DK – Ch 498

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The Dark King – Chapter 498

“Ai … sha?” Dean felt like he was struck by lightning as he stared at the figure that fell from the sky.


The blonde youth’s foot kicked the giant wall as his body was reaching the ground. He took the leverage from the kick and rolled few times on the air before landing. There two small pits where he landed down. However the youth didn’t stop there but used his spear as he rushed towards Dean.

“Alive!” Aisha narrowed her eyes as she talked.

The spear stopped few centimeters away from Dean’s spine. The blonde youth’s wrist flicked and the tip of the spear lifted to Dean’s neck. He could take Dean’s life with a small move.

Dean didn’t dodge as it seemed that he wasn’t aware of danger from behind. He deeply looked at Aisha and lowered his head.

The doubt that was in his heart was confirmed.

Aisha was surprised that Dean was calm. She was expecting him to be angry and throw a tantrum by asking questions. She whispered: “Search him! He has sneaked into our region so he must have something on him!”

“Yes.” The youth recovered his spear. He knew that Aisha was responsible for guarding this part of the giant wall. He looked at Dean: “Kiddo, take off your clothes.”

Dean was silent for a moment. Afterwards he slowly raised his head and looked at Aisha: “Can you tell me the reason?”

Aisha wrinkled her eyebrows: “What are you talking about?

Dean looked at her eyes: “What is your purpose?”

“Shut up!” The blonde youth exclaimed: “Stop talking nonsense! How dare you…”

“It’s nothing!” Aisha interrupted the blonde youth and indifferently said: “Search the boy and take him back for interrogation.”

The blonde youth pushed around Dean as he checked his clothing. His eyes fell on parcel in Dean’s hands. He snatched it.

Dean didn’t do anything as he let the blonde youth take it away. He was just staring at Aisha.

Aisha smiled and blinked. He once again saw the playful appearance of Aisha.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Seven figures approached them in haste: “Greetings, second princess!”

The blonde youth unlocked the parcel that he had taken from Dean. He looked at the thing inside it as he was stupefied: “What… is this?”

Aisha looked at the thing that was taken out from the parcel. She was stunned as the scrolls weren’t there but a wreath woven out of rare green flowers. The smiled on her face faded away as she stared at Dean.

Dean also stared back at her. His eyes lit up when he saw the change of expression on her face. He slightly clenched the sides of his sleeves.

Aisha’s eyes were full of anger. She pondered about something: “Search vicinity. The thing has to be hidden somewhere around!”

Dean was still staring at her.

The blonde youth gestured at other seven people and they dispersed to look around.

“Boy, be honest with us. Where have you hidden the scrolls?” The blonde youth grabbed Dean by the collar of his shirt.

Dean look at him with indifference at his eyes as if he was looking at a worthless commodity: “I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

“Stop acting!” The youth pushed him out of anger: “Do you mean that you were just taking a stroll outside the giant wall?”

Dean took back few steps. He held back his emotions as he coldly said: “There is freedom outside the giant wall! I will go wherever I want to go! Do I need to report you where should I go and what should I do?”

“You!” The blonde youth grabbed the green wreath: “What is this?” He threw the wreath onto ground and mercilessly smashed it with his foot.

Dean silently looked at the wreath that was kicked by the blonde youth.

Aisha’s eyebrows wrinkled as she looked at the wreath. The green flowers that were used to weave wreath. She remembered that she had mentioned to that those flowers were her favorite when she had met Dean the first time….

“Found it!”

A shout echoed.

Aisha and blonde youth reacted as they looked towards the source of the voice.

Dean’s heart sank. He didn’t need to look back as his vision enabled him to see one of the seven people bringing back the scroll.

It was the scroll from the Dragon clan that he had hidden under a stone.

The man quickly arrived and handed the scroll to the blonde youth.

The blonde youth shook and opened the scroll. His face slightly changed as he read the content: “Second princess, it is the secret arts of our Dragon clan!”

Aisha coldly said: “Take him back for investigation!”


The blonde youth grabbed Dean’s arm: “Kiddo, you better be honest…”

Dean was silent as he let the youth grab himself by arm. He knew that he didn’t have room for a leeway. He wouldn’t be able to escape from Aisha and blonde youth let alone the other seven limitless.

“Let’s go!” Aisha jumped off from the giant spear. She used her hand to pull it out from the soil.

The blonde youth and the other seven didn’t climb the wall but escorted Dean along a passage under the giant wall.

Aisha was walking on the edge of the giant wall but were paying attention to Dean and others. She knew that they had about ten seconds before catching up with Dean. But the boy had used that time frame to hid the scroll. It meant that he had doubts about her!

But when she remembered the wreath she understood that it was not about doubting her! Dean had tried to hid the scroll so that he didn’t harm her!

There were many number of ideas that passed through her mind! However she didn’t ever think that the teenager would be so sensitive towards a crisis.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    ifeel like people won’t like it but I kinda like it haha thats why I started reading it anyway, bored of the cliche

  2. Yeaaahhh… Woohoooo!!!

    Thanks for the chapter, I have been waiting for
    These chapters to get released.
    You are awesome Madsnail, Keep it up (y)

  3. This sux, no wonder he’ll become the dark king. Definitely the road for a very very dark and disturbing character, i cant seem to find anyone to root (like splitty before) for on this novel. Its just like GR Martins novels anyone can be an enemy anyone can die and no sense on rooting for someone, maybe the author will add people doing it later(in details) soo… it will have something!??? not!

    just jking. i root for the giant wall, and maybe the radiation 😁😁😁 hope they wont destroy the former and not get rid of the latter ahahaha

  4. Oh look someone betrayed him wow so surprising. Yawn. Anyone who still finds this interesting is as brain dead as the hack who spews this repetitive garbage out.

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