DK – Ch 52

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The Dark King – Chapter 52

Narrow escape

Dudian was scared. He pushed against the door. The door was old and rusty. After the first punch from the undead it’s frame had cracks. Fortunately there was sofa behind the door, because otherwise it would have been broken already.

Mason and the other two were frightened and hurried to the soft to push it. The wooden frame inside the sofa had long been rotten, so after the heavy push of four of them it cracked in the middle.

Bang! The door was broken and limp palms stretched inside casually clutching. Fortunately the undead’s bodies belong to adults so they were much taller than Dudian. They couldn’t catch him on the first try.

Dudian had forgotten that most of these materials were useless after 300 years of corrosion. He shouted at the others: “Quickly, jump from the window down to 11th floor!”

Mason and he other two were panicking but after three years of training experience they quickly replied: “I’ll help resisting them, you should go!”

“Go!” Shouted Dudian.

They didn’t want to talk anymore so they directly went towards the window and looked down. The height of 12 floors was too high so they felt dizziness. However there was not escape route but this. Sham looked around the balcony and saw an object attached to the wall: “If we step on that object and we should be able to get down to 11th floor’s balcony”

It was an air-conditioner box. Mason was the most daring one out of three. Although he was worried but still jumped over.

Bang! Air conditioning unit couldn’t bear his weight. It suddenly collapsed down. He was afraid but was prepared for a situation such as this. That’s why the moment his legs touched the air conditioner’s box he jumped towards the 11th floor balcony. The air conditioner’s box collapsed down hitting other boxes which were vertically mounted under it. All of them fall onto ground making a loud noise.

While Mason had barely caught on to balcony’s outer wall. He climbed into the balcony and looked up at Sham and Zach. There was nothing to be leveraged upon so he loudly said: “Sham you jump first, I will catch ya!”

Sham was the thinnest and lightest out of the three. Looking at the open arms of Mason, he let himself go down.

Mason caught his boddy in hurry, but the inertia of the fall almost brought him down from the balcony. He felt the pain of his arms as if they were going to tear off. But he still held on to Sham.

Sham was frightened and blood had rushed into his head because of the adrenaline. He thought that he was going to die. He looked at the pained face of Mason and felt gratitude towards him. At this time, Zach who was still stuck above hastily said: “Aren’t you guys ready? I want to jump”

Mason shoved up his arms and said to Sham: “Let’s catch him.”

Sham nodded, both of them opened their arms and said to Zach: “Jump!”

Zach leaped down.

They immediately caught Zach but Mason’s arm was in pain and Zach almost slipped loose through his hands.

Dudian was relieved as heard all three of them jump down. He wasn’t able to withstand the force the three undeads applied to the door. Right now, door was as crisp as a scrap of paper. He abandoned the door and run to the kitchen. Along the way he threw off the TV, tables, wires and other things that he could lift in the living room. He was trying to slow down the pursuit speed of the undeads.

His tactic had worked. Although the speed of these undeads were far more faster than him but their brain didn’t seem to work. The didn’t know how to avoid obstacles and were tripping over while passing TV, tables and wires which were on the ground.

Dudian seized the opportunity. H went to the kitchen and began to throw all the objects that he could utilize. All those plates and wares that were thrown at undeads did minimal damages but attracted them.

Dudian hurried to the bathroom which was next to the kitchen. He closed the door and looked at the toilet’s ventilation windows. It was made of aluminum alloy texture, but the edge had long been rotten in the last 300 years of baptism. He put his leg on the toilet and punched the ventilation windows.

Bang! It cracked open.

The window was big enough to accommodate his body. If an adult tried to go through it would be very difficult.

However when he stretched out of the window to look out, the height of the twelve floors made him afraid. The car in the street that was covered in the vegetation looked like a small bread from Dudian’s view point. He heard the hisses and roars of undead from behind. He didn’t look back but climbed out of the window.

There was only one choice and it was to jump!

There was no air conditioner box after all no one would install an air conditioner outside the toilet. There were two types of white colored water pipes which were used as toilet’s discharge pipe.

He jumped towards the pipes and grabbed onto one. In that instant he saw that he wouldn’t be able to hold on to pipes as they were cracking in front of his eyes.

Dudian’s face became pale, he hastily made a backhand gesture and plugged out the dagger.

He nailed it onto the wall. The dagger pierced into the wall and his body was hanging on it.

He had seen sword marks made by hunters while killing undeads and other monsters. The walls were no long strong and reliable.

Argh! Argh!

At this time two hideous heads abruptly stuck out of the toilet window. They were using their claws and trying to grab him.

The undeads were frantically pushing out and the soft walls of window stretched and fell off as if they were made of mud. The gap was stretched out enough for both of them to stick out freely. He looked down to see that there was almost a meter of a distance between him and the toilet window of the floor beneath. If he had two dagger he would be able to easily reach the destination but right now he had only one dagger. If he tried to maneuver he would fall down.

He looked at the window which was only half a palm wide. Wanting to jump onto it was extremely difficult and required great courage.

However, as he saw the third corpse to crawl out, he didn’t dare to wait any more. He swayed his body slightly and suddenly let go of the dagger.

It was a free fall. However due to his body’s proximity to the wall he stretched his hands out while falling and seized the windowsill. It was a very short distance but he felt like his head was exploded.

At that moment, he felt as if he was reborn.

Dudian looked up and saw that half the body of the undead had already crawled out of the window. He fiercly punched the window and smashed it. The broken pieces of the glass pierced his fist and blood began to drip. He quickly climbed up and drilled down the window.


As he went in he felt wind roll at his rear.

Dudian hastily looked down to find an undead that had fallen from the toilet’s window down to the ground.
As one had fallen off, the space suddenly was more than enough for the other two undeads. He saw another one trying to attack him from that distance and fall down to hit the ground besides the other undead’s corpse.

Dudian was startled. Do they only know how to attack? Don’t they have awareness of self-protection?

He though about Scott and the woman undeads battle that had happened previously. Suddenly an idea emerged in his mind.

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  1. This chapter has so many mistakes that makes the read a lot less immersive. Is there no editor XD seems sad for it to not be edited. Thanks for tl anyway

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    (Copied from Yunchii)

  3. I really want to drop this piece of sh*t novel tbh, I think I read “(Mc) felt scared” at least 50 times already. The 3 years of training were worthless, the god’s whatever potion is f*cking useless, the Mc is a chickensh*t who can’t make a rational decision for the life of him. Help or leave, why the F*CK are you standing there like an autistic retard. 168 IQ my ass, he can’t even wrap his head around a simple concept like zombies. what’s there to contemplate? accept it, your logic no longer applies little kid. I swear, it really pains me to read this forced drama. Hot garbage is what this has turned into these past few chapters. its to the point that i began to skip it.

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