DK – Ch 51

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The Dark King – Chapter 51


“This way too much!” Dudian, Macon and the others were scared at the sight.

They were still in a daze. Scott that was running in the front roared: “Run ah!”
Dudian woke up from the daze, quickly turned around and ran. Mason, Sham and Zach followed him.

However at this time their physique and stamina were finally reflected as Scott and Mia quickly overtook the gap between them and quickly passed them. They disappeared from their sight in short amount of time.

At this time, the other consortia scavengers who were behind by a big margin also caught up to them.

“Get out of the way!” A burly youth scream out at Dudian and the other three. He pushed Sham away, who was the last one of the four. Because of the sudden thrust to the side, Sham lost his balance and fall onto ground. Several young scavengers who were rushing over passed over the stumbling Sham.

Dudian heard Sham’s scream and stopped to look back. He saw the scratched Sham was on the ground and wast trying to get up when another youth pressed him down over his head while passing by. All of them were bolting away and trying to use Sham as a bait for a leverage.

Around 100 meters behind there were more than a dozen undeads quickly giving a chase.

Dudian face paled. He clenched his fists and ran back to help Sham. He grabbed his arm and yelled: “Quickly! Up! Up!”

Sham quickly grabbed him. Dudian led his body, pulled him up, and immediately turned to continue to run. The other consortium scavengers had already run in the front, trailing Scott and Mia. They ran in the direction of them disappearing in the corner of the street.

Sham looked back to see a dozen or so bloodthirsty undead’s. His scalp tingled and his legs shook almost tripping again.

At this time, Macon and Zach also turned and rushed over, quickly seized Sham’s body, dragging him forward in rush.

“Go to the right!” Dudian scream as they reached the corner of the street.

The three of them were stunned. But they didn’t have time to ask and could only closely follow the way Dudian had gone to. After a ten or so meters Dudian stopped and grabbed a few pieces of stones from the gravel on the ground. He began to throw the stones towards the direction Scott and Mia had gone to.


The stone fell to the ground, rolling a few times and making noise.

At this time, more than thirty meters away from the corner of the street undeads began to catch up. As they reached the corner most of them choose to run after the place where the voices were echoing out from.

However, there is an undead who was aware of Dudian and the others existence. He run after them and another two followed it.

Dudian’s face changed and quickly glanced on both sides of the street. He a gate more than 10 meters in front of them. It was a community gate and the door was covered in vegetation: “Come with me!”

As he came up to the door he saw few corpses lying on the ground. The door to the security room had long been corroded because of the moss. From the little exposed window he was able to vaguely see that there was a humanoid shadow in the room. Dudian stopped looking and passed by to the nearest building. He went into the building to see a corpse by the doorstep and another one in the corridor.

Dudian suppressed the fear in his heart and trampled over the dead body to go inside: “Come over!”

The other three saw the corpse by the door. Their faced turned white but fought back the fear and jumped over it. Dudian saw that another two undeads were coming with the previous pursuer.

Dudian face changed, and quickly grabbed the door. He wanted to lock it but found the the muzzle has long been covered with moss. It couldn’t be locked so he gave the idea and went into the building towards the elevator. At the moment the door to the elevator wal half open and was covered with moss and vegetation. There laid a few corpses. Some were dead, some were decaying.

Dudian immediately ran up the stairs, said: “Keep up.”

Mason and the other followed behind him.

When he entered the building, he saw the height of the building which was at least fifteen or so stories high. He went straight up the steps and saw seven or eight dead corpses along the steps, along with decaying human bones.
By the sixth fllor Dudian was already exhausted. Mason and the other two were the same. In fact, in the battle with rats they have consumed all of their physical power. At the moment, they were desperately fleeing because of the fear. That was how they broke through their physical limits.

“Argh, Argh!”

At this time, husky roaring sounds echoed out from the bottom floor. Dudian looked down the handrails and saw the undeads climbing up the stairs. But their climbing speed is obviously slow. However, as Dudian’s saw them he face turned ugly and he continued to climb up.

Soon, Doudian came to the location of the twelfth floor. He was breathing raggedly. He heard the unconscious roars of the undeads and from the sound he estimated that there should be three floors of the gap. He was going to continue to go up but Sham pointed to an open door next to him. “Dean”, he gasped. “We are going to hide. They should not open the door.”

Dudian immediately reacted: “Get in.” He was the first to enter the room.

Mason and the other immediately followed him in. Dudian locked the door. The vegetation and the moss had not climbed up because the floor was high. The latch was easily locked. He glanced at the room. The living room was very scattered. The was a corpse lying on the ground. Next to the corpse was a baby carriage where a baby’s body laid.

Dudian immediately said: “The sofa… The sofa inside the living room. Move it to the door to block it. ”

“The sofa?” Mason and the other two didn’t understand but saw the direction of Dudian’s fingers. They ran past, lifted the sofa, moved it to the door and gently put it down against the door.

At this time, the roar’s from outside getting were more and more clear. Dudian quickly made a gesture to make them stay silent. Standing on the soft, through the cat’s eye he looked to the door.

Cat’s eye lenses were very turbid. He saw a few blurred figures appear near the door. The three corpses seem to crawl and continue to climb up the stairs.

Dudian mind was relieved but the heart was still beating. He was separated by a little little distance from the bloodthirsty monster. He felt that the world is static. Only his heartbeat echoed in his ears.


The door was suddenly slammed. Hoarse sound of roaring came out from the door. It was full of anger and ferocity.

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  1. I guess it’s time for him to rig the door with his gunpowder flask, then could also try to climb of the windows. I know they are at the twelve floor, but they also got super strength and the buildings should be covered in moss and vines.

    Thanks for the chapters.

  2. Seems like a huge waste of time and resources to send newbie scavengers to their deaths by not even bothering to teach them about the Zombies or how to handle them.

    It’s like they want them to die.

    1. nope nope nope if they tell them about the fucking undead no sane person will want to become scavangers !!!
      Thanks for the chapter 😀

  3. Also the weapons they give em, only little daggers for real?? not even a shield and sword…..this is worst than levling in a Fantasy Game!

  4. this is another story where his weak friends becomes legends 0 harm to them? or this is reality where his friends die one by another

  5. The rich want slaves, not competent and thinking soldiers…
    ミ /彡   
    ..ミ、|ミ //彡 Thanks!!
    ミ.|.ミ/ ./.|  Nepu!!
    .|//|.  []. ∧_∧
    /.  []    (´・ω・`)
    (Copied from Yunchii)

  6. All those three years that they were supposed to prepare them for these kind of situations… Why did not they teach them? Nope it is of course better to have some “johnsnow” kids getting killed…

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