DK – Ch 505

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The Dark King – Chapter 505

Everyone’s eyes concentrated on her after she used the word “but”.

The dragon mother quietly watched her.

“But what?” Hailey couldn’t help but ask.

Aisha indifferently said: “I give up.”

Silence was dormant in the conference hall.

Everyone was stunned as they looked at Aisha. It was her only chance and she gave up?

Many speculations run wild in their minds. Was the condition to harsh? Did she think that she couldn’t beat Hailey in ten rounds so she gave up? It seemed that there was only one reasonable explanation.

Dragon mother take a deep look at Aisha then recovered her eyes. A smile curled up on her face.

“Since you want this title so much then I’ll give it to you.” The girl wearing the purple tang suit(Aisha) looked at her sister Hailey.

Hailey was startled.

She had prepared for this battle for long. She had actually simulated the fight in her mind many times over. She had prepared lots of shady moved…But… Aisha gave up!

“She knows that she can’t beat me in ten rounds so she gave up! She didn’t want to lose face in front of everyone!” Hailey speculated.

“I have a request.” Aisha looked at patriarch then at dragon mother who was lying on the dragon throne.

Patriarch deeply looked at her: “What is the request?”

Aisha looked at him: “The boy that was arrested was just implicated in the issue and is innocent. I want to keep his life.” She said in a serious tone.

The little girl and others knew that it was a false alarm so they didn’t care much about her request.

They didn’t care about the life of the boy as he was nobody from nowhere(outer wall). They didn’t care whether the boy was dead or alive. However it seems that Aisha was set on making sure that he stays alive.

No one dared to go against Aisha who showed such a tough attitude.

No one was willing to anger her.

“I’ll go out if there is nothing else.” Aisha said.

Patriarch said in a calm tone: “From today on Hailey is temporary saint as you have given up on fight. From now on you will be moving from the Saint Peak and you will surrender your identity as saint! You will no longer be allowed to enter the Dragon King’s Hall!”

Aisha nodded and opened her palm. There was a platinum token in it. There was a picture of a black dragon engraved on its back. She put it on table: “Dragon mother, patriarch, I’ll go now.” She didn’t look at other as she turned to leave. Her slender figure faded away in the darkness.

Everyone looked at each other in the conference hall.

No one had expected to Aisha to give up the identity of saint so easily. It was a very lofty status with big rights!

“Princess Hailey, you are the saint of our clan from now on. I hope you can replace miss Aisha and keep guard of the wasteland!” Little girl took the initiative to break the silence.

Hailey looked at the token on table. It was the thing that she had dreamed of for so many years. Now, she would be able to get it! She had paid to much for this. She had made countless fantasies about the status of saint!

However, she felt strange as everything was in front of her. It seemed that… she wasn’t excited because her sister had given up!

Her eyes lit up as she slowly reached out and picked the token. The strange thoughts and feeling faded away as the excitement took over her heart.

She didn’t care as she had won!

At the end, she got the thing that belonged to her!

On top of the Saint Peak!

Aisha packed her things and left the high-rise building. Actually she didn’t have many items and she didn’t care about valuables at all.

“Dear sister.” As Aisha was going out from the door a pretty figure walked into the square. Hailey was smiling as she looked at the bag in Aisha’s hand. She laughed: “My dear sister. You better get everything away right now or I’ll just break them and throw them away! You wouldn’t be able to get anything later on!”

Aisha indifferently said: “You have already broken what had to be broken. There is nothing left. ”

“Sister, are you still thinking about that pet of yours?” Hailey grinned: “Blame it not me. It was barking at me and I had to teach it manners!”

“Your tastes in beasts will improve as a saint. Good luck with that!” Aisha lightly said. (she is referring to the monsters in wasteland)

Hailey smiled: “You should just go back if you think I’m not good enough! Well, I always thought that my sister is more intelligent than she looks to be. You knew that I have awakened my blood power and was worried that you wouldn’t be able to win in 10 rounds. So you just simply gave up and didn’t lose face! Moreover you said beautiful words such as ‘giving it to me’. You are indeed my sister!”

Aisha looked at her: “1 round is enough to win you!”


Alright, now the unpleasant judgement arc is done. expect the unexpected 🙂

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    1. I agree, Hailey makes no effort to hide the fact that she framed Aisha. Every time they are together Hailey practically snitches on herself and exposes the entire plot to anyone nearby, all it would take is a single hidden expert of their clan to snoop in on their conversation and this would all be settled.

      1. It’s pretty obvious that Hailey somehow bought out majority of the elders. Someone even pointed out that it was Hailey behind it. Yet evidence was pointing to Aisha. Pretty much if you were framed by someone. You are going to prison. Besides it’s not hard to figure out that, Aisha is not social butterfly. It would be pretty easy for Hailey to convince others.

      2. I think you’ve forgotten that Hailey is a pioneer. What expert could hide from a person on the peak of the food chain? Why would she snitch if she knew that a person is lurking around somewhere?

  1. I think everything went surprisingly well, considering all the idiocy involved. The girl that didn’t want the job was able to resign, and the one that deeply wanted it got it. And Dean walks away alive. I have no hopes for the dragon clan with this council and Patriarch though.

    1. Yeah. This patriarch seems a bit stupid. Especially after it was pointed by Aisha that he is a heartless man. If he is a heartless man then he should seek the truth and punish accordingly. Yet he did not gave a shit. He somehow seems like a puppet. But yeah. It’s a happy ending. The funnier ending result would be if.. Dead copied this book. And gave to other clans or just everyone in outer wall would train with and but with another name. That would be funny.

  2. This chapter should barely qualify as a teaser. Thanks for the chapters. I wonder why they didn’t even call the ‘witness’, or the accused? Such a big and influential power has such a flawed justice system, it is kind of hard to swallow. The issue seemed fairly important, yet judgment was pass with zero time given for investigation. The author has a lot to answer, this all felt too convenient. I don’t believe the author to be this thoughtless, so I have high expectations.

  3. THANK YOU FOR TRANSLATING! I can’t stand waiting for the updates b/c i love this series but with all of these cliff hangars I’d much rather wait 3 months for a mass release so I can at least have a pleasant reading experience and not have to stop reading at such an unsatisfying place. These chapter releases are making me feel so bitter inside! I can’t stand that bitch Hailey!

  4. prety sure haylei did a favor to original aisha since she look so fed up with this princess thing, all i can see is a caged beast being released, and for the most i do think shes happy with the treason because she can leave the place and live the way she like. hum i hope the author stop fucking the mc and give a girl who will like him and not betray him after 15 chapters again.

  5. Authors really mess up when they make something sooo obvious but make the people in the story dumb af.

  6. *sigh* i should read the novel again until enough chapters is released.Anyway thanks for translating.

  7. Hey Snail, can you consider shifting your focus back to this series again?

    You’re really doing your “flagship” project a disservice by putting it on the back-burner. And you’re alienating your readers as well. I don’t know about others, but this is the only series I follow on your website. The other series simply do not interest me. The only other project I will read later is EotH when it catches up a bit more to where previous translator dropped it.

    If you look at the replies for all your projects, you’ll notice this is clearly the most popular one. There are no replies on your other series. At most 1-2 people saying thanks.

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