DK – Ch 490

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The Dark King – Chapter 490

“Elder, this is … Isn’t it wrong?” Hawkeye said with a difficulty.

“Nope.” Dean didn’t want to talk more. Participation in the meeting of elders was delay of time for him. Instead of watching the infighting between the elders he might as well do something productive in the alchemy room.

Hawkeye hesitantly looked at him but finally decided to held back. He left the office.

Dean took a stack of papers and ink and joined his alchemy room.

The next day.

Dean called Neuss to bring the military newspaper. The news regarding the battle with the barbarians was published. Although the barbarians occupied the geographical advantage but because of steam rifles and artillery the army made sure that barbarians were left with heavy casualties.

Because of the last war there were countless casualties from the military’s side. However they had enough time to nurture the reserve troops and make sure that they know how to properly use steam rifles. Each soldiers with a steam rifle was comparable to combat effectiveness of an intermediate hunter. Only the senior hunters would be able to escape the bullets of the steam rifles.

Of course, it didn’t mean that senior hunters could exceed the speed of the bullets that were driven by steam shots. The point was that senior hunters could react much before an average soldier would make a shoot. Although it was easy to operate the steam rifle but it still took time to buckle the valve to make the shoot. That gap of seconds was enough for a senior hunter to react.

“Barbarians have no intention to react. Ivette your star is going to rise.” Dean’s eyes li up. He returned back to the alchemy room after the breakfast.

He called Hawkeye when he faced lack of materials.

9th region wasn’t the powerhouse of the dark church but it had a very wide and deep network. Hawkeye could easily get even some very rare materials. The believers of the dark church were represented in all walks of life.

Another day passed and it was time to meet with Aisha.

Dean once again left the commercial district. But he wasn’t carrying the weapon made out of splitter’s scythes. He ran along the giant wall. He came to the west side of the giant wall by the sun rise.

Dean went down to outside and found a den of monsters. He began to exercise his combat abilities.

The level of monsters in the vicinity of the western corner of the giant wall were about 30. Most of them were ordinary monsters which meant that they were weaker than the rare or legendary monsters. Dean felt that his combat abilities were very weak so he had to rely on superior strength and speed to kill them.

Dean fought continuously against seven or eight monsters. Gradually he saw that some highly toxic monsters were coming up. He didn’t have the magic marks of the juranzhi so he left the place. Even limitless would avoid touching them because body strength was one thing but toxins were another.

Dean returned back to the western corner by 9 o’clock. He quietly waited as he restored his physical strength and thought about his future plans.

Dean saw Aisha’s figure appear after about an hour of wait.

But he avoided looking up at her direction. He didn’t want to expose his perceptive abilities. He pretended to look down.


A sweet voice choed.

Dean looked up and smiled: “You are here.”

Aisha was grinning as she held her hands behind her back. She was still wearing a green clothing but the style was different: “Did you wait for long?

“I have just arrived.” Dean smiled.

Aisha laughed as she swiftly brought up her hands: “Da-da-da-da-da! Look!”

Dean had noticed the thin in her hand early on. It was a delicate small purse. It looked like a miniature girl with rabbit ears: “What’s that?”

“God’s marrow!” Aisha gentle opened the purse and took out a small bottle which was as big as a finger. It was full with dark red liquid: “This is all I could bring this time. It should be enough for half a month!

Dean replied in a grateful tone: “Thank you!”

“It’s alright.” Aisha handed the purse to Dean:” Take it. ”

Dean nodded as he took the small purse. He pulled out weeds from the ground and ‘sewed’ them into a straw pad. He put the bottle inside the bad and gave back the purse to Aisha: “This is yours.”

Aisha was surprised: “Can you weave things?”

Dean laughed: “My adoptive father is a tailor so I have learned a trick or two.”

“That’s it!” Aisha exclaimed: “Really nice!”

Dean smiled: “It’s just basics.”

“No, I feel you are very powerful.” Aisha shook her head: “For example I only know how to fight monsters but nothing else.”

Dean smiled but didn’t reply.

Indeed, the time and energy of any person was limited. Moreover Aisha was almost the same age as him. She had to focus on combat skills so inevitable she had to ignore other things. An ordinary person would have to pay extraordinary energy and time in order to be proficient in number of areas.

“Do you want to try now?” Aisha pointed to bottle in the straw mate.

Dean curiously asked: “Do I directly drink it?”

Aisha tapped her head: “I have forgotten to bring a syringe! These are injected into the blood vessels like god’s blessings! You can’t drink it.”

Dean smiled: “I’ll use it when I go back.”

“That’s the only way.” Aisha pouted and puffed.

Dean put the god’s marrow into his pocket. He said: “Should we go?”

“Where?” Aisha’s eyes lit up.

Dean looked around. Everywhere were covered in grasses, moss and ruins: “Vicinity?”

Aisha nodded: “Alright.”

They began to wander around. Occasionally a monster would appear and Aisha would take the initiate to kill it.

Both of them chatted while they walked.

Time passed.

By noon Aisha checked the sun: “It’s late, gotta go back.”

“Alright.” Dean didn’t want to stay back. He had to rush to check the God’s marrow and work on his new invention.

They returned back to the western corner of the giant wall. Aisha waved at Dean and disappeared by the corner.

Dean watched her figure go away.

Aisha felt him watch her so she looked back with a smile: “You go back too!”

“Um.” Dean smiled and nodded.

Aisha waved again as her figure disappeared from Dean’s sight. He could only see a red dot with the thermal vision. He recovered his eyes and turned to the other side of the giant wall.

He was ready to take of his coat and fly on to the giant wall after ten minutes. However he suddenly felt a danger.

Aisha who had previously departed had appeared above his head on top of the giant wall!

Although he couldn’t see her figure but because of the thermal vision he could see a fuzzy red figure at the edge of the giant wall.

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