DK – Ch 491

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The Dark King – Chapter 491

“Is she tracking me?” An idea popped up in his mind.

Although he was surprised but he didn’t pause as he maintained the previous speed. Dean’s head was down as he moved forward.

He was convinced that the red spot was Aisha who had previously departed.

Moreover it would be only her with the ability to climb the giant wall and appear in here in short period of time.

Why would she follow him?

Many ideas passed through his mind as he secretly contemplated. “Is she worried that the road is unsafe and wants to protect me?”

He felt strange. The answer doesn’t seem to be that as she didn’t follow him the last time.

“If she isn’t worried about my safety then does she have another purpose?” Dean’s eyes lit up. He was excited and grateful towards her because he thought that the little girl which had helped him back in the childhood was like a pure dream. He didn’t want to dirty that dream with dirty thoughts.

At the moment he was much sober as he recovered from the dream. He understood that childhood was childhood. 8 years had passed and the environment could change anyone. The character of a person is made up by the ideas that they take from the environment. It’s like physical materialization of the environment.

He didn’t see much in the inner wall. But that 1 day trip in the city of Edin was clearly printed in his mind. Inner wall had a dirty and distorted atmosphere which he disgusted.

Aisha lived in the inner wall for long time. Would the environment change her in these years?

“I always to try to look from the good side to the things and people that I encounter. But this is just my own wishful thinking.” Dean remembered many stories that he had heard in the prison. Some were born evil while some were framed. There were people who were betrayed by their brothers and relatives…

“Goodwill is the ‘shield’ that make love so beautiful.” Dean remembered the word of a prisoner he had heard long time ago. An alarm was sounded in his mind.

So what if she holds some other purpose? What will be her purpose in contacting me?

Get something from me?

Use me?

Frame me?

IF the purpose of her tracking him wasn’t protecting Dean then he could only think of three options. However Aisha was simply way too powerful in comparison to him. So framing him wasn’t an option. It was a means used by the weak and poor. She could kill him any time she wanted.

But at face value he didn’t have anything that she could use.

“I seem to have nothing that would interest her. Does she know my identity? Does she want to use dark church to deal with some thing? Does she want to use me against the Monastery?” Dean thought of many things.

The next moment his eyes lit up.

“I won’t be able to know whether she wants to protect me or have any other ulterior motive if I don’t try out… ” He still maintained the previous speed. He looked around and found bushes. He stopped by the bushed and squatted to grab the grass.

These grasses weren’t common grass but tough weeds. The edges had saw like outlines.

Dean pulled out them. He used one of them to cut a little wound underneath his fingernail. The next moment he still continued to pull grasses. He wove two straw mats and rope. He put the previous bottle inside them.

He continued to move forward. It’s just he increased his speed.

After seven or eight minutes he stopped to breathe and walked at a faster pace.

At the same time he saw red dots all around and felt the smell of feces of monsters in the air.

“Come on …” Dean cried in his heart.

He clenched his finger as he continued to move so that blood would drop.

He walked while the smell of blood drifted away. He slowed down as if he was tired.

Dean noted that there was a oval-shaped red figure four or five meters in diameter. He didn’t know what kind of monster it was but it shouldn’t be any low level one because of the heat that it emitted.

The oval shaped monster was slowly moving towards Dean.

“Come on.” Dean thought.

Suddenly a figure jumped out of the bushes. It opened its mouth as it tried to bite Dean.

Dean was horrified!

He was really scared!

He had noted the oval monster but hadn’t noticed this one which was very close to him.

This monster’s body didn’t emit any heat. The body was colored in dark green and it could camouflage with the surrounding grass seamlessly. Dean was caught off guard.

Fortunately he was able to react on time. He went back on instinct.


The giant snake like monster hit Dean’s shoulder.

Dean hurried to dodge as he saw the monster was going to jump at him once more. At the same time he checked the figure that was on top of the giant wall.

It was a golden opportunity.

He checked the dark green serpent and instantly recognized it. It was called golden python which was a level 33 monster. It’s bite contained venom which could paralyze a body in short period of time.

Dean made up his mind in the nick of time. Although there was panic on his face but he raised his hand as he punched towards the serpent’s jaw. The head that was opened to bite him closed.

He quickly clung to its head as to make sure that it doesn’t bit him. Even if he was physically more stronger than the monster but the venom it had was very dangerous.

Bang! Bang!

The golden python couldn’t open its mouth so it began to violently twist its body. It’s tail smashed onto the ground.

It’s body began to coil and tightly wrap Dean. It was constantly shrinking.


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  1. Poor dean
    Inside the wall he seems to be powerless. I don’t think the idea of having a girlfriend has really settled on him yet and he’s high on the fear of betrayal.
    I don’t have a patreon account.

  2. Dean if you want people’s goodwill you also need to open yourself a little bit. I think the red is either Aisha’s sister or just Aisha being curious, she does seem like the curious type.

    1. “Dean if you want people’s goodwill you also need to open yourself a little bit” with optimism like that I begin to wonder if we’ve been reading the same novel

      1. Trusting was like gambling, the risk was a betrayal.
        So Dean saying
        “I won’t be able to know whether she wants to protect me or have any other ulterior motive if I don’t try out… ”

        was very good, than scared to trust anyone.

  3. Thanks For The Chapter.
    Also, I think that by the time 6 months pass, Dean will be strong enough to open up a little bit with no risk. Question, wasn’t his name Dudian, and will he ever use that name again?

  4. Can someone explain to me why dudian use all the magic mark of the other monster but he doesn’t got new abilities ?? But when he use the ghoul magic mark before he got nails that can cut steel easily

    1. I’ve wondered that myself. I came up with a few few guesses, but none of them have any solid basis in the story.

      It’s quite a big hole in the story though.

    2. he went full deity with splitter mark that means he won’t get any other abilties only splitter also deity has better enhancement than normal mark he can take other abilities with normal mark but it’s random and deity has better physical upgrade

    3. a stronger mark will erase the current mark, it is evolved by feeding it weaker marks then comsuming then, this was mentioned wayy back

  5. To me looks like Aisha is the *bad* sister, she recognized her sisters handkerchief and is manipulating Dean by pretending to be the one who helped him 8 years ago in order to “take him” from her sister as she (Aisha) is the jealous and devilish one … this would look more like this authors style of psychological torture I mean character building ….

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