DK – Ch 504

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The Dark King – Chapter 504

“Ten rounds? Isn’t that a bit difficult?” the figure beneath Patriarch said: “Princess Hailey is also a pioneer. If she has awakened her blood power then she is already at par with the saint. It would be very hard for saint to beat her under ten rounds.”

“True,” the thin old man spoke out: “Saint has practiced the combat arts of the Dragon King and its has been pressed deep into her bone. It would be very awkward for her to fight if you limit the skill set. 30 rounds seem reasonable to me!”

“Yes.” A person whose body was hidden in the darkness said: “Ten rounds isn’t fair. 30 rounds seem reasonable!”

The little girl laughed: “Miss Aisha has been saint and fought in the wasteland for many years. Her skills are already different than ordinary pioneers. Why should she serve as a saint if she can’t been princess Hailey in 10 rounds?”

Someone else said: “10 rounds is more than enough for a life and death match! 30 rounds sounds more like a contest for endurance!”

“Endurance is one of the keys to victory! If Miss Hailey’s endurance is weak then she can’t serve as a saint!”

“Ridiculous! We aren’t here for dragging the battle for endurance but for quick duel!”

“As long as you agree.”


People sitting by the round table argued with each other.

“Shut up!” Patriarch who was silent shouted and his voice overshadowed the hall. Everyone stopped to look at Patriarch.

“10 rounds is 10 rounds.” Patriarch said in an indifferent tone: “If Aisha can’t beat Hailey in 10 rounds then she will lose her status as Saint!”

“Patriarch, this … …” the thin old man and others looked at patriarch.

Patriarch slowly shook his head: “Aisha will continue to serve as saint if Hailey loses. If Hailey wins then we will think about the replacement problem.”

“Agreed!” the little girl smiled.

everyone agreed after patriarch intervened.

“Dragon mother, what do you think?” Patriarch turned his head to looked at the lady lying on the dragon throne.

Everyone turned to looked at the dragon throne where the elegant and graceful figure was lying.

The woman was lazily leaning against the soft side of the throne. There was no trace of change on her expression as she heard patriarch’s inquire. Her eyes moved as her sight passed by all. Subconsciously all of the attendees lowered their eyes as no one dared to directly look at her.

“You are patriarch. You should decide.” The woman slowly retracted her eyes: “Since most of the elders agree with this then implement it. Both sisters should be impatient by now because of waiting. Call them in.”

The little girl and other were relieved when they saw that dragon mother didn’t intervene.

There was a trace of disappointment on thin old man’s eyes.

“Let them come in.” The patriarch looked at the darkness.

A breeze passed from the darkness.

After a moment the door to the conference hall was opened and two girls walked in step by step.

Their appearance were somewhat similar. One of them was Aisha who Dean knew and the other one was the girl wearing the purple tan suit.

Both of them had similar height and wore similar clothes. However one was colored purple while the other was green.

The expression on face of the girl wearing the purple tang suit was cold. It seemed that she was somewhat similar with the conference hall.

‘Aisha’ standing by her had a smile on her face.

“Hailey greets Dragon mother, patriarch and elders!” The girl wearing the green tang suit known to Dean as “Aisha” said. Dean would be stunned if he was in the conference hall.

“Aisha greets Dragon mother and patriarch.” The girl wearing the purple tang suit nodded towards the dragon mother and patriarch. She didn’t look at elders as her identity as saint was third to only dragon mother and patriarch in the clan. Actually these elders had to take initiative to greet her if they met Aisha. It was part of her identity as saint and it was also part of the rules.

Dragon mother slightly nodded as her lips curved into a smile.

“You are here.” Patriarch looked at his daughters. There was a complex look in his eyes as he calmly said: “Aisha, the evidence shows that you were involved in the loss of secret combat arts! Do you plead guilty?”

Aisha calmly replied: “I don’t recognize the evidence.”

Patriarch was perplexed.

“Do not recognize?” the burly middle-aged man said: “The evidence is conclusive and you don’t recognize it?

Aisha indifferently said: “No matter what kind of evidence you have if I haven’t done something then I will never recognize it! However it doesn’t matter whether I do recognize or not. You have asked us to come over so you should have already made the judgement. Pronounce it!”

The little girl gently smiled: “Your highness, your words make us look like villains. The evidence is evidence. You should pay the price when you do something wrong!”

Aisha’s (the girl wearing the purple tang suit) eyes narrowed as she looked at the little girl and slowly said: “What price you want me to pay?”

The little girl felt as if she wouldn’t be able to hide the secrets in her heart. Her face turned unnatural as she said: “Your highness, the verdict was decided after everyone discussed the issue. It’s too late if you want to… ”

“No need.” Aisha directly interrupted her.

Thin old man and others shook their heads as they sighed.

Patriarch whispered: “Twelve elders and I have unanimously decided for you and Hailey to fight. You are prohibited from using the skills of Dragon King! If you can beat Hailey in ten rounds then you will keep your post as a saint! If you will lose then you will lose your status and identity and Hailey will replace you as a temporary saint. You will have time to reflect. Do you have any objections?”

Everyone’s eyes were directed at Aisha.

Aisha’s expression didn’t change but she was silent.

“Aisha if you have an objection then you can speak out.” The patriarch spoke as he saw that Aisha was silent for a long time.

Aisha slowly said: “I have … no objections.”

There was a trace of joy in Hailey’s eyes who was wearing the green tang suit. She clenched the giant spear with her fingers.

“But … ” Aisha spoke out.

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