DK – Ch 5

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The Dark King – Chapter 5

The world of darkness

I would like to thank lncendairy for doing an awesome job by editing the first chapter!


The next morning.

Gray sat on a stool near the table. He was holding the residential area newspaper mailed in the morning. There were information about recent news about various parts of the neighborhood, as well as number of recruitment advertisements into various factories. Jura was busy in the kitchen making breakfast. She brought up meals to the table, everything was the same as usual.

Dudian’s biological clock sounded, waking him up from sleep. He folded his bed, washed his face and went over to kitchen. He greeted Jura couple with simple “good morning” and took a sit near the table to began to eat the breakfast.


At this time, Jura carried Dudian’s share and put it opposite to him. As Dudian tasted the meal, Jura asked with a slight smile on her face: “how’s the taste?”

“A bit spicy,” replied Dudian, “I like spicy food.”

“That’s good.” Jura smiled.

Gray then put down the newspaper, looked over the table towards Dudian. “Dean, your aunt and I have chosen a marriage for you. You have to be prepared today. So dress up well and because we are going to meet some people.”

Due to the requirements of Dudian, Gray and Jura have temporarily accepted to be addressed as “Uncle and aunt”.

After last night’s situation, Dudian’s mind has calmed down. Pretending to be an innocent kid without any awareness he blankly asked: “What is the affair?

Jura looked at Dudian and whispered to Gray: “You see, I said Dean is still small. We could wait for a few years more.”

“Age of thirteen, is the legal age of marriage.” Gray looked back at her. There was a bit coldness in his eyes and said: “Let’s just get him engaged for now. Being a few years ahead won’t harm no one.”

Jura saw her husband mind firmly decided on marriage no longer said anything.

“We’ll take you to a nice big sister,” Gray said to Dudian. “It’s a great opportunity for you and do all you can to get her approval. So that you can eat a lot of good food every day , wear good clothes and never go hungry. Do you know what I mean? ”

“Really? I will!” Dudian replied with calm mind. Moreover he had a surprised look on his face which made it look like more realistic.

Gray’s face turned in a big wide smile, said: “Really good. Dean is a good boy. Alright decided, eat first.”

Soon, all of them finished their meals.

Dudian made a great “eager” performance. As a result Gray had a relieved look.

“Come over Dean. First put on new clothes.” Jura took Dudian to the cabinet where a brand new black suit, bright red tie, and shiny shoes were placed. She let Dudian change. After he was dressed, eyes of Jura and Gray could not help but lit up. Dudian’s pale snow-like skin and black eyes were giving him an aristocratic feeling.


“What a beauty!” Jura laughed heartily.

Gray’s heart was overjoyed: “Excellent, let’s go!

“Ah!” Dudian tried to look very excited and astonished.

After locking up the door, Jura came over to hold Dudian’s hand and asked Gray: “It’s a bit early. Can we find carriages?”

Gray smiled and said: “Here, in vain. But I was told in Avril house that they will send a carriage to pick us up”. At the same time “da da da” and hoof sounds came up from corner of the street. A carriage with golden ornaments turned over and came up to stop just before them. On the roof of the carriage was a silver-white flag with a white flower engraved on it which was flag banner of Avril house.
The driver was wearing a black high-heeled hat and a black suit. He jumped out of the carriage smiled and said: “Gray and Jura, the lady has been waiting for you.” He leaned his chest sideway, to invite them into carriage, demonstrating noble aristocratic manner.

Gray heart jumped and began to flatter: “how can we make Miss Ivy wait. It would be very rude, on to the carriage!” He quickly held Dudian’s hand and in a forced manner got them into carriage.


At this time, the coachman seemed to have noticed Dudian. His eyes flashed with a trace of the color of surprise, but immediately resumed his polite smile.

Da da da … …

After Dudian’s family sit in the carriage, the driver shake off the rope, the carriage began to ride.

Dudian was silently watching at the buildings passing by, as well as the pedestrians who were passing by the roadside. Most of them had surprised and awe-inspiring look at the carriage. At this time Gray and Jura did not speak, and no longer asked Dudian anything, worried about falling into the ears of the driver and later spread to Avril home.

Carriage reached south side of the giant wall in a smooth drive. The young guard at the gate made a ‘fist against chest’ salute as soon as his eyes detected the flag on top of carriage’s roof. He made way for them to pass instantly. Later on he calmed down and restored his work, continuing to check those who want to enter the business district.

This is the business district?

Dudian looked at the clean street outside the carriage. The road was clean and pedestrians had beautiful clothes. Immediately, the difference with the residential area could be felt. As in comparison with the slums, it was like the difference between heaven and hell, without any exaggeration.

Soon, the coachman parked the carriage in the street at the end of an exquisite elegant building. Dudian saw that on the building hung a cardboard piano sign, painting was very realistic. He couldn’t but wonder how the piano was retained in this poor and incomplete world.

The carriage stopped at the main entrance. Then a black suited young man walked quickly out of the mansion, looking down the carriage to Gray and Jura. He smiled and said: “Miss has waited for a long time, please come with me.” Leading the way.

Gray had an inexplicable tension in his heart as it was absolutely impossible to see the magnificent buildings at the residential area. Straightening his back a bit and holding Dudian’s hand Gray walked in front.
As soon as Gray couple went into the hall, their eyes were attracted by agate jewel-like brilliant oil lamp light. Jura performance was better, as she was invited to cure people in the business district several times. She was slightly calm. For Gray, it was the first time to come to such a place. Dudian through holding his hand, felt the man was slightly nervous. As his body was slightly trembling. He could not help but shook his head in mind.

Sound of music was echoed in the hall. Dudian, at first glance, saw the hall is extremely spacious. Many people sat there to eat snacks, listen to music, whisper to chat. They had very gorgeous dresses. Fabric of clothing, dress lines and materials seemed much better than the ones used in residential area. Especially the color contrast was much more visible.

Black suit Young man gently made a gesture toward the inside of a separate room.

Dudian looked to see two figures sitting there. A middle-aged beauty woman, about 30 years old. She had a tailored delicate skirt and very mild look on her face. Next to her was sitting an 11-year-old girl, fair complexion, a brown hair, oval face, although not yet mature, but definitely a beauty.

The little girl also noticed the face of the Gray family, eyes swept over the two adults and fell on the body of Dudian, eyes flashed a trace of surprise.

At this time, that middle-aged woman stood up to greet Jura with smiles: “Dr. Jura the last time my family master’s illness was cured thanks to you. Today he has a business to deal with so he won’t be here.”

Gray said, “Mr. Avril is busy man”

Middle-aged women replied with a smile: “First sit.”

“Yes, yes.” Gray immediately opened the chair and sat down. Perhaps he was too tight to begin with so the chair’s foot knocked on the ground a bit forcefully. People who were sitting close by immediately raised their eyebrows and began to softly chat.
Jura sat down too. The middle-aged woman’s eyes fell on Dudian body, her eyes also passing a trace of surprised color. As if relieved looked over to Gray, smiled and said: “This is your adopted child, really white.”

Gray replied to praise Avril house’s daughter: “Your house lady is too beautiful. So small, delicate and beautiful. She looks very smart. She has inherited your beauty.”

Middle-aged beauty woman smiled, suddenly said: “on to the marriage … …”

Gray body tightened, Jura looked a little nervous.

“If Annia doesn’t have reprisal, it would be so.” Middle-aged woman was unexpectedly straightforward.

Gray and Jura glanced towards each other in surprise.

At this time, the little girl looked at Dudian and suddenly spoke:”I want to go out with him.”

Middle-aged beauty woman seems to have expected her words, smiled and looked to Gray and Jura.

Gray responded, even said: “Dean, accompany Miss Annia to go out. Remember to take care of Miss Annia”. He patted Dudian’s shoulder, to give him encouragement.

At this time, Annia got off the seat, turned and walked toward the outside, did not look at Dudian, did not stop waiting for him.

Dudian looked at Gray and Jura whose eyes were filled with encouragement and hope. His heart was very quiet. He said “hello” to middle-aged beauty and turned around to keep up with Annia, leaving the hall.

“The child is quite sensible.” Middle-aged woman looked at the back of Dudian, smiled and said one.

“Fortunately… …” Gray whispered in low tone.

To the outside of the street. Annia looked at the black suit servant and waved her small delicate hand: “Do not have to follow, I will walk in the vicinity”

“Yes, Miss.” Black suit young servant replied.

When he left, Annia continued to walk in front, did not look back, and did not speak with Dudian, as if she was alone. Dudian had learned to endure loneliness, quietly followed behind her. By observing the buildings on both sides of the street, from these local customs, he could infer the world’s approximate standard of living and technological level.

After a long walk.

Annia suddenly stopped. Dudian was looking around and walking so he almost hit her back. Only to smell the fragrance of fragrant flowers, floated from her clothes, quickly took a step back to get distance between them.

At this time, Annia turned her body. Because of the age advantage she was slightly higher than Dudian by half head. Her beautiful white oval face, without the slightest expression, quietly overlooked Dudian.

There was a feeling of indifferent aura from Annia. Dudian had a faint so quietly looked up at her.

Seeing Dudian’s calmness, Annia’s eyes flashed a trace of surprise, but soon returned to the cold expression, said: “Have you ever heard of opera?

Dudian suddenly was surprised for a moment. He did not think she would suddenly come up with irrelevant topic. Subconsciously answer no by moving his head. Annia did not give him the opportunity to speak, continued: “You heard about music styles? ”

No. Dudian was about to say.

“Do you know ballroom dance?” Annia tone of indifference, did not give him the opportunity to answer.

Dudian had come to understand that this is not a polite question but filled with undisguised contempt. He silently watched the girl.

“Do you know how to ride the horse?”

“Do you know swordsmanship?”

“Do you have ideals and pursuits?”

Annia asked six questions in one breath, then looked at Dudian calmly, and said: “If you are a clever child, you should already understand that you and I are not the people of the same world”.

Dudian quietly looked at her beautiful face, did not expect such a sharp or even mean words to come up from mouth of a child who is three or four years older than him.


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  1. thx for the chapter!!! It’s an interesting novel 🙂
    “Dudian through holding his hand,”->”Dudian, through holding his hand,”

  2. Guess you’re still thanking the editor for editing the FIRST chapter because he sure as hell didn’t edit this chapter. It’s plagued with mistake.

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  4. Foolish woman. She doesn’t even know how to survive on 15$/month scholarship, yet she has the gall to question this uncle? Courting death!

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