DK – Ch 517

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Mysterious footprints

Chapter 517

Norwich hesitated for a moment but looked at up Dean. He saw that there was a calm expression on Dean’s face so Norwich nodded: “Alright, no problem.”

“Good!” Deacon Tan looked at Dean: “Now, it’s time to test your strength. Are you ready?”

Dean smiled: “How are you planning to test?”

Deacon Tan sneered. He called out: “Mace, came out and test him.”

Mace who was called, nodded and came out from the group. He looked at Dean: “I am a primary limitless. Punch and I’ll check your strength.”

Dean slightly nodded and walked down the steps.

Ruby, Eugene and others came out from the house too. They were concerned about the test.

Dean slowly clenched his fingers into a fist.

“Come on.” Mace stood in a defensive posture.


Dean’s fist swept out.

His fist punched Mace’s arm. Mace was overwhelmed as he stepped back two or three steps before coming to a stop. The part of his arm where Dean’s fist had connected was faintly red.

Deacon Tan was puzzled as he looked at the sight.

Mace felt that Dean’s strength was at the same level as a veteran primary limitless.

“Is that alright?” Dean looked at the Deacon.

Deacon Tan looked at Mace “how do you feel?

Mace bowed: “He is a strong match.”

Deacon Tan looked at him with doubts. It didn’t take long that he thought about some magic marks which could increase the strength of the human body.

“Strength is first part. We will test speed and reaction.” Deacon Tan looked at Mace: “Mace check him.”

“Yes.” Mace nodded.

“You will run from here to the hillside. We will see who arrives first.” Deacon Tan pointed towards the direction: “Get ready.”

Dean and Mace stood at the designated starting line.

Both of them rushed out at the same time when Deacon Tan shouted them to begin.

Dean felt the wind whistle past by his face. His vision was always concentrated on side. He didn’t want to lose himself and get rid of his opponent. Dean was interested in limiting his strength.

Both of them arrived at almost the same time.

Deacon Tan’s face turned extremely ugly. He knew that there were magic marks which could increase strength and speed. But there were very rare magic marks which could increase both of them at the same time.

“What about reaction?” Dean ran back and asked Deacon Tan.

Deacon Tan took a deep look at Dean and said: “No need.”

Dean immediately replied: “Does it mean that I’m not a suspect anymore?”

Deacon Tan’s mouth twitched. He clenched his fists and turned to leave while taking big steps.

Norwich smiled as he looked at Deacon Tan’s angry departure. He waved at Dean, Ian and others and left too.

There was a smile on Dean’s face but his eyes were cold. He knew that Deacon Tan was the one who poisoned the God’s marrow. Even if Deacon Tan wasn’t the one to poison then he had relationship with the culprits.

“Little Dean, it seems you have offended people.” Ian said to Dean.

Dean nodded: “It seems.”

Ruby patted his shoulder: “Don’t worry about anything. No one can force the guilt upon you as long as you are innocent. Don’t be afraid even if you have offended few people.”

Dean didn’t expect the rugged man to try to comfort himself. He smiled: “Yeah”

“It is what it is!” Ruby loudly said.

Ian smiled: “You should have said that earlier.”

Ruby scratched his head in response: “That man was here…”

Everyone laughed and returned back to their normal state. The deadline was approaching so even Luna and Martin who interacted with them very little had come out to training field for practice.

Norwich came over early in the morning to inform them about the mission and tasks.

“Listen to me carefully. This time your mission site will be in orange wasteland.” Norwich read the scroll: “The main task upon you is to kill the “silencer” that has been haunting the area no 3 of orange wasteland. You will be rewarded 700 points and 60% will belong to the person who will kill the monster! In addition, there will be three tasks. I’ll pass the first and second tasks as there is no need to talk about them. The third additional task requires you to find clues or the real body of the monster that has left mysterious footprints in the area no3 of the orange wasteland. The rewards will range from 500 to 3000 points. In case the real body of the monster that left the mysterious footprints is found then the reward will be 3000 points.”

Ian, Ruby and others were stunned.

Rosemary who was silent most of the time asked: “Why is the reward for the 3rd task more than the main task? What is this mysterious footprint?”

Norwich shrugged his shoulders: “A group who was on a mission on area no 3 in the orange wasteland found the tracks related to the unknown origin. However, there was no footprints recorded in the atlas of made by the Monster Institute. Most probably a new species has evolved and its possible that this new life form has come from the depth of the wasteland.”

“Does not it mean that area no 3 of orange wasteland is much dangerous after this thing has appeared?” Ruby couldn’t help but ask.

Norwich said: “It’s hard to say. It is a possibility. It is unlikely that this monster has come from the depths of the wasteland so you don’t have to be worried about anything. But being cautious won’t hurt.”

Ian and others looked at each other.

Eugene asked in a curious manner: “Why there is no need to state the first and second addition tasks?”

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  1. Deacon tan cares a lot about Aisha, yet he doesn’t even honour her wish of letting Dean go. Stupid people and their stupid pride….

  2. Is Dean still trying to save humanity?
    It is weird when you are trying to protect yourself to the people who you are trying to save. It is like saving wild animals. LOL!

    Maybe before Dean cleanse the world from monsters he is already a corrupted monster. What is the merit in doing so anyway?

    I wonder if Dean will annihilate every monster in the face of the earth. They are the source of imbalance and inequality.

    And it is hard to root for Dean. He is killing innocents now to save the world later. If it is me, I can’t kill the few to save the many. And why is he still saving the world? There is no attachment between him and this world already.

    I hope later Dean will kill every member of the upper echelons of the society inside the wall, they can’t be cleanse already anyway, they should be rip apart.

    1. well the novel is named dark king, so we can say in the end he will be a king, of who? thats the real doubt uh? about he becoming a monster, the drugs and cores he used alread did it, after all he is about half a monster with the other half dying on freezing disease.

      1. Well he is not yet ‘corrupted’ I guess bcuz he is still doing things for acceptable reasons most of the time.

    2. I don’t believe his main goal is trying to save humanity, now, or at least not for altruistic reasons.
      Control, I see him as wanting control more than anything.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I do not know if my memory is poor or the author just did not state clearly his goals or maybe I am just dumb. No, I am just dumb. Thanks! Thanks!

  3. Being consistent is good but this novel is beyond good so I am hoping for even a single twist in the story to happen.

    I hope something unexpected even to a ‘genius’ like Dean to happen In the story… Or maybe I am just hoping too much…

    The chapters are really appreaciated.

  4. How come Dean doesn’t question or think more about Eugenes actions on why he didnt use the Gods marrow that he gave him. By now after Dean was accused of poisoning people, Eugene should kno that either Deans stuff was poisoned or have suspicions. Eugene should be thinking that dean tries to use him as a test subject. Basically if I am Dean or Eugene i should be cautious of the other.

    1. he already hinted while eugene was fighting the other person of the team that he was (hiding btw is) abilities. so im pretty sure dean knows that eugene aint normal and vice versa

  5. Thanks ! Really appreciate your hard work on this novel i hope the new project novel its good too


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