DK – Ch 492

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The Dark King – Chapter 492

Dean’s heart sank.

The golden python was in pain as it shook its head around. But it couldn’t get rid of Dean. So it tried to squeeze into a pit.

Dean took the opportunity and jumped back. He turned and ran.

Although he was planning to use this small crisis to test Aisha’a intention but he couldn’t let golden python to wrap around himself. It could easily make a senior hunter faint and bleed. Sergei who had powerful defensive ability from the dragon steel’s magic marks was afraid of it too.

Dean wasn’t afraid to be wrapped and strangled by the golden python because of his constitution. However once wrapped around then the situation would turn into a stalemate. This way he would be like a lamb to be slaughtered any moment to an outside force.

Also he was planning to test Aisha but he wasn’t going risk his own life. He was worried about his safety.

Therefore he had to control the crisis so that it didn’t turned into life-death situation! Moreover he was trying to give the image of a senior hunter. Although some senior level hunters could kill it but the outcome was different each and every time. He wasn’t aware of Aisha’s intent. Was she going to get involved or just stay dormant and observe the situation?

If she was worried about his safety then she would attack when the situation wasn’t critical too!


Dean ran while he kept checking Aisha who was on top of the giant wall. The next moment she saw her crawling down the giant wall while her hands were attached to the surface of the giant wall like a gecko.

“Is this her ability?!” Dean’s pupils narrowed. He thought that no one could climb up the steep and smooth giant wall. The material used to make the giant wall wasn’t simple rocks but mix of different materials. As a result its surface had a complex structure.

Aisha descended very fast.

A warmth burst out in Dean’s heart as he felt ashamed and guilty about his previous thoughts.


He ran while the golden python followed after him. The body of the monster twisted rapidly to catch up with him.

Aisha arrived at a surprising fast pace.


Dean noticed Aisha threw something cold from her fingertips when she was around two hundred meters or so away from them.

The thing accurately hit the golden python’s head. It reflected the accuracy and prediction of Aisha’s shot. The degree of shot and the route and twisting of python had to be calculated into small details for such a successful shot.

The golden python’s head hit the ground. There was blood spraying out while its enormous body twisted crazily in pain.

Dean paused to look back, He saw that the thing that Aisha had thrown flew back. The golden python stopped twisting while she stretched out her hand to grab it tail. She used force to swing up the golden python’s body!


The magic python’s head fiercely hit the boulder after a few laps of throwing around by Aisha. IT’s head was crooked open as blood splashed around. It was dead.

Despite everything its body was still twitching.

Aisha loosened her grips and ignored the monster. She leaped up to land in front of Dean. There was concern in her facial expressions: “Are you alright?”

Dean shook his head: “I’m good.”

Aisha sighed as she gently patten his chest: “Fortunately, I caught up on time. This is a golden python.”

Dean smiled: “Yeah, or else I would go through little trouble.”

Aisha couldn’t help but smile when she heard the phrase ‘little trouble.’ She thought of Dean’s previous look. However she was a smart girl and wasn’t going to reveal the lie of the boy in front of her. She grinned: “What were you thinking about when you walked straight with your head down? Were you thinking about me?”

Dean looked at her crystal eyes. He nodded and said: “Were you following me?”

Aisha casually answered: “Yes… I was gone half the way when I remembered that this road was too dangerous. You wouldn’t be able to cope with a relatively strong monster so I secretly tracked you to be sure that you are alright.”

Dean’s eyes lit up: “I saw you climb and crawl from the top of the giant wall. Is that your ability?”

“It’s one of them.” Aisha grinned.

Dean stared at her then whispered: “You save me once again.”

“How can you say so?” Aisha waved her hand: “You should be able to get rid of it by running even if I didn’t appear. This thin won’t leave its territory very easily so it would be fine as long as you ran out. Normally it wouldn’t chase you but it seems that it was angered by your attack. Moreover you wouldn’t face such a situation if you didn’t come over to meet me.”

Dean smiled: “Anyway, thanks.”

“Alright.” She continued: “Don’t be in haste. I won’t follow you but you have to be careful so that you don’t meet anymore danger. We have to meet next time!”

Dean nodded.

Aisha turned and jumped up. After a few jumped which were twenty or thirty meters high she fell on giant wall. Her palms stuck to the surface of the giant wall.

She quickly climbed to the top of the giant wall. She looked at Dean, waved and turned to leave.

Dean also smiled as he waited for her departure. His eyes turned gloomy as she clenched his fists.

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  1. She’s still suspicious in my opinion
    She seems to have no gain from the situation, and was brought up in an enviroment that despises outer wallers.
    That said she seems to have a childish personality, so breaking ‘the rules’ for fun could fit her. If so, she wouldn’t have her powerful position if it wasn’t from birthright.

    Thanks for the chapter

    1. in the first place the way he’s testing aisha was wrong. if she was going to “Use” dean, then it’s normal for her to protect the MC.
      I don’t see what the MC got from doing that test..

  2. Had to reread this again to figure out why he turned suspicious. I think it’s because she threw that thing that was able to hit the python precisely on the head. If she’d really wanted to help, she could’ve thrown it much earlier, and he wouldn’t get hurt as much.

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