DK – Ch 499

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The Dark King – Chapter 499

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Aisha walked on top of the giant wall with a giant spear on her hand. The size of the spear was completely inconsistent with her body.A road passing between the jungle, and occasionally from the boulder or fell on t

She had ran half the way when she turned around and looked at front. A figure flashed past.

Her eyes narrowed as her lips curled up.

Dean quietly followed the blonde youth and seven others. The chaos in his heart gradually calmed down. He understood that his days with Aisha were all about lies and traps! The purpose of gifts such as god’s marrow and the combat arts of the dragon clan were to pave the foundation for this moment!

“It means that she doesn’t want to kill me!” Dean murmured. Actually taking into account Aisha’s strength there was no need to go through such a trouble to kill him. There were likely two reasons behind the trap. First one should be that she had investigated his identity and knew that he was a deacon of the monastery. She may use him to deal with the monastery.

A deacon of monastery stealing the combat arts of the dragon clan… It is a good excuse for an attack.

The second reason was to imprison him for their own use. They may force him to produce inventions for the Dragon clan.

“This is good too …” Dean smiled: “Everything is paid off now.”

The blonde youth turned towards Dean: “Stop muttering nonsense and hurry up!” Youth sped up.

Dean ignored the youth as he kept his pace a bit higher than the speed of a senior hunter. He could escape if he went through some tricks but the others were primary level limitless. There was no point even if he could escape. They would find his nest.

Two hours passed in the blink of an eye.

Their speed slowed down after they came to a wide open place.

Dean noted that there was a place similar to the passages of the giant wall.


The blonde youth took the lead as he went into the entrance.

The remaining seven rushed in as they surrounded Dean.

The structure of the place was similar to the passages of the giant wall from the outer wall area. There were murals of the goddesses on both sides of the wall.

They passed through the passage and went out from the other side of the wall.

Dean looked up to see eighy mounts with saddles. They seemed like a mix of cow and lizard. There were steel armor on their heads and knees. His eyes lit up. He had seen these monsters in the Atlas. They were called rock dragon. It was said that there were similarities between the appearance of rock dragons and the legendary dragon. According to the legends the rock dragon had 1/1000th of blood trait from the original dragon.

In any case, few would confuse the rock dragon with the legendary dragon. After all, the rock dragon was only a monster which was classified as a rare monster in the atlas.

“Let’s go!” The blonde youth shouted at Dean.

Dean followed him as they sat on top of the rock dragon. The moment his left hand touched the back of the rock dragon’s head the monster began to hoof disorderly and make a commotion.

Dean quickly raised his left hand. The blonde youth turned to look at Dean who was sitting behind him. He raised his hand and the rock dragon quieted down.

“Second princess, we will go back now.” The blonde youth said as he looked at the giant wall.

Aisha who was on the edge of the giant wall nodded but didn’t say anything. Her eyes paused on Dean’s body for a moment then she turned her head.

The blonde youth pulled the ropes and the rock dragon began to sprint.

Dean silently sat on the back of the rock dragon.

It was useless to escape. He had to wait to see how things will turn out. There was a glimmer of hope for him even if the dragon clan made him produce inventions for them.


Eight rock dragons sped away. The ground was rumbling as they moved. They were approaching the fort protecting the central zone.

The soldiers stationed on the fort saw approaching rock dragons from afar. They opened the gates of the fort in advance so that not to slow down their passage.

They reached mountains full of greenery and lush after half an hour. The rock dragons climbed through the steep peaks. It didn’t take long for them to reach the top of the mountain.

There was a huge square in front of them. At the end of the square there was a tall building which reminded Dean of cathedrals. There were sharp cones on top of the building. It was meant to transmit the lightning.

It seemed that the inner wall has used the principle behind the lightning rods for long.

Some of the castles of the nobles in the outer wall had spiral tops which reminded Dean of the medieval architecture of the old era. However now he knew that they were just trying to imitate the buildings from the inner wall.

“I’ll go in to report. Look after him.” The blonde youth said in a cold tone.

Seven people surrounded Dean.

The blonde youth walked along the steps and reached the front of the building. He entered through the door.

The blonde youth returned after moments: “Come with me.”

Dean followed after him.

They entered the building. The hall was covered with soft carpet and it was very spacious. There were rows of chairs on both sides of the hall.

There were three figures. All of them seemed to be over 50 years old. There was white hair mixed in their heads. They were wearing gowns which looked similar to the ancient eastern dresses. However they had mixed elements from the ‘modern’(he means the current one) world too.

“Scrolls.” The old woman in the middle of the trio looked down at Dean.

The blonde youth who stood by Dean’s side came forward in haste. He bent over and handed the scroll: “Elder, this is the scroll that was lost.”

The old woman took the scroll with one of her hands while the other was leaning on a pestle stick. She looked at Dean with coldness in her eyes: “how did you get this?”


Alright, let me clear up the confusion. We will have releases twice a week. An awesome arc is coming up!

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  1. Nice, nice, thanks for taking up another novel as well, can’t let your speed go to waste right lol.
    also Dean doesn’t seem surprised at all, good he learned from the past.

  2. *shocked*
    aisha really tried to frame dean!?…or she has something else
    (one of the comment form 497 is true)
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    anyway thanks for the chaps!!

  3. Thanks for chapter

    It will be difficult to get used to two chapters per week of TDK, I’m unaccustomed to reading every day
    Anyway, I’m going to try to help by patreon, my English is not very good because I’m Brazilian and I’m still learning.
    Is there a donation button? I did not find …. or the donation would be by patreon? I’m sorry, I’ve never done this before.
    Your translation remains great as always snail, good job

      1. Why this sudden change? I liked the everyday tdk gave me something to do while in the bus

  4. Lets be honest, the betrayal of aisha was something predictable (the author sure likes to use the “carrot and stick” with Dean). That said, i still want to see how things end. will dean become a new member of the dragon clan? is a war going to happen betwen the monastery and the dragon clan?…Thanks for the chapters.

    1. He better not. I hope MC doesnt just get forced to join and hes all cool with it. Revenge would be in order.

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  7. My suspicions were confirmed. Aisha captured Dean to be used for something. The question being; for what?
    My theory is that she is using Dean to get to her ‘evil’ sister, who is actually not the evil one. The sister giving him an handkerchief probably means that Dean has some value to her.

    Dean did a good job faking that he was still sincere to Aisha. While Aisha might believe him, we obviously know he just did that to salvage the situation as best as possible.

    Did the translation slow down to prevent catching up to the raws too fast?

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