DK – Ch 518

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Chapter 518

Norwich smiled as he looked at Eugene: “You will have to ask your captain.” He handed the scroll to Ian: “These is the pattern of the mysterious footprint and records of the task. I think there is no need to talk about the rest of the rules.”

“Yes.” Ian took the scroll. He opened it after Norwich left.

Rube, Eugene, Luna and others looked into the scroll. Dean saw a ‘Y’ shaped footprint. The front parts of the footprint were forked. The rear part of the foot seemed shorter and was meant to control the balance.

The front part of the paws were about seventy centimeters long while the rear part of the foot was thirty centimeters long. The total length of the feet was about 1.1 meters which was equal to half the length of a normal human. The width of the foot was about 6 centimeters while the feet had gone 3 centimeters deep into the ground.

“Martin, what do you think about the footprint?” Ian looked at Martin.

Martin stared at the pattern for a moment: “I have never seen but from the type of its claw it seems like a crawling type monster. Most probably it’s a cold-blooded monster that likes to live in damp places like marshes… ”

Eugene was curious: “Why a crawling monster? Isn’t that a claw?”

Martin’s brows wrinkled as he looked at the ignorant rookie. He was impatient and they had to implement the task. So he was too lazy to care about Eugene. He said in a cold tone: “If you think about the measures then its an upright type monster if not a crawling one. However, its height and size should be very large. Otherwise the footprints won’t be so shallow.”

Eugene nodded as he understood what Martin meant.

Ian stared at the footprints for a while then put away the scroll. He looked at the group: “Time is pressing and we have to make sure that are equipment are ready for us to start. Remember to make sure that supplies that you take are without a flaw. If we can find the mysterious footprints then the additional task could be completed. However it may take a long time and our supplies won’t be able to provide us with enough nutrition.”


All of them went back to their rooms to wear their equipment.

Dean and Eugene had received the basic equipment. It was a dark black armor which was made of metal and plastic. It was firmly wrapped around their bodies. There were small sparkling crystals embedded on wrist, collar, knees and other places.

Dean had seen Hailey use a similar crystal. This meteorite was able to isolate the high-intensity radiation for great extent.

In addition to basic armor both of them received basic weapons. Dean had reported his occupation as an archer so he had received a bow. The bow was silver in color and was very sharp at both ends. Bow string was colored dark red which seemed to be taken from some animal.

Although all of it were basic weapons but all of them were very powerful.

They were given a black backpack for their supplies. It was make out of some material which was waterproof. There were twelve food boxes and two bottles of pure water.

Dean calculated that the supplies was enough for a primary limitless to eat and drink for twelve days. They could maintain themselves with this food for half a month if they saved a bit on daily basis.

Dean didn’t care too much about food. After all, he had spent 3 years to train as a scavenger. He knew how to find food and water outside the wall. However, hunters, limitless and pioneers didn’t “waste” their time to learn such things. They would normally use their time to enhance their strengths and learn combat arts. It would make sure that their would complete their tasks faster.

Moreover, if it was about survival… no matter how you struggled it didn’t matter a lot if you met a strong monster.

Everyone was ready.

Dean saw Ruby carry a huge luggage. IT was full of water and food. The amount of food and water Ruby was carrying was comparable to the sum of the food all of them had.

Dean understood that Ian was planning to stay outside the giant wall for a long time. However, if all the team members carried too much food then they would slow down. So instead they were making a team work.

The primary responsibility of Ruby was to keep food and water while the other were going to fight.

It made team more efficient.

All of them met outside to leave the dragon clan.

Ian brought horses trained by the dragon clan and they began to ride towards the giant wall.

“Captain, how long are we going to stay outside the giant wall? When are we going to come back?” Eugene asked Ian.

Ian replied: “The reward of the main task is 700 points. If we can’t complete the main task then we will be deducted 700 points. Almost 100 points a person!”

“100 reward points isn’t much! We are implementing such a dangerous task and will get 100 points per person! The ones in the upper echelon are too stingy!” Eugene complained.

Ian turned to look at him: “100 reward points is pretty good and can be exchanged for a lot of things.”

Eugene looked at the dagger at Ian’s waist: “What about your knife?”

Ian smiled: “This one is called “bloodsucker”. It was made out of front teeth of a level 52 monster. I paid like 850 reward points for it.”

“That much?” Eugene asked in a staggered tone: “What’s so special about that knife? Can it cut through iron as if slicing the butter? My knife would be able to do that too.”

Ruby turned towards him and rolled his eyes when he saw Eugene act so ignorant: “Your knife won’t be able to cut through any monster that is above level 50! The skin and scales of those monsters are much sturdier than iron! A claw attack from such a monster would be more than enough to break that knife of yours! Do you understand what I mean?”

Eugene was stunned at his words and almost choked.

Dean was riding at the back. Eugene was a rookie like him too but it seemed as if… Eugene had never been outside the giant wall and didn’t understood how the battles happen.

“Yes, captain.” Eugene asked another question out of curiosity: “Why didn’t Norwich tell us about first and second task?”

Ian didn’t even turn his head: “Those two tasks are permanent tasks and never change. The first one is to find relics! Or find location and coordinates of those relics! It would be enough to get great contributions!”

“The second task is to collect a plant called ‘dragon grass’. It is the favorite meal of the dragon worm so each dragon grass can be exchanged for ten reward points.”

Eugene was surprised: “What are relics? Are they monuments? Are they in the ruins?”

Ian said: “Of course not! The ruins have been scrapped and even the broken copper have been taken away. However, there are relics which are hidden underground or in some mountains which are not damaged by the rain or corrosion.”

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