DK – Ch 50

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The Dark King – Chapter 50


Sounds of footsteps echoed out from the rear. Dudian looked back to see Scott and Mia coming over with a large number of scavengers. Scott and Mia were in front by a difference of a large distance. Their speed was alarming as if their were humanoid cheetahs. They were hundreds of meters away, in the blink of an eye they were in front of Dudian.

“What’s going on?” Scott said hastily.

Dudian saw them and his heart loosened a lot. “Undead!”, he said pointing to the corner of the street.

Scott and Mia’s face changed as they saw two scavengers dragging Aaron who was in coma. They also noticed Scott, their faces suddenly were relieved as they said in hurry: “Help us! There is an undead! Please save Pease!”

Scott and Mia ran past and saw the undead woman eating the chunky youth. Scott immediately draw his dagger and said: “Get ready to fight! Together we will be able to kill it, otherwise it will always pursue the smell we left behind!”

Mia saw the Aaron who was injured and in coma. She asked in a trembling tone: “Is he injured?”

One of them replied: “He was bitten! We rushed him over to help him out!”

Scott’s facial expression changed: “Kill him immediately otherwise we will have to face two undeads!”

“This, this … …” Both of them heard what Scott said. They were not rookie scavengers and they had known for long time that if the person is bitten by the monster is will be infected and turned into an undead. But personally killing a scavenger who was their companion for a long time, especially a one who was still alive was hard to do.

“Can’t we rescue him?” the tall youth looked at Scott, “maybe he can hold on …”

“Idiot!” cried Scott interrupting his words. He continued in angry tone: “If you want to die then hold on to him. But if you want to live then kill him right away!”
At this time, another young scavenger said: “The undead is coming over.”

Scott quickly focused on the undead woman. She gave up the prey in her hands and glanced at the new comers with her green eyes. Taking off in a rapid pace she attacked Scott.

“Very fast!” Scott’s mind was surprised but he did not flinch a bit.

Scott made the first move and kicked the undead woman in the abdomen. She didn’t tried to dodge, was hit badly and fell to the ground. Scott seized the opportunity, quickly approached her and immediately kicked her face.

His steel boot was pointed at her jaw as he kicked again.

“Die you devil!” Scott growled, raising a dagger to stab the face of the undead woman. Dagger pierced the center of its face and the undead woman uttered a dry roar. Her body was severely twitching. Her body was struggling while her head was tightly nailed to the ground by Scott. It struggled for a while then gradually stopped moving.

As he saw the undead stopping movement, Scott was relieved and he pulled the dagger out slowly from its cheek bones.

Dudian knew that his previous guess was true, to kill the undead its head to be damaged. At this time, the other scavengers also rushed over to the scene. They saw the bloody scene and were disgusted by it.

Scott turned around and looked over the two young people and couldn’t help but shout out in anger: “Do you want to die so bad that you still haven’t killed him? If he wakes up, the first to die will be you!” Then he came over towards both of them and looked down at Aaron. He took a deep breath, stabbed the dagger through his throat and cut his head off.

Blood was spewing out as if it was a fountain.

The two youth turned pale, their legs trembling.

Scott looked at them coldly while he cleaned the blood off the dagger: “This is the giant wall’s law of the survival. You no more have your instructors by your side! Either adapt or die!”

Then he looked at the silent Mia and sighed. He ordered the other scavengers: “Light up a fire and burn these bodies. Do no let the smell of the blood lead the others towards this place!”

Scavengers who were newcomers as Dudian, one by one turned pale at the sight of such a real cruel scene. One of the girls was horrified: “I, I want to go home. I do not want to scavenge! I don’t want money…” She finished, turned around and ran crazily.

Scott angrily said: “Catch her and bring back!”

Two consortia scavengers went after to recover her back immediately.

One of the scavengers suddenly opened his eyes widely, trembling he raised his hand, pointing over Scott’s back and said: “Boss, they…they stood up…”

Everyone quickly looked up.

Dudian saw the first youth and the other female scavenger who had been bitten at first were struggling to stand up. The female’s head was fractured from the spine so as she raised her head its head twisting right and left. However she rapidly adapted to her new condition.

“Damn!” Scott looked ugly, growled: “Everyone get ready to follow me!” He was the first to rush up.

Mia was the first to keep up with Scott and the other consortia scavengers hesitated for a moment, but quickly caught up to them. Some of the newcomers from the Dudian’s group stared at this scene and dropped onto ground because of the fear.

Dudian had previously seen Scott’s skill so he reckoned that Scott and Mia should be able to solve out the two transformed undead. He clenched his dagger and went up ahead.

Mason, Sham and Zach quickly pulled him back and said: “Are you crazy?”

“I’m going to destroy the other two bodies so that they do not turn into undead,” Dodian said.

The three were surprised but immediately said: “We will go as well.”

Four of them ran behind the consortium scavengers. They had come by the bodies of the handsome and chunky youths. Dudian looked at the dead body by his feet. He hesitated for a moment but then cut off their necks.

After two blessings, Dudian’s body had become twice stronger than an average adult’s so he easily cut off their necks.

Dudian’s heart was pounding wildly. Although he knew that they were already dead, but the action had brought him guilt of killing people and fear. His hand which was holding dagger trembled. He constantly comforted himself in his heart, suddenly he heard sudden screams that came up from the front.
He saw more than a dozen consortium scavengers, including Scott and Mia, with a face full of panic, turn and flee towards them.

Dudian saw more than a dozen undeads from the gap while the consortium scavengers were escaping.

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  1. So much for a “clean” zone, well I guess this could be considered a wandering horde.

    Thanks for the chapters.

  2. Where is that cold-minded young man at the beginning of the novel? Now all time he is letting his emotions take the best of him …

    1. he s just a stupid kid i dont really understand author his character lost all his charm imo.he was supposed to be a 168 ıq genius etc. where s the reasonable personality go?he d ve tasted the life and death at desert against the snake then against 3 star alchemist but no his first exp was a rat:D this novel loses its charm as genius,calm,collected,firm character s drained to sewer by author as hiding behind a lame excuse of he s still a child pah how old was he when he faced that alchemist which brilliant author so glorified as a strong force:S

      in of my rant sorry and tx for chap
      i hope this stupid kid syndorm of mc ll be finished as quick as possible.

      1. Wow. So much rage. IQ not EQ people. When since was an IQ of 168 equated to emotions. You wake up in a world with monsters and after killing ONE man, you suddenly think he’s supposed to become a cold killer? He’s smart, not a murderer. And 12 btw. But i’m sure all twelve year old do that nowadays. >.>

        Yeah, that alchemist was a living man who tried to dissect him and his death was self due to self defense and quick thinking. And a snake? They can’t compare (which was mentioned when they fought the rat) seeing a bunch of dead people with their heads destroyed would scare even me. How can you compare that to what he went through in the desert?

        Have you ever killed a person or been in that situation to understand? Or maybe attacked by mutant rats the size of a Doberman? This kind of thing must take some getting used to. How would you know how he’s supposed to feel?
        Plus that alchemist can’t infect you if you get scratched or bitten making you get “possessed by the devil”, he didn’t have have ultra speed or terrible strength (btw he was trying to find out how to get the strength of hunters in the first place).
        Being decisive and ambitious is different from being unfeeling. I think you all are being a bit unfair.

        1. I agree, this idiots that are complaining doesn’t know the difference between being smart and ruthless, they think if he’s smart he should be ruthless too lol

        2. i have to agree with you completly and i think people forget that for most of his life he lived in the world we currently know i mean he almost cried when he learned he killed someone and thought he’d be sent to prison for murder earlier i think that yes like you said hes incredibly intelligent and much more mature than people of his age but hes still a 12 year old making it harder to adapt and thing is imagine living in the military for years just training and then being asked to suddenly go to the middle east and gun down people ITS A LOT TO TAKE IN and thats when your looking at a full grown man so yeah gotta give props to you
          P.s. i know this is a bit stupid but i actually didn’t know what an Eq test was. so i looked it up and i actually ended up learning something today

  3. ミ /彡   
    ..ミ、|ミ //彡 Thanks!!
    ミ.|.ミ/ ./.|  Nepu!!
    .|//|.  []. ∧_∧
    /.  []    (´・ω・`)
    (Copied from Yunchii)

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