DK – Ch 514

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Chapter 514

Soon two servants brought a box full of vials. There were God’s marrows meant for Dean. In addition there were 8 finger long transparent tubes. All of them had parasitic soul worms.

The shape of parasitic soul worms were different from each others. Some had green and soft bodies and looked like caterpillars; some were darker with tentacles similar to a snail; some looked like iron with silver body color.

Dean checked them. All of them were rare parasitic soul worms.

“It’s all for you. Use these resources to enhance the strength of your magic marks.” Ian gave the box to Dean: “Absorb them as soon as possible. By the way, you have to earn your resources in the future.”

Dean nodded. Although as an elder of 9th region of the dark church or a master of the Temple he could collect 8 rare parasitic soul worms but the time it would take wouldn’t be as early as this case. But God’s marrow was something that he had to spend a lot of effort to get.

His new invention was going to give him enough power for self-protect but it didn’t matter much if his own physical strength was too low. There were many powerful people in the inner wall and he could be secretly assassinated by others. That’s why it didn’t matter if he invented and manufactured a missile or a nuclear reactor. He had to have enough physical strength too.

Pioneers were in a non-human level and he was aware that he would be killed even before having the chance to use his weapon.

Dean took the box and returned back to the room assigned to him by Ian. The room was full of dust and debris all over the place. There were spider webs in the corners. He cleaned bed as he was too lazy to make sure that the room was tidy and hygienic. Nevertheless, he wasn’t aware how long he was going to stay in this room.

Dean opened the box and took God’s marrow. He opened the bottle and gently sniffed it. There was no smell and it give the same vibe as the one which was given to him by Hailey.

He pondered for a moment and decided to try something else before using it. He didn’t know the number of people who could have ‘intervened’ with the God’s marrow before it got to him. So it was possible that someone could mix a bit of poison to God’s marrow to harm Dean. He would face an inevitable death if he directly injected the God’s marrow into his body.

Dean remembered the blonde youth and his eyes lit up.

At night.

Dean knocked the door of the room where ‘Eugene’ the blonde youth lived.

The door opened. Eugene looked at Dean in a surprised manner: “You!? Haven’t you slept?”

Dean smiled: “No. I wanted to chat with you.”

Eugene was stunned but there was a smile on his face: “Yeah. I’m bored too.” He completely opened the door.

Dean went into the room and observed it. There was no decorations and the room was in a state almost the same as his room. Dean glanced at Eugene: “They told that you are a rookie like me? Are you a primary limitless?”

Eugene laughed as he sat back on his bed: “Yes. I have just become a primary limitless..It’s bad luck that we were send over, isn’t it?”

Dean smiled: “Are you nervous?”

“I’m alright.” Eugene shrugged his shoulders: “We only live once… ”

Dean smiled: “We still have to live well even though we live once.”

“That’s it.” Eugene smiled.

Dean took out two bottle of God’s marrow and a syringe and handed them to Eugene: “These were sent to me today. I have way too many so I want to gift these two to you. I hope it would be helpful in enhancing your strength a bit.”

“To me?” There was a trace of surprise in Eugene’s eyes as he looked at Dean.

“I’m also a rookie like you. Most probably you have heard as my luck is much worse than yours. I’m still a senior hunter and we will be going to mission in half a month. It’s going to be very dangerous and others are way too strong. I’m going to break through the primary limitless level but while we implement the mission the others may not take care of us. We have to look after each other…”

Eugene understood that Dean was trying to win over his friendship so as not to die during the mission. He laughed: “We are all teammates! We must take care of each other. I can’t take this…Friends don’t take payments.”

“Since its about friendship then you must accept it or I will be hurt.” Dean stuffed the small bottles into Eugene’s hands.

Eugene no longer shirked back but took the bottles of the God’s marrow. They wouldn’t not be enough to enhance his strength a lot as the number of the vials were too small. However, he understood the way Dean wanted to interact with him. From a hunter’s perspective God’s marrow was a very precious thing. A bottle or two could soar up the physical strength of a senior hunter.

Eugene didn’t go on to explain the details to Dean but put the God’s marrow onto the table by his bed: “I’ll accept them since you insist. I hope that both of us will take care of each other in the future.”

Dean smiled as he looked at the God’s marrows: “Aren’t you going to absorb them now? I have heard that the longer you keep them the lower its effects are.”

“I’ll use them before going to bed.” Eugene laughed.

Dean no longer tried to persuade so as not to draw Eugene’s attention. He chatted with him for a bit more and tried to exchange information. Afterwards, he found a reason to go back.

Dean’s pupils shrank as soon as he left Eugene’s room. The heat map of the surrounding place was visualized in his eyes.

He didn’t have to turn back to observe Eugene through the thermal vision.

Eugene sat back on his bed and reached out towards the God’s marrow. He held the bottles in his hand and looked for a moment. The next instant, Dean was startled.

Eugene used his other hand to pull out the drawer of the table and put the bottles into the drawer.

“Why he didn’t use them?” Dean’s eyebrows wrinkled up. He understood that Eugene wasn’t a simple person.

He returned back to his room to think about other ways to verify the God’s marrows.

Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

Dean observed Eugene for the last two days. He knew that Eugene didn’t use them. Moreover, the next morning he had asked the effect of the God’s marrows from Eugene. Eugene had answered that ‘the effect was very good.’

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