DK – Ch 494

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The Dark King – Chapter 494

Soon the day for the 2nd meeting between Dean and Aisha would come.

The commercial district was in good mood as all the inhabitants had moved back to their ancestral land outside the golden wall. The real estate prices had soared up and consortium were getting large incomes from the property business.

The war to drive out the barbarians that lasted more than a month had finally ended.

The military was victorious.

Barbarians could hold the Red Maple Mountains for one week after the bombardment by artillery and steam rifles. They couldn’t afford the losses so they had turned to the radiation zone outside the fort.

The military didn’t finish the war at this point as they were still in pursuit of victory as they went after the barbarians.

The heated news had made the people forget about the genius master.

“So you were able to stick there for seven days …” Dean drank milk and read the newspapers: “Nine members of the barbarian royalty were killed while 11 of them have been captured. Ivette, I have to see your abilities if you can stand out from the rest of your siblings.”

Dean closed the newspaper as he pondered for a while. He called Hawkeye: “Check the details about the information regarding the military’s pursuit of barbarians.”

“Yes.” Hawkeye responded in haste. But he couldn’t help but feel weird. The last time Dean had asked him to check information about the attack of the military and now he wanted information about the pursuit! Did the elder was in contact with the barbarians?

His heart turned cold as he left the office.

“It will be very snowy …” Dean patted his fingers on the table. The temperature was very low because of the black snow season. He wasn’t aware how good the Nicholas was taking care of the poisonous plants. The sang leaf wasn’t the only addictive toxin Nicholas had to grow. The shortest cycle was 2 months while the longer was 6 month for sang leaf. There were other poisonous plants which could take two or three years for growth.

He couldn’t wait for two or three years because the pattern of power balance could change after that much time.

Dean slowly got up and returned back to his alchemy room to continue on working on the invention.

The time to meet with Aisha had come over in the blink of an eye.

Dean put on his armor and daggers in the leggings as he quietly went out of the commercial district. He came to the agreed location outside the giant wall.

He didn’t hunt the monsters in the vicinity to avoid physical exhaustion.

Aisha came over not long after.

Her tang suit was still green colored. The high heels she was wearing still had metal texture. She seemed like a lady who was about to participate in the banquet. However the rotten stench floated in the air which made the atmosphere not suitable.

However there was alert in his heart because of the last time.

He had attracted the monster’s attack to test Aisha’s intention. Although Aisha caught up on time and his heart was warm but afterwards he had suddenly realized something! The smell!

He had observed her with the thermal vision but not with the smell!

The smell of Aisha’s body had completely disappeared when she came to help him. She deliberately hid the smell of her body while tracking him!

This point brought up doubts in his heart. Why would she hide the smell if she was worried about Dean’s safety? Did she want him not be aware of her existence?

Dean was sensitive to many things after his short but various life experiences. After producing the next invention he could apologize to her if he was wrong. However if his intuition was right then Aisha was more complicated that he thought.
Dean didn’t dare to relax as he had no one to rely on.

“You are quite early.” Aisha’s body floated down. She smiled as she looked at Dean. Her body exuded a different perfume which gave the fragrance of a nature green grass.

Dean sensed the fragrance which smelled very good. He thought about the habits of some noble ladies. They liked to prepare several perfumes for different occasions. Some were much more picky as they would use different perfumes for different banquets. It was obvious that Aisha had such a hobby.

However he still was on alert because of Aisha covering up her smell the last time: “It’s alright. I got nothing but time.”

“You’re so lucky.” Aisha smiled.

Dean responded: “You are the first person to say that.”

Aisha grinned: “Do you usually have a bad temper?”

“Nope.” Dean looked at the bag in her hand: “Did you bring god’s marrow?”

Aisha handed out the bag: “How was the effect of the marrow that you absorbed the last time?”

Dean thought of Feather and smiled: “The effect was very good. I saw the fruit of injection on spot.”

“Of course.” Aisha continued: “The god’s marrow is several times more effective to the senior hunters than god’s blessings. You should reach the limits of senior hunter level so you need to prepare rare parasitic soul worms to go through the third evolution. Ordinary parasitic soul worms won’t have much of an effect so you must prepare rare parasitic soul worms!”
Dean was aware of this condition because of his past experience. The effect of rare parasitic soul worms was much more effective than ordinary parasitic soul worms after the injection. He took the opportunity to ask as if he was surprised: “Why is there so much difference?”

Aisha replied: “Although all of them are parasitic soul worms but they are different on their own. The difference isn’t based on magic marks but their own system. For example we humans have distinction between the nobles and slaves. The temperament and appearance of a noble is totally different in comparison to a slave. The same system applies to soul worms. An ordinary parasitic soul worm would be scared to move if it face a rare parasitic soul worm.”

“Is there such a thing?” Dean was surprised. It was the first time he heard that parasitic soul worms had their own social system. Actually their social system was very similar to the ‘pyramid system’ of human society!

Aisha saw the surprise on Dean’s face: “Of course. Take monsters. When an ordinary monster meets the lord of the region then they surrender to them. We humans are the same too. The people make allegiance to the nobles. The same thing applies to the parasitic soul worms. The ordinary parasitic soul worms fear rare ones. Rare ones fear top grade ones and top grade ones are in awe of legendary soul worms!”

Dean thought that all the living beings in the universe seems to have some kind of hierarchical pyramid system. There was no ‘equality’ and ‘peace’.

“This time I got something else.” Aisha took out another reel like object and gave it Dean: “This is the combat skills of the Dragon clan for hunters. My great-grandfather, grandfather and all the ancestors have added their knowledge into this. It could be regarded as one of the most perfect combat skill set for the hunters and warriors.”

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  1. Just did a maraton of 60 chapters, im back !
    Come on guys, you can’t tell me her behavior isn’t suspicious, it would be normal in another xianxia but not in this one.

  2. Nah. Nah nah. This girl is shady af.
    Nope. I liked her at first but if she don’t reveal her intentions soon. No way I’m believing this.
    Also thanks mad snail for the translation!.
    I didn’t think I’d read this far!

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