DK – Ch 509

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The path to the future

Chapter 509

“Saint?” Dean was slightly startled: “Is it Aisha’s elder sister?”

A faint fragrance floated in the dark cell as Dean pondered. A slender figure of a wonderful girl entered the cell. She was carrying a giant sword.

Dean was surprised the moment he saw her face: “It’s you!”

Aisha was surprised to see Dean who was curled up in corner. Her memories were very clear. She recognized the teenager because she had met him in an extraordinary situation. She was impressed by him. Aisha didn’t think that the teenager framed by his sister would be the boy who she saw when hunting the splitter.

Dean was also surprised as he didn’t expect the girl wearing the purple tang suit who was hunting the splitter to be standing in front of him. He got answers to many questions that he was doubtful about.

Aisha had told him that her elder sister could hunt a monster up to level 100. The girl wearing the purple tang suit was able to beat splitter too. Although splitter had given birth and was hurt but it was a legendary monster!

There was a different of heaven and earth between the same level ordinary and legendary monsters. In short, a level 20 legendary monster would be able to hunt down and kill a monster that was much higher than it. In that sense, an adult splitter which was level 68 monster was in no way inferior to level 100 ordinary monster!

It was obvious that she was the bad sister that Aisha was referring to.

“Are you Hailey?” Dean asked.

Aisha was stunned but shook her head as she understood what has happened: “I’m Aisha. My sister’s name is Hailey. She has impersonated me when she contacted you.”

“Aisha!” Dean was startled: “No wonder she wasn’t worried about my confessions. I will be using the name ‘Aisha’… She had planned about every detail…”

The mystery and doubt in his heart was resolved. Hailey had seen his handkerchief and recognized that it belonged to her elder sister. She had posed as Aisha to use Dean. In the first meeting, Hailey tried to bring him into the inner wall. Obviously, if he had agreed back then he would be sent to a banned area of the Dragon Clan!

The dragon clan would arrest him if he went into such an area. After the investigations all the fingers would point to Aisha.

However he had refused the invitations.

It seems that Hailey had seen through his suspicions. So she didn’t invite him into the clan but instead tried to ‘confess’ her feelings and provide God’s marrow to him.

The main thing was that she had won his goodwill by trying to help. The third time when they met she had given her the secret combat arts of the clan. The fourth time was used to arrest him and frame Aisha!

Dean saw through the whole conspiracy. Hailey had used him to smear her elder sister!

He looked up at Aisha: “Were you the one who gave me the… handkerchief?”

Aisha looked at Dean’s eyes as she heard the question. She was convinced that it was the little boy from the years ago who she took to the orphanage. Although there were people with pure black eyes and hair but they were rarity. Most of the plebs had brown hair and brown eyes.

“Are you the kid who was walking in the rainy night?” Aisha still asked even though she was convinced.

Dean was perplexed as she looked at the girl who looked a year or two older than himself. He decided to carefully ask few questions: “Do you remember that night?”

He had asked the same question to Hailey but she had replied that she didn’t remember.

Hailey’s answer was reasonable as eight or nine years had passed and it was normal for her to have forgotten the night.

“It was very dark and it heavily rained.” Aisha knew that Dean’s questioned her because of her sister’s tricks. He seemed to want to confirm her identity. She recalled the night: “You were wearing strange clothes as you walked in the street. Your face was very pale as if you didn’t have blood in it. I knew that rain was very lethal for ordinary people so took you to the orphanage…”

Dean was convinced when she said ‘wearing strange clothes’.

His eyes lit up for a moment but the next second cold chill penetrated his body from his feet.

Aisha stepped forward when she saw Dean’s face turn white: “What’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable? Your temperature looks very low… ”

“Sorry … ” Dean didn’t answer her question but instead clenched his fists: “I have hurt you… I…”

He rarely blamed himself. But this instance he felt extreme guilt. The feeling had twisted his heart as if strangling him.

He always carried the handkerchief with himself in hope that he would pay her kindness back in case if he meet the girl in future. Instead of repaying her he had harmed the girl!

He was aware that the root of the deception was Hailey’s planning but he was the one who was caught in trap!

He felt angry and regretted not to listening to his own intuition back then!

Aisha was slightly startled as she didn’t think that the teenager would blame himself for the situation. She softly said: “I’m sorry for involving you in this situation. Hailey wouldn’t do such a thing if I dealt with her long ago. It was me who had implicated you in this mess…”

Dean’s head was looking down as he slightly shook his head. He spoke in a hoarse tone: “I wouldn’t get caught in her trap if I was a bit more sensitive. I brought myself to this situation and harmed you…I had to be careful…”

Aisha felt that teenager was much stubborn that she had imagined. She said in a soft tone: “It’s alright. You believed her because you thought that she is me. You weren’t prepared.”

Dean listened to her comforting words. However, he knew that his intuition had ringed the alarm for several times. He didn’t listen to his intuition but his subjective feelings. There was pain and hatred in his heart. The subject of hatred wasn’t Hailey but himself.

“It’s easy to deal with good people. I would rather kill bad ones instead of letting them go! But… how am I going to treat people who are familiar with me, my friends, loved ones… Can I live with suspicion? Should I kill rather than letting them go? But If I don’t… Then there will be ones who will disguise as my loved one, friend and so on to stab me when I’m not aware.”

He pondered about everything. He remembered Kroen who had betrayed him, he thought of Jenny’s father who had framed him and thought of Hailey’s camouflage… Would he encounter all these if he was an ordinary person?

The problem was that he wouldn’t be able to return to an ordinary life at this point. How could he step back? He had to face his own fears and solve out his problems with the problems that he would face!

If the person at the peak was destined to go through such a lonely and desperate road…then… did he have any other choice?

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  1. “If the person at the peak was destined to go through such a lonely and desperate road…then… did he have any other choice?” Sigh, I feel for him, I really do. It’s a tough life.

  2. He should invent a lie detector, or at least develop thermal vision so that he can sense the heart rate or something.

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