DK – Ch 516

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Chapter 516

“Are they poisoned?” Eugene asked as he looked at the crowd.

“Damn. This has happened once more.” There was a trace of anger on Ruby’s face: “They are playing a very simple game this despicable people!”

Ian frowned: “Don’t casually come to a conclusion as the things haven’t been investigated clearly. Moreover, its better not to leave the residence alone at this point.”

Eugene looked at Ian: “Is it possible that they were poisoned by the teammates?”

Ian asked “What do you mean?”

Eugene continued: “It would be very difficult for an outsider to succeed in poisoning two people… Maybe the other members of the team were dissatisfied with those two men. Isn’t it an easy way to kick them out?”

Ian, Ruby and others looked at Eugene. They guessed what he was referring too.

Ian slightly shook his head: “You don’t have to worry about a situation where members of the same team would poison another. Because the ones who will fill the position would be rookies. So to say its much better to go out to mission with people who you know and used to rather than with rookies. In short, no one would damage their own wings.”

Eugene was relieved: “I hope so.”

Ian didn’t respond to him but looked at Dean: “Don’t go out but train within the shelter.”

Dean nodded.

The next day.

The news of another poisoning spread out again.

The members of the dragon clan and the guards who lived in the mountains became more cautious. No one was walking alone anymore.

The day of the departure was imminent.

A group of people came to the outside the house of the 7th team. The group was led by a dwarf who was about one meter tall. The man seemed weak but he was carrying a giant axe which was two meters long. It was like a flag which plugged out from his spine. He had a domineering aura around him.

Norwich who had previously brought Dean was next to the dwarf. He stepped forward and shouted: “Ian.”

Ian and others were in the living room and enjoying their lunch. Ian was long aware of the movement outside their house. His eyebrows wrinkled when he heard Norwich’s voice. He knew that something bad was going to happen.

“You guys eat.” Ian said and went to open the door.

Ian’s face changed when he saw the dwarf besides Norwich. He bowed as he spoke in respectful tone: “Greetings Deacon Tan.”

The dwarf said: “Tell the guy called Dean to get out now.”

Ian nodded and went into the living room. He called Dean who was eating to come out.

Dean had already sensed the aggressive group outside the house. He knew that he had released the bait and the big fish was caught in the hook. He got up and came to the door. Dean’s eyes fell on Norwich then the dwarf by him. The heat exuding from dwarf’s body was much stronger than Ian’s.

“Are you Dean?” The man looked at Dean: “Are you the one who have been poisoning the members of other teams? You have committed a big crime and you will be going back with me to get your punishment!”

Ian who was standing next to Dean froze up. Eugene and others who were in the room were stunned too.

Was their team member who caused the uproar?

Dean smiled: “Deacon Tan, I’m innocent as it seems there is no evidence.”

“Evidence?” The man said in a cold tone: “I’ll tell you about evidence in the prison!”

Dean’s eyes narrowed: “So it means you don’t have evidence. Since there is no evidence how come you are trying to arrest me?”

“Stop uttering nonsense! Do you want me to personally take you out?” Deacon Tan was angry.

Dean raised his eyebrows and looked at Norwich.

Norwich felt frustrated because of Dean’s stare. He felt that Deacon’s attitude was stupid and tought so he had contradicted himself at the first moment. He was planning to continue to watch the play but it seems the situation would turn into a big trouble. He whispered: “Deacon Tan, Dean is part of our Dragon Palace. You can’t take him away if you don’t have evidence.”

Deacon Tan was surprised. He turned his head to look at Norwich: “Is elder Harley protecting him?”

Norwich sneered: “It has nothing to do with elder Harley. It’s the rules of our Dragon Palace.”

Deacon Tan looked at Dean: “So you want evidence! I’ll give you evidence! You are a senior hunter so the clan gave you resources for you to enhance your strength. But you poisoned the God’s marrows and scattered them around the mountain! People picked them up and used them! That’s why they are poisoned.”

Everyone turned to look at Dean. No one thought that the boy could scheme something like that.

Dean smiled in a helpless manner: “Deacon Tan you have wronged me! You just said that I have added poison to the God’s marrows and scattered around the mountains. Does it mean that I hate all the people in the mountains? I have just joined the dragon clan and I’m not familiar even with my own team let alone the others in the vicinity!”

“Besides, God’s marrow is very precious. Why would I do such a thing to harm people? I’m not gaining anything out of it, am I?”

Deacon Tan was startled and his face turned ugly. He suddenly realized that the evidence that he was talking about was only known to him! He couldn’t tell the truth so his logic didn’t follow up!

He wasn’t planning to argue with Dean but directly take him away. He was going to beat the shit out of Dean. It was the simplest and most effective way in his perspective. However, he didn’t expect that elder Harley would protect Dean. Didn’t that fool know that how much this Dean was troubling Her Highness Aisha?

Ian and the rest secretly nodded in their heart. Indeed no one would do such a thing. Unless Dean was a madman.

However, Ian was in contact with Dean in the last many days. So he knew that Dean was a normal man but it seems he have offended someone!

It was very common for such a thing to occur so it wasn’t very surprising.

Deacon Tan’s eyes turned gloomy as he saw the others look at him for more explanation. However he couldn’t go on and tell everything about Dean’s identity. This matter implicated the previous saint her Highness Aisha! If he spoke then the rumors would spread out. Moreover, he knew that he couldn’t speak about the toxin in the God’s marrows. He knew that Dean’s smell was on bottles and it confirmed that the God’s marrows belonged to Dean.

But … the smell could be added later on too. It was a weak proof as anyone could add Dean’s smell as long as they got a piece of his cloth!

He looked at Dean as his eyes lit up: “Ok, where are the God’s marrows that were given to you? Can you bring them?”

Dean shrugged his shoulders: “I have absorbed it all.”

Deacon Tan snorted: “Finished? Do you mean that you are already at primary limitless level?”

Dean understood the intention behind Deacon Tan’s words so he calmly said: “Yes.

“Very good.” Deacon Tan looked at Norwich: “If he is really at primary limitless level then it proves that he has absorbed all the God’s marrows. If he is not then I’ll take him back to investigate the matter. Do you have anything to say?”

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