DK – Ch 495

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The Dark King – Chapter 495

“Dragon clan’s … combat skills?” Dean looked at the black scroll in her hands.

Dean didn’t expect her to present such a precious thing to him. The value of this scroll was god knows how many times expensive than the god’s marrow. Actually he wouldn’t be able to get it even with money.

For Dragon clan, the military or other consortia the nurturing of hunters was very easy. They had rich background so they could pile up god’s blessings and enhance the strength of the hunters. However the combat skills and techniques was another matter. It had to be exercised and learned on daily basis. It wasn’t something that could be improved by external help.

The key to strength lied in the skills of combat.

“Some veteran hunters could come up with combat skills when they have life and death battles with monsters. They are like treasures!” Dean’s heart pounded hard: “Dragon clan as a devil family had much numerous set of combat skills because of their extensive experience. Moreover this set of skills should be continuously improved through time. Their price was simply… immeasurable!”

“Are you … giving it to me?” Dean looked up at Aisha’s crystal clear eyes. They were like a deep lake which could reflect the depths of his soul.

“Yes!” Aisha smiled.

Dean whispered: “Why do you want to give me such a precious thing? I can’t give back to you anything and I have nothing to give you in return!”

“Your presence is the biggest gift!” Aisha bowed her head a bit.

Dean was silent for a moment: “Thank you!”

Aisha grinned: “You have to practice hard. If there is anything that you don’t understand then you can ask me anytime. You could easily kill the snake that you met last time if you learned few skills from this scroll.”

Dean felt that she was helping him out because of his last encounter with the golden python.

He took a deep breath and opened his mouth to talk. However he didn’t know what to say so he just uttered another ‘thank you’. He thought of Aisha tracking him last time and the ideas that passed through his mind. He wanted to directly ask her so that he solved out the blind accusations that he had in his mind.

He was about to ask when Aisha handed out the scroll: “Go back and check. Begin from the easy ones. If you see something that you can’t grasp then don’t waste time studying it as I will teach you the details the next time we meet.”

Dean nodded as he looked at the black scroll in her hands.

He couldn’t refuse such a gift.

He could maybe somehow get the god’s marrow from the Monster Institute by relying on different people. However getting such a top combat skills was almost impossible for him as nobody would share it.

“Take the god’s marrow.” Aisha gave him the other bag.

Dean sighed as he said: “I owe you a lot.”

Aisha blinked: “Repay me well in the future!”

Dean softly said: “I must!”

Aisha smiled as she didn’t put his answer to her heart: “These days I have been going out a lot. I have to go back early so as not to cause suspicion. I’ll see you next time!”

Dean nodded: “Alright, till the next time! Pay attention to your safety when you go back.”

“I will, you too.” Aisha smiled.

Aisha looked at him: “When should we meet?”

Dean pondered for a moment: “Let’s meet after a month. Half a month is too often and could cause the doubts of others. I’m busy these days too.” He didn’t want to intensively meet with her until he finished with the project.

Aisha froze for a moment: “Alright, see you the next month.”

“Un!” Dean nodded.

Aisha waved as she turned around to walk. She turned her head while she walked: “I look a bit ugly when I climb the wall… You can’t watch!”

Dean smiled: “I won’t.”

Aisha walked to the corner of the wall and began to climb.

Although Dean wasn’t looking at her but because of his broad vision he could see her figure rapidly climb up the giant wall.

Dean took the reel and the baggage as he walked along the giant wall.

He observed the place after ten minutes of walk. Aisha wasn’t around so he took out his wings and flew up.

He couldn’t help but think along the way. Did he really misunderstood her?

He shook his head and didn’t think about it as he couldn’t come up with a proper answer. After he finished the project then he could personally ask her as there would be no one who could threaten him!

But he has to enhance his own strength too! If he couldn’t keep up with the reaction of the enemy then everything was useless.

9th region of the dark church.

Dean looked at Hawkeye: “Ask Feather to come.”

Hawkeye respectfully replied: “Yes.” He left and came back with the Feather moments later.

Both Feather and Hawkeye belonged to Randy family. Since the injection of the god’s marrow Feather’s status in the family had rapidly risen. He was a deacon in the 9th region and captain of a dark knights team.

“Greetings elder.” Feather said.

Dean indifferently asked: “How’s your physical condition in the recent days?”

Feather replied: “Thanks for the god’s marrow Elder. I feel very good. There is an extensive change in my strength and I’ve reached the upper limit of my constitution. I’ve applied to the family for magic marks.”

Dean nodded: “How’s your appetite?”

“Appetite?” Feather was puzzled: “It has been always very good. I eat almost everything!”

Dean indifferently said: “You had an intermediate level constitution the last time we injected the marrow. The god’s marrow is meant for the people within the inner wall so tell me about any discomforts that you have in case of a hidden danger.”

Feather was a bit frightened: “Elder, I don’t feel any discomfort. It’s just I can sleep properly at nights. It feels like my body is burning with strength.”

“It’s normal to have insomnia in case of rapid change in the physique. ” Dean waved: “You may leave.”

“Yes.” Feather left.

Dean pondered as Feather left the room. It seems there were no problems with the god’s marrow that Aisha had given him. Feather’s body somehow would have responded if there were chronic toxins mixed in the liquid.

“Elder.” Hawkeye looked at Dean as if waiting for an order.

“You can leave too.”


Dean pulled out the drawer and took the syringe. He gave it to Neuss: “There should be no problems with this marrow. You have recently broken into the senior hunter level. Use this to reach the bottleneck and ask Hawkeye for the parasitic soul worms that he has collected.”

“Yes.” Neuss agreed but there were doubts in his heart. He saw that Dean wasn’t going to use it on himself so he was using Neuss as a lab rat.

Dean injected half of the syringe into Neuss’s arm: “Take this bottle too. Tell me if you feel any discomfort. Moreover if you feel anything strange then don’t resist but tell me.”

Neuss felt stiffened: “Yes.”

He felt feverish.

Dean took out the black scroll and slowly spread it after Neuss’s departure. He saw finely drawn figures on the scroll. There were various postures and next to them there was description written in a neat handwriting.
“Combat skills …” Dean’s eyes lit up. He didn’t hurry to practice the skills. Instead he began to read from first to last.

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    1. Well for me meeting Aisha when he came out of the freezer is suspicious . Anyway in this world power rules and Dean does not have any relative/connections/strong relationship with anyone. If he want to rule the wall then he can only rely on himself and his chip/knowledge.

  1. Second then
    Combat skills is something more rely able than marrow, Have Faith Dean!

  2. *sigh
    I was hoping aisha would be a good companion for dean but all the signs indicate something is up.
    the marrow is probably screwed with and the combat skills, while powerful it is after all very valuable and thus dangerous.
    the only reason i can think of why aisha would do something like this is if in fact she is not the girl
    he met when he was 7 years old. [she doesn’t corroborate any details when he reveals the info as i remember]
    that she only recognized the handkerchief and know who it belongs to. IF that’s her sister hailey’s and she is jealous of her[like we already know],
    she is using dean to weaken her sister’s position in clan. If he is caught using the dragon combat skill, which he will, it can be pinned on her sister as leaking clan secrets to outsiders.

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