DK – Ch 512

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Chapter 512

“Yes, elder.”

A shadow suddenly appeared within the hall. It was a thin youth with pale complexion but handsome face. He looked at Dean: “Follow me.”

Dean nodded his head. He was surprised because he hadn’t detected Norwich who seemed to be in the hall all along. Moreover, Dean looked at the youth. He couldn’t detect any heat from the man’s body. It was as if he was a corpse.

“His blood is…ice cold.” Dean’s eyes lit up as he followed behind the youth. However he was vigilant. He understood that he couldn’t rely too much on his thermal vision. There were some monsters or special magic marks that could avoid his perception.

They left the mountain after leaving the hall. They reached another mountain which was not far from the earlier one. There was a gorgeous castle at the foot of the mountain. More than dozen figures were in the castle and exuded different level of heat.

Some of them seemed to be ordinary people. Dean speculated that either they were servants or had special magic marks that could reduce their body heat.

They walked uphill. Neither Norwich nor Dean tried to open a conversation along the way. They reached a residential building when Norwich said: “Come after me.”

Dean followed behind him. They walked towards the mountain top. There were buildings on different parts of the mountain. Some had beautiful gardens while some had years for picnic and tea.

Norwich stopped by a residential building in the middle of the mountain. He stopped outside the fence and shouted: “Ian!”

Dean stood behind Norwich as he looked at the residential building. There were five figures exuding heat inside the building. One was very strong almost as hot as Cyrus’s body heat leve. The three others were slightly less weaker. The weakest one was at Francis’s level.

None responded to Norwich’s shout as all of them were either sitting or standing in their original positions.

Squeak~~ The door opened.

A youth whose hair was white opened the door. He had an indifferent expression on his face but his eyes were way too gloomy.

Dean knew that the man had magic marks which were perfect for camouflage

Ian was startled as he saw Dean behind Norwich. He frowned: “What happened?”

Norwich smiled: “Your team lacks a member. He is called Dean. The newest member of your squad! ”

Ian frowned as he looked up and down at Dean: “Is he from dragon clan? What has he done before? He seems very weak.”

Norwich smiled: “Dean is just a senior hunter. Before the next mission he will be provided with resources to reach the primary limitless level and be able to keep up with your team.”

“Senior hunter?” Ian looked at Dean in a dumb manner.

“What did you say? Just a senior hunter?” A burly man with dark skin color rushed out of the building. He looked at Norwich: “Have we done anything wrong to you guys? A few days ago you brought a rookie and now we have another one. What do you think 7th team is? Are we here to bring in rookies?”

Norwich smiled: “It’s an order by elder.”

“You!” The black man stared at him.

Norwich said: “Ian elder has given you guys two new rookies so the next task will be to organge wasteland. So, don’t complain about anything.” Norwich left as soon as he finished talking.

Ian and the other man froze up for a moment. Their eyes fell onto Dean’s body. They sighed.

“Dean, come in.” Ian looked at Dean.

Dean went into the building.

The place was extremely spacious but the room was in chaotic state. There were pastry, leftovers of peeled fruits and so on on the ground. The air wasn’t fresh. There were few people sitting on the sofa in the living room. Their feet were on the table while there was a lazy and gloomy expression on their faces.

Dean had seen this gloomy feeling before in the faces of hunters. Such a temperament developed after people fought life and death battle for long time.

“We have a new member called Dean.” Ian pointed to Dean as he entered the living room. He sat down on an empty sofa.

The others looked up at Dean but they didn’t stand up to greet him.

One of the few who looked at Dean was the person which emitted the weakest heat. It was a blonde youth with a scar on his face. He was looking at Dean with curiosity in his eyes. It seemed as if he had found his companion.

The other was a slender woman who examined Dean in silence.

“Another rookie?” A youth who was lazily leaning against the sofa said.

The previous black man said in an angry tone: “Elders intention is to make the 7th team become a team of rookies! We have seven people with these two new rookies but it seems we will be nannies!”

Ian slightly silent.

The woman spoke in an indifferent tone as she looked at Dean: “I think elder decided that we are not up to par to implement tasks in the red wasteland after we lost people there! So he has sent two rookies to let us perform tasks in the orange wasteland. I think they are taking into account that we have to cultivate the rookies!”

The room turned silent after her words.

Ian shook his head after he sighed: “Anyway, the risk of tasks in the orange wasteland isn’t low. Nobody should take it lightly! We can get thousands of points for completing tasks in the orange wasteland!”

The blonde youth with a scar on his face asked in a curious tone: “What points are you talking about?”

The woman looked up at him and spoke in a cold tone: “We have lost our captain who was the strongest team member…”

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