DK – Ch 511

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Chapter 511

“An ignorant kid from the outer all who dares to peek at our secret combat arts… Ridiculous! The people from the outer wall wouldn’t be able to even understand the combat arts. Do you even dare to learn them?” Harley felt disgusted as he looked at Dean: “It would have been long since you were sent as a ration to dragon worms if not for Her Highness Aisha…”

Dean was silent.

He chose not to argue with the elder because he thought it to be meaningless to argue with a person who he wouldn’t ever see again.

“Her Highness came forward to save you…So use this opportunity to live well!” Harley eyes were like flames that overlooked Dean who was standing on red carpet: “I have called to tell you that you are now part of our Dragon clan! From now on you want be able to leave Dragon clan’s territory. Never, ever! Otherwise, death without investigation!”

Dean frowned as he looked at the elder: “Never?”

“Of course!” Harley didn’t think that the boy would dare to question him: “IT won’t be only you that would die in case you dare to leak our secret combat arts. Everyone related to you will die! Your loved ones, friends and anyone who was distantly related to you!”

Dean didn’t care about Harley’s threat: “Why I can’t leave the territory since I am member of the dragon clan?”

Harley raised his eyebrows as he didn’t think that the kid would use his own words to question himself. His eyes were cold as he slightly sneered: “Normal members of the clan can leave. But you are from outer wall. Do you think it will be so easy to leave the territory? Actually you can simply leave the time when you have raised enough meritorious service. We will naturally give you back your freedom. I will admit that you will be a true dragon if you accomplish the feats!”

“But …” Harley looked into Dean’s eyes and spoke in a tone with full of ridicule: “It’s just simply nonsense for you to raise enough meritorious service you’re your ability!”

“How much meritorious service? How do I accomplish that?” Dean asked as he ignored Harley’s sarcasm.

Harley laughed as he saw Dean wasn’t planning to give up: “Not so much. Just ten thousand points. As a member of the dragon guard you will have chance to get rewards on each trips. Different tasks have different values. They won’t only get you your freedom back but they will give you the chance to get combat arts, armor and as well as weapons!”

“Weapons?” Dean thought about a possibility. Maybe the dragon clan referred to the weapons from the old era. Is it possible that the legacy weapons of the dragon clan would be from old era?

Rifles? Tanks? cannons?

He decided that tanks and artillery couldn’t exist but rifles and other types of firearms were possible. Tanks had to be used by diesel and computer systems. If Dragon clan could repair the tanks and master the technology behind them then they would have already stepped to the apex of the giant wall!

“I know, thank you.” Dean nodded as he pondered.

Harley felt a bit weird. The little devil wasn’t similar to most people. He tried to humiliate the kid with words but it seems the kid wasn’t even thinking about that. Moreover Dean’s appearance was very calm.

“Does this kid have the same mind as the witch?” Harley pondered for a moment. He narrowed his eyes as he looked at Dean.

“Kid!” Harley’s voice echoed as he stared at Dean.

Dean frowned as he felt the slight change in Harley’s attitude.

“Your life was saved by Her Highness Aisha. You better never forget it!” Harley slowly said.

Dean nodded his head as he looked at Harley.

Harley recovered his eyes: “Moreover, Her Highness helped you not once but twice!”

“Twice?” Dean was perplexed. He looked at Harley. Did he refer back to the childhood?

“The second time was saving your from me.” Harley quickly dispelled the guesses that were going through Dean’s mind: “Her Highness Aisha asked me to take care of you or I would have send you for the hardest task as a Dragon Guard. In our slang we call that task ‘dead men.’”

Dean was startled.

It seems that it wasn’t just Hailey but whole dragon clan that was against him. It won’t be that easy to survive!

It seems that even the people on Aisha’s faction were against him.

Hailey had used him to frame Aisha. So the people who support Aisha would take this matter into account. They would naturally hope that Dean had disappeared for good!

Aisha’s face emerged in his mind. Unspeakable feelings passed through his mind as he thought about the girl. It seems Aisha was aware and considered this point and deliberately asked Hailey to make it ‘easy’ for Dean. The girl has saved him once more. The third time!

“If you can survive then its best for you to remember the favor of Her Highness Aisha!” Harley continued: “Otherwise, I won’t let go of you! Of course, I won’t care if you die half the way and I think this probability is quite high! Her Highness Aisha has asked me to take care of you but nobody knows what is going to happen outside the giant wall… Maybe you will even meet a legendary monster and end up as its food… Everything depends on your luck.”

Dean was silent.

“You have half a month! We will provide you with God’s marrow and rare magic marks so that you can break into primary limitless level. You should consider it as a self-protection.” Harley continued in an indifferent tone: “Your first trip will be after half a month. I will refer you to a team and an easy task will be given. If you can’t complete this task and die outside the giant wall… Then I can’t do anything. ”

“I know, thank you.” Dean earnestly replied.

“Well!” Harley waved his hand: “Norwich take him to report to 7th team.”

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  1. This is endless.

    Mellon consortium arch
    Temple arch
    Dark church arch
    And then this arch..

    It’s soooo unsatisfying!!! Can author finish an arch story first before threading to another one? The flow of the story is so scattered!!!

  2. I hope he just fucking dies to end this GD miserable pile of garbage masquerading as a story. Every chapter makes me want to kill myself its so GD badly written.

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