DK – Ch 503

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The Dark King – Chapter 503

“I can not agree with this.” The man who was lying on the table slowly sat up and spoke in a hoarse tone: “Have we steeped so low to the level of conspiracy theories? If it is so then let me add possibilities.. I suspect that Sky clan or the Rock clan had sent people to infiltrate us and plan the whole thing for us to punish the Saint. Maybe it was princess Hailey… What about evidence?”

“Oh..” The little girl grinned: “There is evidence and its without a doubt!”

The thin old man looked at her: “The issue is related to the Saint of Dragon Clan! How come your attitude is so light and lax? Why are you so eager to deal with her highness?”

“Whimsical nonsense…” The little girl looked at him: “We can sit here and argue for long time which doesn’t mate any sense. We can investigate once more too.”

“Everyone should note that down.” The thin old man replied.

“There is no need.” Patriarch slowly said: “Evidence is conclusive. There is no need to question it. You were called to discuss the way to deal with Aisha. We are not here to explore or discuss whether the evidence is credible.”

“Patriarch!” The thin old man couldn’t help but shout out.

Patriarch waved his hand to interrupt him. He glanced at everyone: “I’m listening to you all…”

The little girl said in a deep tone: “In my opinion we have to follow the clan rules. There is no prestige to them if they are broken for the sake of exclusive few.”

“Hmpf!” The ‘muddy’ man said and laid back on the table.

Outside the conference room of the Dragon clan.

Two slender figures almost of the same height stood side by side. One of them had a giant sword while the other had a giant spear. It was Aisha and the girl wearing the purple tang suit.

“Father and elders are discussing the issue at hand.” Aisha smiled as she looked at the other girl: “My lovely sister, can you guess how elders will dispose of you? You know, this issue is the theft of the core skills of the Dragon clan. I think they will just cut off your limbs and throw you into the prison for hundred years in accordance with the clan rules!”

The girl wearing the purple tang suit looked at the door and ignored Aisha.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Aisha smiled: “Sister is the saint! How could elders imprison you and make sure that we are safe from the creatures in wasteland?”

A light breeze blew and the tang suit girl’s hair slightly floated. But she didn’t respond.

Aisha narrowed her eyes: “But if saint’s identity… is taken from the sister… I wonder what would happen…” Aisha’s eyes lit up.

The girl wearing the purple tang suit whispered: “Do you want to get the identity of ‘saint’ so badly?”

Aisha saw that she finally responded: “It is what I deserve! You were lucky to win father’s love! Otherwise… ”

“Love? Are you talking about that heartless man?” The girl wearing the tang suit slowly turned her head and looked at Aisha who had somewhat similar face: ” I was born awakened! It’s not luck!”

Aisha’s face turned gloomy the moment she heard the girl talk: “You were born with that state! Isn’t that called luck? Did you even work hard or put effort into it? You didn’t!”

Aisha snorted as she continued: “I’m much different than you! I may not have your luck but I put up lots of effort! I awakened through hard work while you didn’t do anything! You are just lucky!”

The girl wearing the purple tang suit smiled: “There is a word we use a lot – ‘genius’. Mortals and plebs like you can never understand it!”

“You!” Aisha’s face turned red in anger and she clenched her fists. But after a moment the fury on her face faded as she whispered: “That may be right my dear elder sister. But I’m going to catch up with you!”

Aisha turned to look up at sky: “By the way, 80% of the elders will support me. They will propose an option for you and that is… ”

“We need a new saint!” A tall and burly middle-aged man who had barb looking things raised from his shoulders said: “Miss Aisha is a saint and we can’t directly dispose her. However she has done a taboo! I suggest that Miss Aisha resigns from her duty and Miss Hailey takes over.”

“Fine.” The little girl nodded: “She as a saint had to set an example but she had repeatedly committed offense! She shall be dismissed!”

“I second it!”

Seven or eight people raised their hands.

The rest of people looked at patriarch to see his reaction.

The patriarch’s face turned ugly: “No chance! Right now Sky and Rock clan’s are checking our move! Moreover we have to give a reasonable explanation for the change of saint!”

“Yes,” the thin old man added: “Besides, saint must have awakened his/her blood power! Miss Hailey is still young and I’m afraid with that power she wouldn’t be able to protect the perimeter of wasteland! ”

The burly middle-aged man looked at him: “Miss Hailey seems to have awakened her blood power as far as I know. She is a pioneer too. Although she isn’t as powerful as miss Aisha but she has enough strength to be the guard of the wasteland!”

“When did princess Hailey awakened her blood power?”

“How can it be!”

“How come we aren’t aware of it?”

The thin old man and the rest were shocked as they heard the news.

“The identity of the saint have always belonged to the one with strength.” The little girl laughed: “It’s true that Miss Hailey’s qualifications aren’t up to par. But she didn’t get the resources or support of the clan but have achieved today’s status! It is a fact that she has done it through hard work! In comparison Miss Aisha had natural awakening! In my opinion we should let them fight! But Miss Aisha can’t use the secret arts of the Dragon Clan. They should have a contest where they will use only ordinary combat arts. If Princess Hailey can withstand ten rounds then she wins. What do you think?”

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  1. So Aisha actually the purple tang’s name? And Hailey is the one who meet Dudian outside the wall?

    1. Yes.

      It was stated a couple chapters back. That the author is still using the reversed names is stupid.

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