DK – Ch 510

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Dragon Guard

Chapter 510

Aisha bit her lips and slowly said when she saw Dean bow down his head: “You don’t have to blame yourself for all this. Hailey has just used you. It would be very strange if you were aware of her plans. Actually, thanks to you I was able to let go of saint’s identity. I will be free like everyone else.”

Dean was startled as he looked up at her.

“I was born with awakened blood power. There were high expectations from me since early age. I’ve been through harsh training from the early days… ” Aisha faintly smiled as she recalled the old days: “Training day after day… I trained, studies, fought… I was like a puppet meant for destruction. Finally, the shackles on me were taken off. Its all thanks to you!”

Dean saw that her gaze was very serious.

He didn’t expect the girl to have such a monotonous life style.

“It’s very good for me but…” Aisha looked at Dean with a trace of apology in her eyes: “I’m very sorry for you as you were involved in this situation. You almost lost your life.”

Dean shook his head: “I’m used to such stuff.”

He remembered that when he was admitted to scavenger school he was taken to physical examination for hunters. However He almost had lost his life back then because of two hunters who chatted with each other.

Jenny’s father, Rudolph, had framed him because Dean loved her daughter.

This time he almost died because of the competition between Aisha and Hailey.

It was very funny. However he knew that it was the true face of the world. There was nothing funny but he was too weak.

The weak aren’t masters of their own life.

It’s true for hunters and for ordinary people.

A diligent worker may be sacked and replaced just because a relative of his/her boss joins a company.

A good soldier may lost his life because of officer.

The so-called idea of ‘Heavens rule over anything and I can’t live by my rules.’…

The ‘heavens’ refer to the notion that overlooks the mortals. Why would heavens are blind to countless injustices and suffering of weak? The real ‘heavens’ were nothing but those emperors of the ancient who stood at the apex!

One person who could determine the life and death of all!

Aisha was silent for a moment: “It will be hard on your from now on. I will talk to patriarch to let you go back to your original life if you can survive…”

From now on!? Dean’s heart began to strongly beat: “Do you mean…the dragon clan won’t kill me?”

“I have asked patriarch so he will keep your life. But according to my understanding of him, he will send you to be part of the dragon guard to protect the wasteland.”

Dean was amused because of her straightforward words. However he was glad to be left alive even if he was going to be used as a cannon fodder in dragon guard! He knew that the job wasn’t a good one because of Aisha’s tone. He asked: “What is the relationship of the dragon clan with the wasteland?”

Aisha didn’t think that Dean would know about the existence of ‘wasteland’. However she thought of Hailey and came to understand how Dean was aware of wasteland. She nodded: “The responsibility of the pioneers from the Dragon clan is to sweep clean the outer edge of the wasteland. It’s similar to hunters of the outer area. However the monsters in wasteland are much stronger and the mortality rate is higher.”

No wonder the place was called wasteland. Moreover it was normal for the dragon clan to send him off. He thought that he would be killed when he was caught. After all, no sane person would let he go as he was aware of the secret combat arts of the clan. It was equal to leaking the combat arts on their own! He didn’t care much about being sent to wasteland or anywhere else!

“Fortunately … I can live.” Dean was secretly glad.

Aisha continued: “Don’t worry way too much. Although its hard but its not that difficult to survive as long as you are careful. The clan will provide you god’s marrow and combat arts so that you can reach the minimum standards of the dragon clan.”

Dean nodded but wasn’t happy. God’s marrow was nothing in the eyes of the Dragon clan. He would use them to enhance his combat power and be able to survive the wasteland.

“What is your magic mark?” Aisha asked.

Dean looked at her and was about to lie. Aisha saw the subtle change on his face and understood that she had asked something that she shouldn’t have. She changed her question: “Is it a rare level magic marks? If not, I can give you good rare level magic marks. I can provide you with them to improve your strength. You are involved in all these because of me…”

Dean knew her intention but he shook his head: “I would be dead if you didn’t get involved. It’s the second time that you saved me.”

Aisha shook her head: “You wouldn’t have faced this risk if I wasn’t involved.”

Dean looked at her deeply. He knew that the girl wanted to help him but it would be very difficult to pay her off later on. After this incident he learned that without strength he wouldn’t be able to help but harm others!

“Do you want to replace your magic marks?” Aisha continued: “I have ‘Dragon Steel’, ‘Swallower’, ‘Black weaver’ and ‘Silicone Rock’. They are relatively strong rare magic marks.”

Dean shook his head. He could see that Aisha wanted to help him but her expression was too flat and it seemed that she didn’t get along with others: “It’s alright. I’m used to my own magic marks and if I suddenly replaced them then it could harm me.”


He wanted to say that he would repay in the future if he found opportunity but he swallowed his own words.

“Alright.” Aisha nodded: “If you are used to your own magic marks then stick to it.”

Dean nodded.

Aisha didn’t say anything anymore but turned and left the cell.

Dean slowly recovered his eyes. He against gained hope. However, he thought of something else. Aisha’s identity as saint had been replaced by Hailey. It meant that Hailey was the new Saint! Would Hailey continue to frame him in the future? Will he be able to survive in the dragon clan?

He thought that Hailey wouldn’t stop at it. He had long chats with Hailey as they had sat on top of high-rise buildings. Although Hailey had cheated him from start to end but she didn’t lie all along.

Moreover, Hailey had told him that Aisha didn’t have friends…

Although he was in a cell and didn’t have any knowledge about the Dragon Clan. But he was able to judge from Aisha’s words and expressions. He had concluded that she was like a lone wolf.

It seemed like a useless message but Dean knew that it was an extremely dangerous message!

If Aisha didn’t have any friends then the relationship between him and Aisha would be taken as ‘friendship’ from Hailey’s perspective.

She won’t continue to deal with Aisha unless she has soft-heartened.

However, Dean knew that she had strong hatred towards her elder sister!

He didn’t think that Hailey will be satisfied just by pulling down Aisha from her post.

“It seems that I’ll be facing some big troubles …” Dean turned gloomy. He hadn’t stayed in Dragon clan for long but he knew that he had to find a way to leave as soon as possible and produce the new invention. He would have enough power with the new invention!

But he would need at least 3 to 5 months for the production of the new invention.

Would Dragon Clan let him do as he wishes because of his current sensitive identity?

It was obvious that they won’t.

He wrinkled his brows as he thought about the possibilities.

About half a day after Aisha left the door opened once more.

Dean was thinking about his own plans but he recovered himself the moment cell’s door opened. He saw that a figure had come in. It was the blonde youth that had hunted him down with Hailey.

Cyrus looked at the dark cell and ordered the guard: “Open the door.”

Dean slowly stood up.

“Come with me. Elder wants to see you.” Cyrus frowned. He quickly talked and closed his mouth. He wasn’t using his nose to breath too. He was disgusted by the smell of the cell.

Dean’s eyes lit up as he followed after Cyrus.

They went out of the cell and walked along a concave valley. The valley was surrounded by strange flowers and grasses. They were poisonous.

Cyrus was walking quickly.

Dean was walking at the same pace as Cyrus but was secretly observing the surroundings. Although he may not use this information in the future but there was nothing wrong with extra knowledge.

It didn’t take long for them to reach a mountain peak. The place had a huge square.

They went into the castle on the square. There were giant stone sculptures in the square. It seemed that they were the ancestors of the Dragon Clan.

There were guards from the dragon clan wearing standard armor outside the castle. Although no one was around but they still stood tall.

Cyrus and Dean came to the main hall of the castle. The place looked like a huge church but there were no chairs or anything. At the end of the hall there was a throne made out of bronze. A brawny man sat on throne. His upper body was covered with armor. He had muscular arms and shoulders.

He was wearing a brown loose pants and metal boots.

The most striking thing was that two spikes were raised out of his spine. One was short while the other was long. They seemed like lizards…

Dean saw that the heat emitted from the man’s body was extremely wild. It was like a mass of burning fireball.

However, in comparison to Aisha the man seemed much weaker.

Moreover Aisha’s heat was restrained. It was like the heat flowed around her body through the veins. It was hard to detect her exact strength but it was clear to Dean that she was several times stronger than this person.

“He is also a pioneer level expert…” Dean’s eyes lit up. The dragon clan was really powerful. He could casually met a person who had terrifying strength. Moreover, he listened to the blonde youth’s words. It seemed that the man wasn’t patriarch but only an elder.

“Elder Harley, this is the person caught by the dragon clan… ” Cyrus said in a respectful tone.

The man on the throne lifted up his head and his red eyes concentrated on Dean’s body. He said in a rough and hoarse tone: “Go back..”

“Yes.” Cyrus nodded and left. He didn’t want to wait for another moment in front the monster.

Harley looked at Dean after Cyrus left: “Come over.”

Dean felt hostility in Harley’s tone. Does it mean that Hailey’s revenge began so soon? Is this elder somehow related to Hailey? He slowly stepped forward.

Harley snorted as he saw Dean walk slowly: “Black haired boy, do you know how much trouble you have caused to Miss Aisha?”

Dean was relieved when he heard Harley question. It seemed that this person wasn’t related to Hailey.

Harley growled: “Her Highness Aisha had guarded the wasteland for so many years. She almost died and had become a ration for monsters for so many times! She had done this for the family since childhood. She had paid with her life and freedom! It all happened because of you! Damned kid! You were the reason why she was replaced only by a little girl!”

Dean was shocked.

He had chatted with Aisha but didn’t expect that her life was so hard!

No wonder she didn’t care but was happy because of losing the identity of saint!

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    1. check novelupdate, and it’s true it was a difference of only 10 chapter when the schedule became one release per week, and the author write fast, at least 10 chapter per week

  1. So in the end he will join the dragon clan too. Jesuls, i hate this author, mc didnt get to do much as a black church elder either. He barely joins a faction an he’s pulled in by another… The story is so messed up…

    1. Not everything goes as planned. Dubian might have had big plans for the dark church, but he cannot predict all the unexpected situations, as in real life. It clearly shows that larger powers are in control of the world there, while Dubian is trying his hardest to survive by adapting quickly to the new situation.

      1. I’m pretty curious about the romance thing. Will he be ever able to protect, trust, and love them? I think for now Aisha would be the most possible and wise choice if he want a girlfriend. She has personal power, background, smart, lonely(i hope not for long), lovely, has good will, and it seems she does not like so much the current society (or who knows).

  2. Why is the Elder complaining when Aisha is relieve from her duty which he said it was dangerous? He should be thanking the MC instead.

    1. Maybe the Elder not really know Aisha. just think about it, Aisha was training and fighting from birth, she has little time and chance to socializing. Or maybe the Elder thought that she was enjoying that(M character :D).

  3. the world in this novel is the product if power is concentrated to few individuals. they can just messed up the world the way they like and their world is pretty quite really messed up.

    Dudian’s family is messed up too. why would they send a child with no special power, no experience or anything in a world where personal power is crucial for survival? They only gave him a chip. They didn’t even gave him something useful that is indiscernible to the eye. And there is no plan or whatever and no info or theory of what the world may turn into.… oops I am sorry I am blabbering nonsense

    1. It is highly likely that they planned for Dubian to sleep for only a few years, maybe a few decades. They would have him wake up only after creating a liveable environment for him (and probably his sister too). This environment would have education, protection and all things he needed. Some things might have gone wrong in their plan, killing them off in an accident or revolt, leaving Dubian stranded in the cryosleep pod.

      1. It is true, what you say vinzz001. But it is a little strange that his family not prepared all kind situations exluding the super computer. Hey, if the sup-com. has all kind of knowledge, why didnt Dean learnt combat arts?

  4. oh I just noticed the title of this chapter. The titles per chapter returned and I am not used to it. Sometimes they are spoilerish. 🙁 :p

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