DK – Ch 493

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The Dark King – Chapter 493

Aisha turned her head to looked beneath the giant wall after few hundred meters. She saw Dean running forward. It seemed that he wanted to leave the land where the smell of blood was spread.

Aisha sighed as she slightly shook her head and left.


Dean didn’t scratch the wound on his finger to it soon healed. Along the way he maintained the speed of a senior hunter while he made sure that he opened the distance with Aisha.

His face had turned gloomy as he felt sad and lonely.

He stopped when he was close to the passage of the giant wall. He looked back to check and be convinced that Aisha wasn’t following him. He took of his upper armor and flew to the top of the giant wall.

A few hours later he was in the commercial district.

Dean put the God’s marrow in the drawer as soon as he reached his office in the 9th region. He asked Neuss to call Hawkeye. He looked at Hawkeye: “Have you even seen God’s marrow?”

Hawkeye was startled as he quickly replied: “Elder, I had the chance once…”

“Check it.” Dean interrupted his words as he put the bottle on the table: “Check this bottle and see if its god’s marrow.”

Hawkeye’s pupils shrank as he made few steps forward. He stretched out his hand to grab but realized something. He looked at Dean: “Elder, can I pick it up?”


Hawkeye nodded as he grabbed the bottle. He tilted it right and left. He nodded: “Elder, it looks like god’s marrow!”

“It looks like?” Dean looked up at him.

Hawkeye was a bit nervous but he still nodded: “It looks like. If you want to further confirm it then we can check it by smell or by injection.”

Dean nodded: “Smell it first. Then find someone and inject it.”

Hawkeye thought for a moment. He unscrew the cap of the bottle. A moment later his eyes lit up: “Elder, this should be god’s marrow. Where did you get it? It’s the original.”

Dean glanced at him but didn’t reply.

Hawkeye was surprised to see the indifferent look at Dean’s face. The next moment he understood that he was wrong by trying to inquire about the source of the god’s marrow. Why would Dean easily tell him the secret behind such a high-level thing?

“Damn it!” Hawkeye quickly closed the cap of the bottle.

Dean indifferently said: “Now find a trusted person to inject it. We have to check whether it the original or fake.”

Hawkeye was a bit embarrassed: “Elder, we can test it on livestock to verify it. I have heard that its possible to inject God’s blessings and God’s marrows on livestock. They change very fast!”

Dean indifferently said: “How can the structure of animal’s body be compared with a human?”

Hawkeye hesitated but couldn’t raise the courage to speak to Dean. He turned and left.

He understood that Dean suspected that there was a problem with the marrow. If there was a poison then someone had to be found to inject the marrow.

However it was taboo in the dark church to experiment on believers of the dark church. A very heavy punishment was for the people who were found of doing so.

Apparently the elders who were standing at top could easily ignore this rule.

Hawkeye led a handsome youth into the office after moments. He looked at Dean: “Elder, this is the person.”

The youth bowed: “Subordinate’s name is ‘Talbert Randy’. My codename is ‘feather’. Greetings elder.”

Dean listened to the youth’s introduction and looked at Hawkeye. He said: “Start.”

Hawkeye replied: “Yes.”

He approached and took the syringe and marrow bottle. Hawkeye took a deep breath: “Feather its called God’s marrow. Elder has chosen to give this chance to you.”

There was a trace of excitement in youth’s eyes. He bowed once more: “Thanks Elder. Feather swears lifetime allegiance to the Elder.”

Hawkeye looked at the marrow liquid that was sucked into the syringe. He lifted Feather’s sleeve and injected it into his blood vein.

There was a bit of pain on Feather’s face as the marrow was injected. Cold sweat poured down from his forehead. His body turned red and hot. He clenched his teeth to endure the pain as he didn’t want to show his embarrassed face in front of the elder and leave a bad impression.

Dean stared at Feather. Because of his thermal vision he could clearly saw everything. The marrow was different in color as it was injected to Feather’s body. It was like insects that moved through the blood vessels.

After moments, the marrow reached Feather’s heart. The blood in his body flowed back and spread again. This time the marrow was integrated with his blood as it flowed around his whole body.

The heat emitted from his body increased at an alarming rate as the marrow spread through Feather’s body. It got more and more intense!

There was a trace of shock in Dean’s eyes. The effect was too amazing!

Hawkeye looked at Feather with a smile but there was a trace of faint worry in his eyes.

Ten minutes passed.

The red skin color gradually faded down. The pain on his face faded down. Feather opened his eyes and saw Dean and Hawkeye stare at him. He was a bit tense: “Elder.”

Dean looked deeply at him. His pupils returned to normal size: “How do you feel?”

There was excitement in his eyes: “Elder, I feel surge of strength from my body. It seems to have endless strength!”

Hawkeye was aware of Dean’s intention: “Spar with me.”

Feather looked at Dean.

Dean nodded.

Feather was relieved as he punched at Hawkeye.

Hawkeye pinched Feather’s fist to redirect the power. There was a trace of fear in his eyes. He nodded: “Very good. There is a lot of enhancement.”

Dean was aware what Hawkeye wanted to say: “Leave for now.”

Feather was excited: “Yes, elder.”

Hawkeye looked at Dean after Feather left: “Elder, it is not fake.”

Dean looked at the two-third of the marrow which remained. He nodded: “Give it to me.”

“Yes.” Hawkeye nodded.

Dean took the syringe. He pondered for a while. If Aisha wanted to hurt him then she wouldn’t use such a method. But he didn’t know if there was any ‘chronic’ toxin mixed with the marrow.

He was aware of cannabis and other drugs that were chronic and that’s where his concern lay for now.

Aisha wouldn’t need to hurt him if there was a toxin within the marrow. In that case he would be bound to be pawn of Aisha or someone else.

Moreover he still couldn’t guess why Aisha needed someone like him in the outer wall area.

He was silent for a moment. Dean shook his head as he gave up on injecting the god’s marrow. He didn’t want any uncertain factors interfere with his plans. Additionally, after today’s meeting with Aisha he knew that he could rely only on his own strength! He needed new product to be up and ready to take the step!


The first few chapters of the new novel can be found in here: Warlord

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  1. Dean has officially been driven into paranoia. She is a being that could quite literally kill you as easily as she would crush a ant. Even if she wanted to watch him die slowly, there would be no one to stop her from publicly kidnapping him then torturing him in her basement. I think the author just doesn’t want dean to get stronger for plot reasons.

    1. Oh please! It is perfectly reasonable that he is so careful. A young beautiful princess from a powerful influencial family is suddenly this good to him and you expect him to just accept it? He is nothing compare to her; he has nothing to offer in his view, why should she be so nice to him? He lives in a world were dog eat dog, where your best friend will stab in the back to gain little advantage and you want him to simply trust a person who to him should just be a one time childhood benefactor?People change, fast, specially in his world. He is in a world with scary technology, the majority of which he is not aware of let alone understand and you want him to rely on something as naive and feeble as trust. Killing somebody is not the always the best way to hurt them. As he reasoned, she might just want to control him.

      1. She could do whatever she wants with him whenever she wants to. If she wanted him as a slave she could just force the Monestery to give him to her. If she wanted to control him through a chronic Illness or poison or whatever. She could literally force it down his throat she is way stronger and more experienced than him. Yes he’s hiding his strength but his strength means nothing to her. At best he could slightly injure her at one of those meetings since he doesn’t bring a good weapon with him.

      1. I totally agree with testing it.
        Hell, It might just be a sport in the inner wall to get someone to trust you, before utterly crushing him/her. Moreover, even if she has the best intentions, he doesn’t know who she got it from (her sister?). Safety first, trust second.

  2. What “uncertain factors” huh. You’re uncertain of yourself.
    You, a conspicuously maladjusted menace and a maniacal odiously suffocating mass of existential impotence

  3. Everyone that asks, “What uncertain factors?” or thinks he is being paranoid. Consider the experiences he has had with trust; if you believe, after all of those, that he should just trust this girl he has spent a few but a few hours with, then you are either rottenly good, completely foolish, or just an idiot. All of which would leave as at best a pawn, or at worst dead, if you were in his situation.

  4. You can’t blame Dean for him being a paranoid or distrust toward people. He was betrayed twice by people close to him. Left by a friend. His foster parents died being tortured. A world where you can’t tell if someone is enemy or friend. He chose the safer method.

  5. I think everyone’s said it all on his paranoia. But when dean sees her again, she is probably going to notice if he didn’t use it. Gekos have better smell than humans and can see well in dim light, so maybe she could detect?

  6. He is feeling sad and lonely because she decided to watch out/care for him; way to go Dean… I’m not saying he is totally wrong but the author could have motivated it better, trust is mutual and so far Dean has done nothing to improve the situation.

  7. Too much thinking cause doubts and lead to mistakes, etc. If you can’t trust, don’t associate.

  8. and I finished this novel! Well first of all I wanna say that I liked it quite a bit, and will check it out later. But there are few things in this ranobe that I didn’t like at all:
    1)Humanity degradation – is TOO MUCH, and MC looks like genius only compared to retards that current humans are… its just stupid…
    2)Super computer chip with humanity knolewdge… I don’t even have to tell how crappy this kind of deus ex machinas are?!
    3)MC 180degree change after prison… I understand that he have to become vicious and much more unemotional, but he became such an asshole… He doesn’t care about anyone but himself, even people that NEVER wronged him – he puts great distance with them or subjugate them(I hope author actually made this on purpose to create character development, because I totally agree with Kroen, he goes around like a fcking King, but the truth is – he is an arrogant little asswipe that has TONS of knowledge!))
    4)The whole “drama” of him being sold to noble family… that was so retarded I had no words… in that society it was A BIGGEST achievement fo 99.99% of people, and he made a face like it was the biggest tragedy(at first I assumed it was because he was a kid, but later he still kept that little instance in contempt!)
    5)Constant “need” to make mc the best at every fcking thing… its just disgusting, not only is he the smartest, but strongest, the most cunning, etc, etc…

  9. I hope Dean will learn to trust one day…. If Dean didn’t experience the Inner Wall City he might’ve not doubted Aisha’s personality, this is too sad.

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