DK – Ch 519

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To the wasteland
Chapter 519

 Dean remembered the news that he had seen on television when he heard Ian’s words. At the early stage the governments all around the world built shelters. The young women and children were migrating over to take refuge. In addition to women and children they took in intellectuals, scientists, professors and other celebrities.

A lot of ordinary people made ruckus because of this sort of selection. Some of them guided the public opinion to accuse governments of unfair actions. Many people formed mobs that began to loot and create a lot of trouble. However armed police and military directly suppressed them by killing them.

The laws of various countries had changed back then. Some of them were as ruthless as making sure that those mobs are killed on spot without giving them a chance for maneuver.

“The relics … Are they referring to those shelters?” Dean’s eyes lit up. He remembered that some tv stations had broadcasted news about the locations of those shelters. The exposed shelters were destroyed. He calculated that very few shelters would be able to survive the disaster.

Dean wasn’t aware what had happened at the end. But after waking up he saw that the world his father had described had come to be as is. Otherwise, the sky wouldn’t be shrouded by nuclear dust. Even the rain contained nuclear radiation! He had slept for three hundred years but he wasn’t aware when the disaster had happened after he went into sleep.

But he had seen the ruins outside the giant wall and it seemed that disaster didn’t happen far after he went into the sleep.

The nuclear dust hadn’t cleared after a long period of time and the environment was bad. It showed how many nuclear bombs had exploded!

“If the disaster was triggered by nuclear bombs then the ones who hid in the shelters should be able to escape death.” Dean’s thoughts drifted away: “But staying in the shelter means death in the long run. Exiting the shelter means that the people would face the ‘new world’ made up after the nuclear bombs. It wouldn’t be suitable for survival. Even after so many years the radiation is still so strong even if we think about Earth’s self-healing eco system. The nuclear radiation outside the giant wall is enough to kill an ordinary adult even after centuries.”

“However, if those people were able to survive then the civilization hasn’t come to an end back then!”

Dean thought of the giant wall. In a sense, the giant wall itself was a shelter. He had seen shelters on TV so it could be said that it was a giant defensive barrier!

He didn’t know whether the giant wall was built by the world government or by the survivors of the disaster.

However, the first additional task from the Dragon Clan showed how important the ‘relics’ from the old civilization were to them!

“There has to be enough interest for the clan to take action.” Dean knew that if the Dragon clan hadn’t taste the ‘sweetness’ of the relics then they wouldn’t issue such an additional task!

He had an impulse about finding a shelter and checking the place.

Eugene asked in a curious manner: “What about the rewards for finding these relics?”

Ian nodded: “The rewards are very high but probability of completion is very small. It’s like betting on horned beasts in a fight. Don’t have much expectation! If you can meet and find one then we will be lucky! However, is you plan to look for them then I think you won’t find anything even if you checked the wasteland for a year without a stop! Moreover, surviving is another big problem!”

Eugene laughed: “Its all about luck then.”

“Luck is very critical but not everyone has it.” Rosemary continued: “However, strength is controllable and more reliable!”

Ian said: “Get ready we are almost at the giant wall!”

Luna chuckled: “We can save physical strength by talking less too! Blondie you should follow Dean and learn few things from him!”

Eugene wryly smiled: “It sounds so weird so please don’t call me blondie.”

“But I like calling you blondie.” Luna laughed.

Eugene’s eyes lit up as he looked at her.

Luna smiled: “Elder sister will play with you if you can come back alive.”

Eugene was excited: “I’ll make sure to remind your words.”

It didn’t take long before they reached the giant wall.

Dragon clan’s territory was located in a remote place. Moreover, the horses were fast so they reached the giant wall in less than half an hour.

The smiles disappeared and faded away from their faces as they looked at the giant wall.

There was a passage similar to the one in the outer wall. There were two warriors wearing the badge of the Dragon clan by the passage.

Ian was the first to dismount from the horse. He took out his medal: “We are 7th team from the Dragon Clan! We are going for a mission, please open the gate.”

The warriors check the medals of Dean and rest. They confirmed the medals and opened the gates.

Ian took the lead.

Martin, Ruby, Rosemary and others followed after him.

They passed through the long dark corridor and came to the other side of the passage.

Dean was surprised to find that there were guards from the Dragon clan on the other side of the passage. There were about four people in duty who were wearing camouflage clothing that made them almost invisible.

Ian greeted those four guards and chatted with them for small time. Afterwards, he led Dean and others into the wilderness.

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