered as he looked at the grass: “Haven’t you guys noticed that the density of the mist is a bit too high? It’s black snow season now and the temperatures are low. Moreover, there is no sun today so there shouldn’t be that much of dew on the grasses.”

All of them noticed that the grasses in the surroundings were covered with dewdrops. It was as if rain had washed them. However, they had been near the mountain since yesterday and there was no sign of rain. Moreover, the road wasn’t wet either.

Ian frowned as he pondered about the issue. He had years of experience and intuition told him that there has to be a creature responsible for this. However, they couldn’t retreat at this point. The pecker was beheaded by them and the silencer should be somewhere around. It would be very difficult to find silencer if the monster decided to leave this place. It meant that they will have to spend extra time to find the monster. Such a journey meant very high risk.

Ian thought for a moment and made up his mind: “Be very careful! If we encounter something abnormal then we will retreat!”

Everyone nodded.

Dean and Luna were covered by the team. However, Dean didn’t dare to relax even for a moment. They were in the wasteland and even pioneers were in danger in this place. He had wings that could be used to save his life at the worst situation. But it didn’t mean that he was guaranteed to be saved from some powerful monster.

“I smell it.” Luna whispered after they climbed for another few hundred meters. She gentle sniffed and raised her hand to point towards a high slope: “The silencer is there. In front.”

Ian looked back at her: “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” Luna nodded: “The smell of the silencer was recorded in the atlas. I feel its smell very close to us. It is silencer!”

Ian was relieved. He didn’t expect that their luck would be so good and they would find silencer the day they arrived in wasteland. However, they were going to have a bitter fight so the team had to be ready. He whispered: “Get ready for the battle! Ruby leave the food in here. We need you to be mobile.”

Ruby nodded and put down the huge luggage from his back. He stuffed it in a crack near two trees and fixed the luggage.

“Let’s go!” Ian whispered.

IT didn’t take long for them to leave the forest. They saw that flat place which had a huge rock in front of it. There was a steep cliff by its side. However there was a dark cave in the intersection of cliff and rock. Even Dean with his ordinary sense of smell could feel the stenchy smell floating from the cave. There was another smell mixed with the stench that made them nauseous.

Ian saw the cave and whispered: “The torches!”

Ruby took out several torches from his backpack. He lit them, handed to Ian, Martin and Eugene. Dean, Rosemary and Luna had night vision ability so he didn’t gave them any torches.

Ian also had night vision ability. He grabbed the torch and threw it into the cave.


The fire lit the surrounding in the cave. The torch tumbled and rolled in the cave. The light lit the edges of the cave. Everyone was able to see the disgusting scene. The walls of the cave were covered with rotten flesh and blood.

A strong stench was emitted from the walls of the cave. The torches rolled around and disappeared.

The team dispersed around as they were waiting for the enemy to come out. They were ready to fight at any moment.

Time passed second by second.

There was no movement in the cave even after ten minutes.

Ian frowned. Isn’t silencer disturbed?

He glanced around. Ian picked a stone and got closer to the entrance of the cave. He threw the stone inside. A muffled sound was issued as the stone hit the walls of the rock.

Ian retreated back as he vigilantly stared at the cave.

There was no response from the cave after they waited for four or five minutes.

Doubts arose in Ian’s heart because of the strange scene.

Martin, Rosemary and Luna looked at each other as they were concerned too. They didn’t want to enter the cave as the danger would greatly increase in here. The silencer was more familiar with its own nest. Moreover, the environment inside the cave was small and wasn’t good to conduct team operation. They could show the whole strength of the team outside the cave.

However, the silencer didn’t respond!

Unless, it was not in the nest!

Everyone thought about this possibility. Ian whispered: “It seems that it is not in the cave. We will go inside and get ready for an ambush. However, be careful as silencer could be hiding inside and ready to ambush us!”

Although it was less likely to silencer to have such wisdom and act so but they had to prepared for such an occasion.

Everyone nodded and followed after Ian as they approached the cave.

Luna hold her nose tightly as they get near the cave. Her face had turned green and it seemed as if she was choked. Keen sense of smell was playing against her right now.

Dean looked around but couldn’t detect any heat reaction from the cave. But the silencer was a cold-blooded monster and it was possible that his thermal vision couldn’t detect it.

Dean saw two silver scales about 4 or 5 meters away from the entrance of the cave. The scales had liquid all over it which exuded pungent smell.

Dean was startled. The silencer didn’t have such scales. Does it mean that another monster is in the cave?

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