DK – Ch 525

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Chapter 525


Pecker screamed and its body wriggled up. It approached Martin like a shadow and waved its sturdy arms towards him.

Martin’s eyes narrowed as he used the dagger to parry with the monster. However he felt a pain in his chest and saw bloodstains. Martin retreated back while all the muscles in his body tightened. He felt the chill of death hovering over his head.

Ian saw that Martin was unable to cope up with pecker so he shout: “Rosemary trap it with chain!”

Rosemary took out a black iron chain out nowhere and swept it out. Her hands and feet contracted into a strange position as she dumped the chain over the pecker’s head. She shouted to Ruby: “Seize the other end!”

Ruby clenched his teeth and rushed forward to grab the other end of the chain. The iron chain wrapped around the neck of the pecker. Ruby pressed his feet to the ground while all the veins in his body popped up.

Dean saw an opportunity and released the string of the bow.


Arrow whistled through the air and hit the head of the pecker.

Bang~ The tip of the arrow burst out as the lead poured down pecker’s head like water. It flew down the head of the pecker smoothly but couldn’t penetrate the black shell covering its head.

Dean’s eyebrows wrinkled up as the black shell armor that was covering the pecker’s head was beyond his expectations in terms of toughness.

Dean grabbed another arrow and waited for the next opportunity.

Pecker roared up as it wasn’t going to wait neither for Dean or others to attack it freely. Its body twisted and its arms grabbed the chain from both ends. Rosemary and Ruby who were pulling the chain from both ends felt imbalance. Suddenly they were being driven towards the monster and almost staggered and fell down.

Martin didn’t forego the opportunity as he used the dagger to rush up towards the pecker.


Pecker growled, let go of the chain and waved its arms towards the Martin.

Martin’s face slightly changed. In an instant he had to maneuver from being an attacker to defender. He used the dagger to block the pecker.


Pecker’s fist contacted the blade of the dagger. The blade turned slightly concave and it seemed it will broke any moment. Martin’s body bent down and he almost knelt down because of the force generated by the impact.

Ian and others who were watching the battle were taking aghast. They didn’t expect the pecker to be so violent and powerful. Ian clenched his teeth. There was fear and nervousness in his heart as his eyes looked around the grasses. Unfortunately, his line of sight was blocked and he couldn’t confirm the location ‘silencer’ was hidden.

The situation would be terrifying if the ‘silencer’ attack at this moment!

Ian was about to announce the retreat when he saw Ruby loudly roar. There was a trace of purple color on Ruby’s dark skin. His whole body bulged up. The blood veins all over his body popped up as if earthworms were crawling under his skin.

Ian shouted: “Nooo~~”

Ruby grabbed his giant ax and stabbed towards pecker.

Dean’s eyes narrowed as he was about to shoot the second arrow. However he saw the terrifying heat being emitted from Ruby’s body so he came to stop. Right now, the heat emitted from Ruby’s body was much stronger than Ian or Martin.

Pecker also felt the danger. It raised its arm to block the ax!


Pecker scream as it waved its arm.

Puff~ Dark red blood sprayed out from pecker’s body. Pecker was stunned for a moment as it turned to look and see that its arm was… gone.

It’s arm fell down to the ground and rolled into the withered weeds.

Martin and Rosemary rushed over as they weren’t going to lose the opportunity.

Pecker reacted instantly. Its body twisted and it was able to avoid Martin. However Rosemary was able use her sword to pierce the pecker’s body. Although the trace of wound was very light but the blood of the pecker boiled and corroded at a rate visible to the eye.


The second arrow was shot.

Arrow whistled through the air and reached the ultimate speed that the bow could provide.

Puff~ The arrow pierced the wounded arm of the pecker at an extremely tricky angle.

Pecker screamed as it repulsed Martin who was rushing towards it. At the same time its body twisted and turned towards the deep grasses. It was planning to escape.

“Do you want to leave now?” Rosemary’s eye flashed as she grabbed the chain and swung it. The chain wrapped around the broken arm of the pecker.

Ruby clutched tightly the chain and pulled back the pecker as strong as he could.

Pecker’s body was pulled back. Martin stabbed his dagger through its spine. The dagger’s tip pierced out from pecker’s chest. The blood began to spew out.

Martin kicked pecker’s spine and pulled back the dagger. He was trying to prevent the monster to attack it as a last measure.

Pecker’s body twisted as it tried to break free from the chain. However its stamina was exhausted and slowly it fell to the ground. Pecker’s body stopped moving but its snake tail was unconsciously swinging around.

Martin and others took big breath when they saw the monster finally get killed.

Ian turned to Dean and Luna: “Pay attention to the surrounding environment!”

Martin and others who were previously fighting the monster suddenly got their body muscles tightened. They clenched their weapons and walked back to the team. All of them were nervously looking around as they were expecting the silencer to come out at any time.

The wind was swaying the grass. Rustling sounds echoed from all around. It seemed that many monsters were hidden inside the grasses.

They stood as is. The pecker’s tail gradually stopped moving. Luna gentle sniffed the air and whispered: “Captain, the silencer isn’t in here. Actually, there is no monster around here.”

“I don’t see anything either.” Dean added.

Ian nodded: “Collect the parasitic soul worm of the pecker and we will move towards the caves where the silencer may reside.”

“Yes.” Rosemary replied. She pulled out a dagger from her legging and came forward to get the parasitic soul worm of the pecker.

Martin leaned towards Ruby: “Are you alright?

Ruby’s face had turned pale and he was sweating a lot: “It’s nothing.”

Dean noticed Ruby’s hands tremble and shake: “What happened?”

Ian whispered: “Ruby can use his ability in the battle too. He can quickly digest and absorb the food restored in his body in short-term to explode with strength. However this move takes a very big toll on his body so he can’t use it regularly.”

Dean understood and looked at Eugene.

At the same time Ian, Luna and others also looked at Eugene.

Eugene said in a bitter tone: “Captain, I didn’t retreat on purpose …”

Ian looked at him: “Do you want all of us get killed?”

Eugene rapidly replied: “Why would I? I won’t be able to survive if an accident happened with you all.”

“You know that you have done wrong!” Martin sharply looked at Eugene: “If you do this the next time… I’ll slaughter you first even if I’m unable to kill the monster!”

Eugene wryly smiled: “I won’t.”

Ian looked at him but didn’t continue to talk about the topic. He saw that Rosemary had taken the parasitic soul worm of the pecker: “Get ready! The closest cave should belong to the silencer!”

Ian patted Dean’s shoulder: “Awesome job! Accurate shooting!”

Dean nodded but sighed in his heart. The bow was good but string wasn’t of good quality. That’s why the bow couldn’t reflect his strength! It was no wonder why dragon clan exchanged reward points for advanced weapons.

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