DK – Ch 497

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The Dark King – Chapter 497

Dean rolled up the scroll and came to the alchemy room. He put the scroll aside as he picked up materials and threw them into the stove to smelt. He picked his own weapon and began to practice the moves of the dragon clan.

“Dragon stabs the bright moon …”

Dean turned his weapon in a slow manner to practice the first move.

Aisha would be surprised if she saw Dean’s practice. The problem was that Dean’s practice order wasn’t accordance with the one against a group skill set of dragon clan neither it was in reverse order.

The fire was reflected in Dean’s cheek while the materials slowly smelted in the stove. The speed of his practice was still slow. Moreover the moves that he displayed became increasingly chaotic!

Time passed…

The barbarians were forced to return to radiation zone, to their original place of residence, after the continuous campaign of the military. The forces of the military pursued them but they failed to finished them for good. Even though the military had steam rifle and the artillery but their were in an unfamiliar terrain. In addition cruel weather and erosive properties of the radiation made sure the military to lose large number of soldiers.

The soldiers were slightly stronger than ordinary people. The military didn’t have enough resources to provide god’s blessing to each soldier.

However the soldiers who were given ‘blessings’ came out with outstanding meritorious services.

Dean read on the newspapers that the fish were forced back to the sea. However the military’s intention to kill the barbarians for good was a bit greedy from their side.

Moreover, Dean had seen the barbarian king’s tent and observed the strong heat exuded from the king’s body. It was an utter nonsense to try to destroy the barbarians with just the army unless they invited strong people from the inner wall.

Dean had more information at hand because of being an elder of the 9th region. Barbarians seemed to be the hidden danger in the radiation zone. The problem was that if the inner wall intervened then this hidden danger could go extinct for once and all. However they didn’t because of many reasons. The most important reason out of all was the control of population!

The giant wall would be overcrowded sooner or later because of reproduction.

But a war would naturally and effectively delay the trend!

The speed of human reproduction wasn’t low in the Earth’s biological ecosystem. Even if the natural deaths were included, the giant wall would be stuffed with humans.

Dean was making a speculation and he didn’t have the slightest evidence regarding the theory. However he didn’t doubt his own intuition. There were many cases in the history which would back up his theory. Even if diseases, plagues and other things were included the inner wall couldn’t be so empty after three hundred years!

The main reason why inner wall didn’t intervene was because the barbarians were the trump card in balancing the population.

“All the walls of this world will be broken one day!” Dean whispered.

A month passed in the blink of an eye.

Dean quietly went out of the commercial district and reached the western corner of the giant wall.

He was ahead of Aisha once again.

However he didn’t care much about it as he sat down on a boulder and waited for her. He visualized the skill set while he waited for her. In addition there were some things that he couldn’t comprehend.

“I’ll ask her after Aisha comes.” Dean muttered. Aisha was a pioneer and she should have learned the Dragon clan’s combat skills. Moreover some times it was much better to learn from someone rather than reading from the scrolls. After all the size of the scroll was limited and many things weren’t described in it.

Dean slightly opened his eyes as he looked at the green grass that swayed because of the breeze. It was like waves of the green sea accompanied by the wind.

He felt a chill from behind.


His pupils shrank as he felt a hint of bad feeling from behind. His eyes widened as the pupils contracted into a small circle. He noticed many red dots!

They were coming from all sides. There were some approaching from behind the giant wall while some from the wilderness. All of those red heats were in humanoid shape!

Someone was coming over!

Dean realized that the situation was against him. His intuition was very accurate so he turned and ran!


A sound which was similar to buzzing of bees echoed. It seemed like something was about to cut (slice through) the world!

Dean looked up in haste as he saw the incredible scene!

A sharp spear came down from the sky. It seemed to carry infinite power. A blonde youth was holding onto it. His eyes were golden. The youth had jumped down from the giant wall!

He wasn’t afraid of death!

The idea popped up in his mind. However the next moment he put it aside. IF the youth jumped from such a height then it meant that he wasn’t worried about death! He quickly turned to ran as he was at a loss.

The heat exuded from the blonde youth’s body was as strong as a sun! Although it wasn’t on Aisha’s level but was several times stronger than Francis!

He couldn’t face such an enemy!

Moreover the another seven heat figures follower the blonde youth. All of them were at the same level with Francis!

It meant that they were limitless!

“Who are they? Why they want to chase me? Is it…that my meetings with Aisha have been exposed?” Dean felt the murderous intent form the spear. He turned to look at the blonde youth. The badge on his shoulder… The patterns on it…

He had seen the same pattern on the carriage the first time he had met Aisha!

They were from the dragon clan!

Dean rushed out. His blood was boiling while coldness burst in his heart.

“No! no! Absolutely not!” Dean’s eyes were red.

“Haha…” A gentle laughter echoed from the sky. A giant spear smashed to the ground in front of Dean. He looked at the slender jade like legs standing on top of the spear. He concentrated on the person who was laughing. Dean was frozen on spot as earthquake burst in his heart.


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  1. Oh man your speed and your quality are just amazing. Keep up the good work my friend and you have my gratitude for introducing those hidden gems to us !

      1. Ikr, He’s a real mad snail. He got so mad he’s challenging the norm of a snail with his translating speed + quality

    1. Lol isnt it obvious it has to be a girl of the dragon clan and she has met the MC or else he wozldn t be so shocked so it has to be the girl who killed the leg mantis + she should be the (evil) sister of Aisha since that wozld be the most obvious solution to her power the she wozld as always try to kill Mc either cuz of the book or because of his meetings with aisha and my guess he shows his wings and flys in to wilderness eventually to the terretory of the Barbarians to solidify hin influenc on them but just guessing the later part

      1. I for one think it’s Aisha herself and all this is part of some twisted hunting game of the degenerate nobles from inner wall.

    1. It is probably the sister. It was already a flag when Aisha mentioned that she has a cruel sister who always torments her and tries to take anything she has.

      I bet the sister found out about Aisha’s secret meetings with Dean and decided to fuck with him to torment her.

      1. I think it is Aisha. She probably is the evil one of the two sisters. My guess is that she wants to have a nice hunt, and groomed Dean so that she can hunt him. You can see her character that loves tormenting people from when Dean first saw her in the inner wall (she looked like she was just playing around by tormenting people).

        I doubt that she is the girl that he met by the orphanage, as she did not say anything that proofed she remembered him, only some nonsensical stuff like ‘ah, you where that boy from back then’. My guess is that her sister is the one responsible for helping Dean, and that she wants to kill him just cause she can’t stand her sister.

        I also wonder who the girl that killed the giant splitter is. She is related to the dragon clan, however she was more just than Aisha.

        1. Going by your theory. That girl would be Aisha.
          I mean the weaker sister of the two. If this one is pretending then, that other girl fits the picture.
          Because she can’t be the evil ‘stronger’ sister. Especially after it was mentioned that she could hunt monsters up to lvl 100, and she seemed to be able to kill Skippie’s mother on her own but with problems. Lvl 100 wouldn’t have problems with Skippy..

      2. There is something wrong with aisha’s attitude. Why would she fully trust dean? Isn’t it supposed to be somewhat wary when you just met a stranger? Why would she just give him ton without getting anything back? She isn’t that nice from what i could see( when she gave dean permission to kill the manager of the circus at their first meeting)….. so how could she have the heart to help dean go to the home of the abandoned children that night.
        In top of that what really happened that night when dean just got out of the machine. Did aisha see him come out of the machine? Why did she helped him to get to the home of the parentless children? She even gave her the handkerchief that has the insignia of her dragon clan?

        In short she is hiding something——- i guess?

        1. I agree on some parts. I remember some discussions how Dean is overdoing it by not trusting her at all. But why should he trust her. Her attitude toward him is really weird. I mean.. if this was normal harem xianxia then it would be normal that girls just fall in love with him for no reason. But he really did not gave her a reason to like/love him. And she acts.. well everyone can see how she acts.

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  2. She is the sister, i think she is the same person he met and who killed the mother legendary monster
    Thanks for the chapter

  3. Hmmm…i dunno but.. I don’t like Aisha (never liked her… ever since). What if Aisha’s not the handkerchief-girl? What if it was her sister? She once said that her sister’s a brat. But if her sister’s the Dragon-girl… Then i don’t think she’s a brat. The Dragon-girls quite cool. And she even shared a bit of info to Dudian. She even told Dean to come and look for her if he gets inside the inner wall. I don’t know.. (might’ve been over thinking or what.. *shrugs*)


  4. i personally think that girl is aisha that’s why he was so shocked. He was shocked because he was again going to be betrayed by someone he believed

  5. Why would it be Aisha ? She has no reason to feed him with good stuff and then bring the clan to betray him
    I think they come because the sista learnt about the martial book

    1. So far we only have Aisha saying bad things about her sister and that she was the one who rescued Dean. But what if the hankerchief actually belonged to her sister and she recognised it, thinking Dean has a deeper relation to her sister (as she rescued him and gave him the hankerchief). She could have planned to use Dean to hurt her sister. After finding out there was no relation between them, she wants to kill him now.

    2. Actually she CAN have a reason to ‘feed’ him. He is weak, but she thinks he is way weaker than he actually is. She probably wants to kill/arrest him, but needs a good reason to do so. If he had taken her bag with the ‘god marrow’, she could have said he stole it from her, and have proof. By creating the grass bag, Dean has marrow, and she has no proof. By giving him the book she has something which can serve as proof again, thus allowing Dean to be captured/killed.

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  8. Well as far as i remember aisha seems to know the exact details of that night when dean just got out of the machine, so i dont think she is just pretending to be the girl that saved dean that night.
    I mtl’ed the next chapter but i am having a bad time understanding it. I only got some vague informations; it seems like it really is aisha that sent those who are attacking dean because only aisha knows the specifics of their meeting, and it seems like they want to get the scriptures of the techniques that aisha gave him but he hid it before they came. One of the chapters of the scriptures got retrieved by the attackers because aisha found some clue when they frisk dean, and he hid it near their meeting spot where aisha’s favorite flowers are located.

      1. What i do is that i search the chinese title of the dark king and adds the chapter i want to read. Then, i just translates the chapter using
        Google machine translator.

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        1. I think the One day tkd meant that it was the last day in our lifetime we would get tdk

  9. I have a few thoughts on the sisters of the Dragon Clan. First is back when Dean met the girl with the hankerchief. Lets say that was the older sister, and that the younger sister, as we know, loves to torment people and probably made a false background and image between Dean and Aisha and wanted to cultivate him for some excitement as she most likely doesn’t face many strong opponents, much less those that she is allowed to kill (father, mother, sister etc.). This also justifies the reason for the girl currently in front of Dean to be Aisha. Anyways, if the first girl Dean met was the older sister then who was the one that killed the mother splitter? Not Aisha, not the older sister. Yes, Aisha may accept that her older sibling is stronger than her as she can fight up to lvl 100 monsters so that bit shouldn’t be a lie (or is it?) meaning that since the splitter was lvl 68, she would have no problems killing it. Then as for Aisha not being the one killing the splitter as yes, she would have some problems because she should be only able to kill (correct me if I’m wrong) up to lvl 70 monsters, and a lvl 68 she wouldn’t have too much ease of killing. Also, Aisha would have remembered Dean not for the childhood incident, but for the splitter’s death where she would have made an acquaintance with Dean. That being said, my theory is, what if there was a third sister?

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