DK – Ch 524

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Chapter 524

Everyone’s face changed as they nervously glanced around after they heard Ian’s words.

Everyone had read information from the atlas about the ‘silencer’. It was a regional monster. However it had monsters that followed silencer in its territory. These followers guarded the main monsters because of their similar habits. The ‘pecker’ in front of them was the guardian of the ‘silencer’!

Pecker was also a rare monster like silencer and was comparable in strength to it. The pecker would willingly become a guardian of silencer because of their habitat. The silencer would use a corrosive acid so decay the prey and eat..

The peckers like to eat rotten monsters because of their tasty ‘smell’. In addition to their eating similarities, the silencer had excellent hearing while pecker had super hunting ability. They were natural partners in hunt so they acted as guardians of each other.

Martin licked his lips and whispered: “Ian you stay on look and don’t let the silencer attack us. Rosemary and Eugene help to to kill the pecker. Dean stay in the back and support us with arrows when you see a chance!”

Eugene acted nervous when he heard his name called.

Rosemary said “yes” without hesitation and stepped out from the team to stand by Martin. She was holding onto her sword with single hand as she coordinated with Martin.

Dean took out his bow and aimed at pecker to support them at any time.


Pecker was repulsed by Ian. Its lower body twisted and it sprang towards Martin and Rosemary.

Martin growled. His skin became red and his body bulged up. He stamped against the pecker.

Martin’s ability was to increase his strength and regenerate at high speed. His strength enhancement made him comparable to advanced level limitless and his regenerative ability made him almost immortal.

Martin shouted as he stabbed his dagger towards the pecker. It crossed with the blade like bone spur on pecker’s arm.

Pecker growled as it lifted the other arm to attack hi head.

Rosemary didn’t give chance to the pecker. She leaped up and stabbed her sword towards the armpit of the monster. She was planning to cut off its arm.

Pecker moved its arm downwards and blocked her sword attack. It swung its other arm while it tried to close and wrap Martin.

Dean was aiming at the pecker’s head. But he couldn’t find a weakness. The head of the pecker was smooth and covered in black shell. It had no eyes or nose. Its mouth was hidden under the black shell. It was almost impossible to directly shoot into its mouth unless Dean stood under the pecker.

Dean didn’t shoot the arrow but choose to wait for the opportunity.

According to the atlas and the size and height of the pecker it was a mature monster. The range of the monster was around level 46 to 52.

“Eugene, stupid! What are you waiting for?!” Ian who was standing in guard couldn’t help but shout out when he saw Eugene stay immobile.

“I don’t dare to move against it!”

Anger in Ian’s heart gushed out as he heard Eugene. He narrowed his eyes: “Bastard! Do you think that we can stay alive if an accident happens?”

Ian knew that silencer might be waiting at ambush right now. So he was very anxious.

Eugene replied in a bitter tone: “The pecker is above level 50! Even advanced limitless won’t necessarily kill it! I’m just at primary level! Are you sending me to my death? Moreover, I’ll just hinder Martin and Rosemary!”

Ian’s hands shivered in anger as he saw Eugene ‘counsel’ him. Eugene was very obedient and his performance was good before. But Ian didn’t expect that Eugene would be troublesome at the moment of the crisis.

Ian clenched his teeth and turned to Ruby: “Help them!”

Ruby glanced at Eugene in anger. He held his axe and rushed towards the battle scene.

Dean frowned when he heard the conversation between Eugene and Ian. He narrowed his eyes as he used his thermal vision to check Eugene. The youth’s heartbeat was very gentle. It meant that Eugene was very calm and wasn’t panicking as it was shown on his face. It meant that Eugen was doing it intentionally and on purpose!

Dean narrowed his eyes as he thought of a possibility.

It seems as if Eugene was aware of Dean’s looks. He turned back and their eyes met. There was a faint smile on Eugene’s face and his eyes were cold.


Pecker swept its tail and hit Ruby on chest and inverted it to catch Luna.

Ruby’s face turned red as he roared and rushed up once more.

Dean understood that Ruby was excellent on strength but his magic marks weren’t meant for combat. Ruby was able to absorb leaves and other non-toxic plants as a food to maintain his vitality for long. In addition, he could store nutrients in his body and consume them when energy was needed. He had an ability similar to a cold-blooded snake that went into hibernation which could store food for months.

Ruby was the king of the team if it was about endurance or consumption of energy!

However, he was slightly weak in terms of combat.

Pecker twisted its body. Its arms wavered and the team couldn’t figure out what it was going to do. However, it was aiming at Martin. Pecker had induced and realized that the most threatening opponent was Martin in the group that was attacking it.

Martin clenched his teeth and kept waving the daggers to block the blade like bones of the pecker. Sparks sprayed out because of the friction. If the daggers were cast out of ordinary steel then they would have been broken long time ago.


Rosemary made a very strange posture and rushed out. The fine sword stabbed and poked into the pecker’s arm.

There were no scales on pecker’s body. It’s skin was similar to a human’s but had a gray tone to it. Rosemary’s sharp sword pierced its skin and she pulled it back. Bright red blood spewed out.

Ian’s eyes lit up as he saw Rosemary to be successful: “Martin try to contain it for the poison attack!”

Martin saw the wound on pecker’s arm. He was relieved for a moment. Martin kept attacking again and again to firmly contain the monster. The so-called containment meant that Martin had to protect himself while not letting the monster to get a chance to attack others!


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  3. I miss the days when Dean is all alone adventuring and exploring new things that is not present in the old era, those times are better than introducing hateful characters who want to kill Dean one after another.

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