DK – Ch 513

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Dragon Guard

Chapter 513

The blonde man stayed silent.

“Are you the captain now? What do you mean by red and orange wasteland? Is there difference in the degree of danger?” Dean asked.

Ian looked at him: “Yes, The red wasteland is very dangerous. Even the pioneers would die in the red wasteland if they wander alone or are careless.”

Dean eyes lit up: “Was the former captain a pioneer?”

The eyes of the people in room turned to focus on Dean’s body after his question.

Ian looked at Dean: “No, he was an advanced limitless like us. But he had mastered secret combat arts so he was able to stand on his own against pioneers.”

Dean didn’t expect that the secret combat arts of the dragon clan were so strong. It seems the former captain has mastered one of the secret combat arts but was able to disdain the level of power. However it was ironic that not the weaker but the strongest was dead after the team’s visit to red wasteland.

Dean didn’t continue to inquire about the death of the late captain. He had just joined the team and didn’t want to touch their pain.

He asked: “Is it possible to get thousands of meritorious points? How long does it take for us to take a mission? How long do we rest between consecutive missions?”

Ian looked at Dean. He felt as if the new rookie was calm in comparison to the blonde youth. It was undoubtedly an advantage outside the giant wall. He knew that both of the new rookies were weak and he felt upset. But he knew that they were sent by the elders and complains were useless. Ian was worried that those useless complains would produce gap in the team.

He didn’t want to have problems within the team. The team had to act like one as they completed a mission. They would inevitable face bad situation if there was misunderstandings between the team members.

“We will be given a main task in each mission. There would be additional tasks too. It’s up to us if which additional tasks we select. However most of the time we aren’t willing to get many additional tasks as each second in the wasteland means one step closer to death. No one can predict what will happen the next second in the wasteland. So usually, we just complete the main task.” Ian replied.

“How long does it take to complete a mission?” Dean repeated his question.

Ian vaguely guessed Dean’s intentions: “We will get a month of rest after the completion of the mission. If a member of the team dies then we will get more than month of rest time as we will have to fill the spots with new members.”

Dean slightly wrinkled his eyebrows: “Does it mean that the casualty rate is high during the implementation of the mission?”

“Boy… are you so afraid of death that you are asking so many questions?” the previous burly man asked.

Dean didn’t care about the man but just stared at Ian.

Ian saw that Dean was waiting for his reply: “Yes, the casualty rate is very high. Coming back safely is good luck… Its very common to lose members…”

Dean nodded: “What happens if we don’t complete the main task? How many points do we get for completing a task in red wasteland?”

“If we can’t finish the main task then the same amount of points will be deducted from us. If we reach 3000 negative points then our identity as the member of the dragon clan will be cancelled and we will be sent to red wasteland as a part of Dragon Guard.” Ian continued: “The main tasks for the red wasteland range from 3000 to 5000 points. You can get even tens of thousands of points if you can complete additional tasks. However it is impossible! No one has ever done it. Doing an additional task in red wasteland means DEATH!”

“Dragon guard?” Dean was surprised.

“Although the dragon guard follows the Saint as they protect the red wasteland but the death rate is very very high!” Ian continued: “In the last two hundred years less than three people were able to retire from the dragon guard.”

Dean understood why Harley referred to Dragon guard as dead man.

“It seems we can’t pick the missions. Only the people from above can send us to carry out tasks in red wasteland.” Dean looked at Ian.

“Of course.” Ian shrugged his shoulders: “Why would they give us the right to choose?”

Dean nodded as he secretly calculated in his mind: “About two months of time including the rest… I will need at least two years to get 10000 points for my freedom!”

Two years wasn’t a long time frame for an ordinary 18 year old teenager.

However it was undoubtedly long time for Dean. A deadly long time!

He will be encountering the followers and supporters of Aisha and Hailey for the next two years and it would be impossible for him to live through every trick. Moreover, if he can continue to accumulate points for the next two years then Hailey will be interested in killing him as a possible strong follower of Aisha.

“I must think of a way to secretly leave this place and finish my new invention.” Dean’s eyes lit up.

Thinking about obtaining meritorious service points through honest ways was a joke that could cost his own life.

“There is an empty room so you will live there.” Ian looked at Dean: “You resources will be given soon so make sure to upgrade and enhance your abilities within half a month. If you feel so we can help with your practice.”

Dean knew that Ian was thinking about the team. It seems Ian was worried that an advance form senior hunter to primary limitless will be a bit problematic for a rookie and Dean wouldn’t be able to grasp his strength properly.

“I will do it on my own.” Dean wasn’t planning to expose his magic marks abilities. Moreover, he was worried that because of the sudden advance to primary limitless level he wouldn’t be able to control his strength and kill someone.

In addition, after the breakthrough he was going to get a new ability. Sometime the new ability could be grasped at will while at other times he had to try out many things before understanding what his new ability is.

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  1. At the moment the novel is very interesting but whenever he keeps talking about this fucking invention makes me feel discouraged.

    1. MC’s plot track is messed up. While I’m in a dilemma, I should finish my invention but wait, I’m stuck at some dangerous place which I don’t really give a damn when I can die at any time.

      1. How could he not care? Probably his new invention must be something to help him survive. You’re thinking a lot, Dean is Dean, he sure has a plan, you do not want the author to write down what’s going on in his head from second to second, right?

        1. his invention isn’t the huge shield that can transform to a fckn big sword? If he give some hundred from these to the barbarians, then they can counter the rifles and the cannons. I guess the shield form is enough tough to bare with the heavy fire from the rifles&cannons.

          1. I don’t think a huge shield would help him in not having any enemies in the hole outer and inner wall my freund

    2. New invention is cure for his ice blood sickness. And as far as i can understand from the plot, its going to help mother dragon somehow.

      1. Well, i don’t really think so, somehow a gotta the feeling with the weapon, that can help the barbarians. 😛

    1. Still have it, problems are accumulating behind your back, I am anxious to see how he will be able to live with so many problems

  2. Thanks for the chapters.

    Not so strong mc + Very depressing storyline where problems just keep on increasing + the story mainly focus only on the mc = reading 3-5 chaps just won’t enough to satisfy me tbh. I think I need to stack chaps but that is not my style.

  3. I wonder when he will stop struggling to survive from his human opponents and possess enough strength to protect his self?


    When he will stop struggling ALONE?

    1. Damn it. You can’t just solo everything Dean. That defeats the purpose of being a human. Why not find someone trustworthy? Is there no one who feel disgust in the way the humanity it is? If no one is willing to change humanity ain’t your world not worth saving?

      1. I mean… he gets stabbed in the back every time he tries to find someone like that. Have we read the same story? xD

      2. Humans? Humaniity? He and the evolved freaks are not humans anymore. They can think and feel like a human, but their bodies changed way too much.

      3. Plus if he wants to find someone trustworthy he needs raise them, like the two siblings. Everybody else is too distant and brainwshed by the current society, so he needs to aplly his own brainwashing. The orphanage’s mates are okay, but just them. Maybe jenny is too, but i think that never will happen. Jenny and Dean were in love in the past, but Dean changed too much.

  4. This new invention better be a supercharged thermonuclear weapon.
    Centuries of human knowledge; can invent countless weapons of destruction but can’t invent a way to find friends he can freely talk with.

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