DK – Ch 500

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The Dark King – Chapter 500

Dean had already noticed the scroll in old woman’s hand when he had entered the hall. He wanted to say out Aisha’s name when he heard the question. However he changed his mind. He knew that Aisha had carefully thought over and calculated everything. She should have expected this interrogation too. Why didn’t she prevent him from confession?

The answer seemed obvious. Aisha may not have expected such a sight. But the problem was that his confession may not be as effective as he thought as Aisha should have arranged something!

Maybe the confession was part of her plan too!

He decided that Aisha should be prepared even could use him once more in this trial.

“Hmpf!” The old woman snorted as she saw Dean was late. She coldly stared at Dean: “I know that it was Aisha, wasn’t it?”

Dean was stunned.

The old woman knew?

The old woman and two old men on her right and left understood that their guesses weren’t wrong as they saw Dean’s reaction.

“Imprison him right now!” The old woman said in a cold tone: “This matter can’t fall into ears of outsiders!”

The blonde youth said in a respectful tone: “Yes.” He looked at Dean: “Move!”

Dean didn’t resist but his heart was full of doubts.

All three of the interrogators knew that he had collided with Aisha. What was Aisha’s purpose?

Is it that he had overestimated her planning? Was scroll a flaw in her plan that was going to expose her?

Dean and the blonde youth disappeared from the hall. The old woman slowly clenched the roll in her hand: “Aisha has done something outrageous! This time she has passed the secret combat arts of the Dragon clan to the outsiders! It is a taboo and we can’t tolerate it!”

“Yes!” The old man in her right side said: “We are already used to her ridiculousness. However this time she has gone overboard and must be severely published. If it was done by someone else then that person would have been imprison and fed to dragon worms! How can we uphold the dignity of the clan if we don’t punish her?”

The other blonde old man frowned: “Although Aisha had made occasional mistakes over so many years but she has general knowledge of the family rules and secret combat arts. There should be another cause and reason for this matter to happen. In any case, the problem has to be thoroughly investigated. Firstly, we have to learn how this little devil from the outer wall has caught Aisha’s attention and confused her!”

Old woman nodded: “Yes, we have to clear out things before judging! I’ll immediately send someone to get information about the kid’s background. I saw that the energy in his body was stronger than a primary limitless level. It’s impossible to get such power in the outer wall by using god’s blessings. Aisha should have given him God’s marrows…maybe even more!”

“Yes, I’ll send someone for background check!” The other old man said.

The blonde old man looked at the old woman: “Do you want to call and question her?”

“Of course.” Old woman continued: “Not just her but Hailey too!”

“Yes!” The old man replied.

There was a steep peak standing alone as it was surrounded by the numerous mountains. There were no trace of attendants and servants on the mountain peak. There was a building at the top of the hill. A slender figure wearing a purple tang suit stood there. She had a sword in her hand which was wider than the distance between her shoulders. The blade of the sword was covered by white cloth.

The girl was holding onto the handle of the sword. She waved it forward.

The air whirred as result of the wave.

She was practicing her sword skills.

It was a routine movement that she did 20,000 times every day!

The black sword wasn’t made out of ordinary material. It was cast by mixing osmium and lead. The edge of the sword wasn’t sharp but a bit blunt. This sword wasn’t meant for battle but for her to practice.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Each move was a step closer to perfection! She was practicing to hit the target with the most straightforward and quickest way.

The girl’s eyes slightly moved as she glanced towards left.

Another girl landed on the edge of the square. There was a four or five meter long arm thick black spear in her hand. Her toes was about to land when they twisted and she moved towards the girl wearing purple tang suit. She stopped about five meters away from her.

“Elder sister, are you practicing sword skills?” Aisha smiled as she looked at the girl wearing the purple tang suit. Her eyes were full of concern.

But there was feeling that there was an invisible confrontation between them.

The girl wearing the purple tang suit stopped waving the sword and looked at Aisha: “Something wrong?”

Aisha shook her head: “Sister, you didn’t believe me but I found! You see I didn’t lie to you. I found someone who had stolen the secret combat arts of the dragon clan!”

“Good, congratulations.” The girl wearing the purple tang suit replied in an indifferent manner.

Aisha smiled as she turned to look at the building in front of the square. There was no smell of life within the perimeter: “This place is so big but you are living alone in here. Don’t you feel lonely? Do you want me to send few servants?”

Aisha’s tone was full of concern and sincerity.

The girl wearing the purple tang suit replied indifferently: “Are you here to provoke me? Aren’t you clear why I don’t have servants?”

Aisha’s eyes turned wide: “Sister, please don’t say so. How could I provoke the saint of our Dragon clan? Besides, how should I know why you don’t have servants in here?”

The girl wearing the purple tang suit looked at Aisha: “Life in solidarity is a good and quiet life. It’s not something…you will ever experience.”

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