DK – Ch 501

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The Dark King – Chapter 501

Aisha kept nodding her head in a well-behaved and obedient manner: “No servants… You have to wash your own clothes, cook your own food. It would be very difficult for me to understand this style of life. But sister, please talk to me anytime if you feel bitter. I as your younger sister will help you any way I can. After all, we are sisters!”

“No need for a sweet-talk.” The girl wearing the purple tang suit said: “Be straightforward and tell me what you want to say.”

Aisha smiled: “I just came to tell you that someone had given the secret combat arts of the Dragon clan to an outsider. Now this person was caught by me and I brought back the scroll!”

The elder sister replied: “I’ve already congratulated you.”

Aisha shook her head: “Sister, would you like to know who was the person caught by me? Would you like to know her identity?”

The elder sister looked at Aisha: “What do you mean?”

Aisha grinned: “Nothing. I just wanted to say that the person caught by me is someone you really ought to know. Nine years ago when you ran out of inner wall and went to outer wall you had met him. I don’t know whether you still remember him but you had sent him to orphanage and gave your own handkerchief to him!”

The girl wearing the purple tang suit tried to remember the occasion.

She remembered the rainy night that happened nine years ago. She couldn’t withstand the pressure of the family so she wanted to get out. She had went to outer wall to aimlessly wander around. She met a boy with pale skin who wore strange clothes. The boy was aimlessly walking in the dark street.

She took the initiative to talk to the kid back then. She knew that the ordinary people would be hurt by the rain so she had taken him to the orphanage to get a roof over his head. She had tried to talk to the boy but he was speaking strange words that were alien to her.

The boy had left deep impression on her because of that.


“Why do you know about that?” The elder sister coldly stared at Aisha.

“He told me.” Aisha continued: “It was a coincidence but this time God saw the injustice that was happening to me and had decided to help me. I met this man by chance and saw your handkerchief! The person remembered your favor and kept the handkerchief on him through all those years. He was dreaming of meeting you once more. Silly kid!”

Elder sister was perplexed.

Aisha grinned as she saw her elder sister: “I think that boy should be interrogated by now. I don’t have any idea how the elders will deal with him. Dragon worms should be reasonable choice! Poor boy! He has been keeping the handkerchief for so many years and looking forward to meet you. But at the end he will be tortured alive to death!”

Aisha shook her head and sighed.

The girl wearing the purple tang suit slowly said: “Do you think that I will come forward to plead for his life from elders because you said so?”

Aisha’s eyebrows wrinkled because of elder sister’s reply.

“I have already fallen to that trick of yours twice.” The girl wearing the purple tang suit continued: “Get lose if you have nothing to say. Otherwise… “She didn’t continue to talk but the killing intent exploded from her body. It was as if thousands of swords had enveloped the square.

Aisha’s face turned gloomy as she bit her lips. She clenched her fists: “You are a cold-blooded monster!”

“Get lost!”

The giant sword began to tremble as it seemed that the cloth which was wrapping it would fall away any moment.

Aisha clenched the giant spear as she stared at her elder sister’s back. She stamped on ground and flew away.

The sword stopped trembling after Aisha left. The clothing that was wrapping it was a bit loose but it once against tightly wrapped the sword.


Aisha’s figure was like a blur as she moved along the mountain road and reached the foot of the mountain.

A man whose complexion was very white was standing at the foot of the mountain. His eyebrows were white too which seemed very weird. The only thing that showed that he was from noble descent was his golden pupils. He faintly smiled as he looked at Aisha: “Is she angry?”

Aisha looked at him in anger.

The man didn’t care as he continued to ask: “Did you make sure that no flaws were left?”

Aisha smiled as if she wasn’t angry a moment ago: “Of course! This time she will have to pay the price for everything that she has taken away from me! I will get back all of it!”

“Good.” The man replied.

“There was a little flaw but the wreath that the boy had woven was ruined. It’s good that it won’t fall into eyes of the elders.” Aisha replied. Everyone knew that she loved green color while her elder sister liked purple.

Although it was a slight flaw but she didn’t want to leave tails and leads that would come back to her. This occurrence will benefit only her so she had to calculate everything perfectly!

“Very good, no flaws …” The man laughed.

Aisha snorted: “I don’t have the status which she has. If there is a little flaw then I will be beyond redemption!”

The man smiled: “Don’t belittle yourself, you aren’t worse than her. You could have done better if the resources for saint were given to you.”

“There is no need to mention that.” Aisha proudly ordered: “Let’s go. It’s time to finish this!”

The man smiled and nodded.

“Get in!”

The blonde youth was standing behind Dean.

Dean was pushed into a dark cell. He looked around as he felt the bloody odor floating in the air and the taste of human excrement.

A bit of light squeezed into the room from the door.

“Be honest kid.” The blonde looked at Dean: “Tell me who was the one that gave you the secret combat arts of the Dragon clan!”

Dean closed his eyes as he ignored the youth.

The blonde youth was holding his nose as he left the cell. He ordered the guards to look after the room.

Dean slowly opened his eyes after they left. His face was gloomy. It seems that he had to wait for the trial to be held by the Dragon Clan. The problem was that he had to find a way to get the dragon clan’s pity in case he was sentenced to death. He had to make sure that he would be useful to them in terms of value.

“Legendary magic marks, Abbey, techniques…” Dean’s eyes lit up. He didn’t have anything but it didn’t mean that he couldn’t fabricate out something. As long as he caught Dragon clan’s attention then they will try to verify the information. It would get him time…and time was all that he needed!

He would seize any chance to get out even if he had to expose his ability to fly!

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